Golf Gifts for Women: 25 Unique Ideas to Impress Her

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Golf Gifts for Women

If impressing the woman with creative and unique gifts is your aim, then you came to the right place. Our list of 25 best golf gifts for women has all the funny, sarcastic, creative, and thoughtful gift ideas that you need to become her best pal. We are sure that she won’t see these unique golf gifts coming her way. We have gifts like funny coffee mugs, personalized golf balls, and many others for encouraging her love for the sport. Believe us, after receiving the perfect gift that you choose from our selection you will be on top of her every future guest list. Also, we have a list of 100+ cool gift ideas for women that you can check.

Game Analyzer – To Record Golf Swing

Golf Swing Recorder

Let’s surprise the woman by showing that you have no less information than her, about the sport. How? By gifting her this amazing gift that she didn’t see coming her way – Golf Swing Record Cell Phone Holder. This device will help the golfer to capture their movements and see what did they do wrong while placing the shot. It’s perfect for the woman who wants to improve her game with each session.

Golf Visor

Golf Visor

A cool gift for the cool player! A nice looking visor always looks great on the players. Not to mention it helps from the excessive sunlight, but it also gives more hairstyle options to women. And as said earlier it looks way better, than other hats and caps. Plus, the one that we suggest is the golfers’ favorite – Nike Tech Visor. This golf visor speaks for itself due to tons of appreciating customer reviews and an affordable price. It’s like one of the most chosen golf gifts for women.

Cute Par-tee Socks

Cute Socks

Nice for sending your regards as a holiday gift! It’s just that some gifts are rather special than cheap, to connect to a person. That connection can be due to an old memory or likes of the person. And this gift is to connect through her favorite sport – golf. These cute socks aren’t much to describe on, because it’s just socks, still, it is a thoughtful gift that will show you remember that she’s a golfer.

Under Armour Golf Pants

Under Armour Golf Pants

Not unique but way useful for the golfer! Looking good is always the first thing that we consider before going out. That’s why a nice looking golf pant will also be well-received by the woman. And what brand can you think of, other than Under Armour, which is better in both the looks and quality of the clothing material? That’s why this gift idea for the woman golfer is worth considering.

Golf Ball Earrings

Golf Ball Earrings

Another unique and thoughtful gift for the golfer! If golf is her love then she can’t ignore these eye-catching earrings. Made to resemble golf balls, these shiny earrings just look ravishing. This gift will impress every golfer who also has her eyes on her fashion. Plus, these are available in three beautiful colors – Gold, Silver, and Rose-Gold so that you choose the exact one which suits the most on her.

Little Indoor Golf Putting Mat

Little Golf Mat

No golfer can resent this wonderful gift! What’s better than this to practice her shots without having to set her foot outside? This Golf Putting Mat (9 x 3 feet) gives you the exact feels of the smooth grass in the golf course. And there are three different putts to experience so that she can perfect her shots at each distance and position. She can even play on it with her non-golfer friends and have some fun time inside her house.

In the Woman’s Clubhouse – Book on greatest women golfers

In the Clubhouse Book

One of the best golf gifts for women that can change their lives! Reading stories of different golfers who ignored every toxic comment to pursue golf, will be a great source of motivation for her. Nancy Lopez, Babe Didrikson, and Patty Berg are iconic golf players, whose life events and perspective on golf have huge impacts on the readers. If the woman whom you want to give a gift to, is also a bookworm then this might be the perfect gift for her related to golf. Because it’s not just for golfers but for every inspiring woman who wants to learn from their journey.

Gold Shoe Carrier Bag

Golf Shoe Bag

Every golf lover needs this! Its time to stop stuffing our things inside the golf clubs’ bag and use something specially made for making our golf outings more comfortable. It’s the perfect golf gift for the woman who is tired of walking everywhere with her golf shoes on, and just needs something to keep her casual shoes in. For keeping the shoes from stinking, this bag has side ventilation. And yes, she can keep any kind of shoes inside it even if it’s her heels.

Funny Coffee Mug for the Fantastic Golfer

Funny Coffee Mug

We excel when it comes to finding unique and creative gifts. This gift is to make another example of it. As you can see in the above image, it will read these funny lines – ‘You are a fantastic golfer. Really Great. Really terrific. Other Golfers? Total Disasters. Believe Me. Ask Anyone.’ Who wouldn’t like this? The woman would love a motivating yet funny start for the day with her morning coffee. It is a gift to show your sarcastic side to the woman.

Women’s Golf Polo

Women's Golf Polo

Who wouldn’t love a stylish polo like this? Made by Under-Armour, one of the most trustworthy and popular brands when it comes to sportswear, it is highly proclaimed by the golfers. It is even available in 20+ different colors to pick her favorite one. For the highest comfort level, it is made soft and breathable. Plus, she won’t even feel if she is sweating with its sweat soaking ability and fast anti-odor technology. And did we forget to tell you that it’ll make her look slim and in shape.

Golf Club Cleaner

Golf CLub CLeaner

Golf club cleaner is one of the items that even some pro golf players won’t know about. It’s a useful golf gift that will make her stop using those filthy clothes which take several minutes to clean a club. One spray of this simple-to-use cleaner is enough to wipe even the toughest specks of dirt which are stuck on the club. Plus, with a recoiler tether, it will be easy to hang it with her bag of golf clubs. Last but not the least, it also includes a 100% cotton towel for her use.

Women’s Tech Response Golf Shoes

Women's Golf Shoes

If you have been our regular reader, then you already know that we are suggesting one of the best golf shoes in the market for her. Our criteria for choosing gifts are simple – either a unique, useful gift or the best product in the category. And these are the best seller on Amazon for women’s golf shoes from a popular brand. If we wanted to show its technical features, then it won’t come out without a list. Just know that she won’t regret having the best shoes for playing golf.

Personalized Golf Ball Marker

Personalized Marker

Personalized gifts are one of the best types. Not only they show that you gave thought for the gift, but also, they are much more connected to the receiver. That’s why we suggest you another personalized gift to melt her heart – A golf ball marker with her name on it. There is a good chance that no other player in the golf course could have those and they’ll all ask where to get these for themselves. At that time, the woman will blush and think of you. So isn’t it one of the most heartwarming golf gifts for women?

Golf Umbrella

Golf Umbrella

So what can be different about it that it is especially called a ‘golf umbrella’? Well, the answer is nothing but everything. While its looks and uses wouldn’t differentiate it from the normal ones, but the features will. These are way bigger than the normal ones so that you can save yourself and the bag from the rain as well as the harsh wind. Although bigger size might make umbrellas more vulnerable to damages, but not in the case of this one, and you can say it is as sturdy as its size. We don’t want you to believe us, so check what others have to say about it.

Women’s Rain Golf Gloves

Women's GOlf Gloves

If you ever see a golf play between professional players you’ll always find a glove in one hand of the player. It may seem silly to a normal person to wear a glove in one hand only but for golf pros, it always comes in handy for them with a strong grip and better swing. So, there’s no doubt that it’ll be a helpful golf gift for the woman. That’s why we want you to check the best-selling golf gloves in the market for her.

Tifosi Jet Wrap Sunglasses

Tifosi Jet Wrap Sunglasses

Another cool golf accessory to impress the receiver! Again there’s no asking that it will be useful for the golf player. Sun is always on the head of the golfers and that’s why we see them wear caps and visors. And sunglasses are another option to protect the eyes from flashy rays. Plus, Tifosi’s Jet Wrap glasses are one of the best in the golf industry for women, and that too at a very affordable rate. Their durable polycarbonate lenses with a cool design are the perfect catch.

Personalized Golf Balls

Perosnalized Golf Balls

Of course, a golfer would require golf balls. But she will love it when these are personalized for her. That’s why we suggest you Callaway’s Personalized Golf Balls. Not only will they print 3 lines of texts for her, but it also gives various customization options like different font names and colors. And talk of the quality of these balls, golf pro reviewers like ReviewsCast put it in the top golf balls of Callaway. Plus you can’t ignore this buy at such an affordable rate.

Fitbit Versa 2 SmartWatch

Fitbit Versa 2

There’s no reason to neglect this gift idea for the woman golfer. Because every player needs to keep their health at first. And what better than the best brand’s one of the most popular and latest additions to smart bands – Fitbit Versa 2. From analyzing sleep and track her every calory even while swimming, it will help her improve physical health to always give the best results on the field. Also, experts consider this among the best smartwatches for women who play sports.

Golf Swing Analyzer

Golf Swing Analyzer

She wouldn’t be expecting it and couldn’t be more thrilled by it. One of the best ways to encourage someone to pursue their hobbies is to gift them something supportive. And this is going to be the game-changer for her. The Zepp’s Golf Swing Analyzer takes the help of modern tech to help you improve and apply the best techniques while taking your shots. And we all know, golf is all about guessing the air direction and taking the best possible shot according to the conditions.

Pressure Putt Trainer

Pressure Putt Trainer

There’s no chance of winning a professional golf game if she can’t perfect her putting stroke. And that’s why we suggest this unique golf gift for her – Pressure Putt trainer. As you can see in the image above, the hole is at a parabolic height requiring one of the most difficult putt strokes. And if she can excel at this then she will do wonders at the games. Plus, you can collapse the putting trainer so that it can easily fit in her golf bag.

Golf Trunk Organizer

Golf Trunk Organizer

If she has this, then she doesn’t need anything else to keep all her golf accessories. But if she doesn’t, then it would be one of the most golf gifts for her. A trunk Organizer can keep all her necessities like golf shoes, gloves, towels, markers, shirts, etc. It’s for the golfer who also has a Monica (from F.R.I.E.N.D.S) in her and wants everything organized in the manner she likes. So there’s no ignoring of this unique gift to impress her with your golf knowledge.

Unique Golf t-shirt

Unique Golf t-shirt

This is for the golf woman who always eyes for a ‘birdie’. That’s why the tee says ‘Talk birdie to me’. This tee will save her from the trash talk before the match but we do hope she always wins because bragging without winning will just make her look bad. Enough of the non-funny joke, overall, it will be a sarcastic and unique gift for the woman showing that she is a golf player. She will love it as did the other buyers who bought this.

Golf Whiskey Glasses

Golf Whiskey Glasses

Another unique gift for the golfer woman who likes creative things. As seen in the above image, this gift set will include two glasses shaped in the form of a golf ball. That’s why it will leave a lasting impression in her head making you her favorite gifter. Handcrafted by skilled artisans these eye-catching glasses will become her only pick for drinking wines and whiskeys with friends. Plus, you can’t ignore a gift when the customer reviews do the sales for it.

Throw Pillow Cover for Golfer

Throw Pillow

We are sorry if you are bored with unique golf gifts for women, but that’s what we love about our suggestions. And this gift is again an example of it. This throw pillow cover printing a golf ball and two golf clubs perfectly resemble her love for the game of golf. This thoughtful gift will impress her with both its quality and looks. Plus its design is just perfect being nor too shiny nor too dull.

Golf Ball Ice Maker

Golf Ball Ice Maker

She wouldn’t have seen this creative gift coming her way. As the name suggests, it will make ice cubes in the shape of a golf ball including dots that the golf balls have on their surface. If she likes offbeat things then she will definitely like getting rid of those ordinary cube-shaped ice cubes. It’s one of the most fun golf gifts for women to impress them with your creative ideas. Her scotches and iced teas will become more enjoyable with this thoughtful gift.

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