Organic Jagua Temporary tattoo kit

Girls love these temporary tattoo kits. The Kit is handmade in the USA only. The manufacturer says that it can stay still 10 – 15 days. You can go on vacation without worrying about the wearing-off of the tattoo. The kit is made all from natural and organic materials, and no trees or forests were harmed while making this product.

Create temporary SAFE and exciting tattoos using this Earth Henna Organic Jagua Tattoo Kit. These transitory tattoos look just like actual ones and last 1-2 weeks for all events! Dermatologically tested lab for safety. this kit’s designers have ensured that this kit is up to the mark and better than any other product on the market. Completely safe for both adults and children alike, the entire family can use this package! Jagua supplement from Earth Henna comes directly from their store in Peru. It is purchased directly from their working friends, the Matsés community, who grow the Jagua fruit naturally in the natural environment and bring the juice fresh at every season.

This kit includes simple detailed and step-by-step instructions for simple and effective application process; sufficient Earth Jagua gel for 10–15 tattoos; a quality applicator bottle with three different interchangeable tips; a container of natural eucalyptus oil; 40 stencil transfers including some of Lakaye Studio’s most renowned tattoo designs (or you can make your own freehand!).

Although these are some warnings when using Earth Jagua gel – rare, skin reactions are not uncommon to organic ingredients (just like strawberries or groundnuts). All people who use Earth Jagua Gel would check the list of components to test for any possible allergies. For external use only. And they should not take the gel internally.

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