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Demon Slayer Gifts

Demon Slayer (Japanese: Kimetsu No Yaiba) has been a popular anime among geeks for years now. The show’s impressive animation and mind-blowing storyline won’t let an otaku get away with it easily. And if you know such a Demon Slayer fan whose anime fever is always high, then this gift guide will be best for you. After searching at various corners, we shortlisted these 25 Demon Slayer gifts for you. Not just collectibles, we have cosplay costumes, bags, t-shirts, mugs, and every other suitable present related to Demon Slayer that the anime fan would love to receive. So are you ready to be blown away by our gift ideas like this –

Zenitsu Inosuke Mugen Train

Enough with our efforts to make you laugh. Let’s get started, then!

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Demon Slayer Vol.1-5 Manga (Books)

Demon SLayer Kimetsu No YaibaManga Vol.1-5

Manga is generally published before an anime. While Demon Slayer has become popular in the US after the anime’s release, its manga is still one of the world’s best-selling, with just 22 volumes. Thus the manga collection will make an excellent gift for the Demon Slayer fan. It will be a way to relive the famous story of Tanjiro and his friends. And don’t worry, Volume 1-5 has already been covered in the previous episodes, so it won’t spoil the upcoming ones for the anime geek.

Demon Slayer Wall Scroll

Demon Slayer Wall Scroll

Another unique gift idea for Demon Slayer fans! This Japanese-style wall scroll is a perfect pick for fans who like to keep posters and collectibles for their geeky interests. This 36 x 24’’ wall scroll is printed on durable fabric with 2 cardboard rolls to easily hang it on the wall. A better quality check is done on the product page’s review section, where you will see that customers share their applause for this unique merch.

Funko Pop Demon Slayer Bundle

Funko Pop Demon Slayer Bundle

Among the most popular Demon Slayer gifts! This awesome bundle includes five Funko Pops featuring their favorite characters: Tanjiro with Noodles, Kyojuro Rengoku, Rui, Mitsuri Kanroji, and Kanao Tsuyuri, all in their iconic poses and outfits. These officially licensed Funko Pops will definitely make a nice addition to the otaku’s figurine collection.

Tanjiro’s Kimono Cardigan/Jacket

Tanjiro Kimono Cardigan and Jacket

For those who don’t know, Tanjiro is the main protagonist of the Demon Slayer anime. It is the character’s compassion and dedication that keeps his fan base growing day by day. And that’s why for anime fans, we have put Tanjiro’s Kimono cardigan at one of the top positions. It’s because every Demon Slayer fan would like to have this merchandise. Plus, you have to admit, it does look stylish and comfortable to wear. So to sum it all up, this jacket is one of the best Demon Slayer gifts for anime fans.

41’’ Tanjiro’s Sword Replica

41'' Tanjiro Sword

One of our favorite Demon Slayer gifts for the collector! If the receiver loves to keep collectibles, then this is perhaps the best gift idea for him. The 41’’ Sword Replica is an exact clone of Tanjiro’s black sword shown in the anime. Plus, it is unsharpened, so even a kid can play with it. Even the customers show their appreciation in the comment section. Therefore, you shouldn’t miss this fantastic collectible for the Demon Slayer fan.

Demon Slayer Movie: Mugen Train Poster Wall Art

Demon Slayer Movie Mugen Train Poster

Mugen Train is the direct continuation of season 1, which hit the US theatres in April 2021. Upon its release in Japan, it broke the all-time opening weekend record even in the difficult times of COVID-19. And fans worldwide have praised the movie for its breathtaking sequences and amazing animation. Plus, the Sugoi character of Rengoku makes this movie poster an ideal gift for all Demon Slayer fans.

Pikachu-style Zenitsu Figure

Pikachu style Zenitsu Figure

Another important character in the anime is Zenitsu. He is a scaredy-cat who doesn’t know about his strength even though he can defeat his enemies. He cries all the time but also brings humor to the show. His character is much appreciated by anime fans, and so will be this unique Pikachu-style Zenitsu figure. Such a creative and cute figurine can’t go unnoticed and will be the center of attention in the anime fan’s room.

Shinobu’s Cosplay Costume

Shinobu Cosplay Costume

Do you know a female anime fan who watches Demon Slayer? If yes, then lucky you, as you have found an outstanding gift for her. Shinobu’s cosplay costume will become her favorite one. And she would always wear it on Halloween and other cosplay events. It is not just the costume but the character of Shinobu is also a unique one. No matter what, you will always find a smile on her face. The same smile you will see on her face when she wears it.

Tanjiro Breath of Water figure

Tanjiro Breath of Water Figure

Breath of Water is a special attack of Tanjiro passed onto him by his sensei. Anime fans love each Breath of Water form, and with such impressive animation, Demon Slayer fans can’t get enough of it. And now, that same animation is introduced to reality with this fantastic figure. It accurately depicts the Breath of Water form down to Tanjiro’s precise facial expressions. There is no doubt that it is one of the best Demon Slayer gifts for collectors.

Tanjiro’s Cosplay Costume

Tanjiro Cosplay Costume

Yeah, and this one is for the boys! Tanjiro is the main character of the Demon Slayer. No doubt, every anime fan will want to wear his costume for cosplay. The full outfit includes both the outer cloak and inner black uniform – completely resembling Tanjiro, as seen in the anime. So do consider one of the cutest Demon Slayer Gifts for the cosplay lover.

Nezuko’s Figurine Collection

Nezuko's FIgurine Collection

Nezuko is the cute little sister of Tanjiro, who was converted into a demon at the beginning of the anime. He keeps her in this small box hanging on his shoulder to protect her from the sunlight. Together, the pretty Nezuko figurine and the wooden box make one of the best collectible gifts for Demon Slayer fans. This figure is so accurate that it even includes the straps on the back of the box, which Tanjiro used to hang on his shoulders.

Tanjiro’s Earrings

Tanjiro's Earrings

Tanjiro’s earrings are extraordinary. They were passed on to him by his family through generations known as the ‘Hanafuda Earrings.’ It also gives a unique identity to him among the Demons. So if you want to surprise the anime fan with your knowledge or if you want to show that you cared enough to find a present resembling such a small detail. Then Tanjiro’s Earrings might be the perfect gift idea for you.

Demon Slayer Abbey Road t-shirt

Demon Slayer Abbey Road t-shirt

If you have read our other blogs and guides, you would know that we consider clothing items to be more practical gifts than others. The receiver uses it more than any other present you can give. This way, they will also be reminded of you more often. And since this merch is related to Demon Slayer, it would become their favorite. This soft-fabric tee is lightweight and comfortable to wear. Plus, the print wouldn’t fade for a long time. So, it is a nice gift idea that you should consider for the anime fan.

Nezuko Cosplay Wearable Blanket

Nezuko Cosplay Wearable Blanket

Time for the pretty otaku fan to transform into Nezuko Kamado! This one-size-fits-all blanket can be shared with friends, family, and anyone else who loves Demon Slayer. So, whether she wants to watch her favorite anime, snuggle up on the couch, or cosplay as Nezuko, she’ll surely this unique and fun present from you.

Shinobu Figurine

Shinobu Figurine

Yet another exquisite figurine of a beloved Demon Slayer character – Shinobu Kocho! Shinobu is always facing miseries and battles with a sweet smile on her face. She has all the qualities of a mentally and emotionally strong woman. Therefore, her figurine will make a nice gift for the anime fan. Especially for girls, it is one of the best Demon Slayer gifts that they can relate to.

Tomioka Giyu Cosplay Hoodie

Tomioka Giyu Costume

Another fan-favorite cosplay costume for the Demon Slayer fans! Tomioka Giyu is the character who helped Tanjiro (the main character) become a Demon Slayer and is identified as an inspirational character. He is the guy who speaks less but does more with his actions. And that is why he is the cosplayers’ favorite. When you go to a comic con, you might find more Tomiokas roaming than Tanjiros. So, do consider this cosplay hoodie for gifting the Demon Slayer cosplayer.

Demon Slayer Gift Pack

Demon Slayer Gift Pack

The ultimate gift pack for the ultimate fan! If you wanted more merch for a lesser price, then this is the perfect buy for you. This pack contains a drawstring bag, phone ring holder, scarf, keychain, 2 button pins, and 100+ stickers. And all that quantity with high quality. If you don’t take our word, then do check the customer review section to confirm it. This is undoubtedly a great affordable gift idea for Demon Slayer fans.

Tomioka Giyu Plush Figure

Tomioka Giyu Plush FIgure

If the Demon Slayer fan is a little kid who loves plush toys, then this gift will be well-admired. As you can see, the Plush Figure is based on Tomioka Giyu, who is always serious. But this merch makes him look the cutest of all the other characters. Plus, you don’t need to worry about the quality as Bandai Store officially brands it. Perhaps it is one of the cutest Demon Slayer presents for kids.

Nezuko Fighting Figurine

Nezuko Fighting Figurine

This gift idea can easily make any fan’s list of top demon slayer things to buy. It captures the fierce and adorable Nezuko in her demon form, unleashing her blood demon art. Made with high-quality materials and providing realistic effects, this impressive figure stands tall at 7.9″. So you know it will look fantastic in the anime lover’s collection.

Demon Slayer Graphic Hoodie

Demon SLayer Graphic Hoodie

This gift is for the Demon Slayer fan who loves to wear hoodies. Hands in the pockets and a hood on their heads come in handy with this comfortable wear, especially during winter. And since it is related to Demon Slayer, there is another better reason to wear it. The graphic on the hoodie portrays the characters introduced in the early phase of the anime. It will make a nice present for anime fans.

Phone Cases

Phone Cases

This stylish phone case related to Demon Slayer is another unique gift idea. Plus, we all know they add another layer of protection for the phone to reduce scratches on the back. And since there are so many stylish designs to choose from, we are sure that you could select at least one attractive phone case to choose stylish gifts for the Demon Slayer fan.

Demon Slayer Tapestry

Demon Slayer Tapestry

Not just a regular wall decor, but a masterpiece of anime art that will make any room look awesome! Made of soft and durable 100% polyester, this tapestry is made with eco-friendly inks that won’t fade over time. They can use it as a wall hanging, a bed cover, a curtain, or even a cosplay accessory. Hence, it’s a splendid way for the receiver to impress their other otaku friends.

Demon Slayer Backpack

Demon slayer Backpack

Another cool Demon Slayer merchandise for the anime fan! This backpack’s print features the leading sibling duo with their 2 weird yet sweet friends at the center. This print will act as the main attraction to the Demon Slayer fans. Not to forget, the bag offers a stylish design with a black background and white-colored traces combined with the efficiency of the USB charging port. Thus it is among the coolest Demon Slayer gifts for fans, especially students.

Funny Giyu Mode t-shirt

Funny Giyu Mode t-shirt

This gift is for the offbeat anime fan who always likes to wear attractive or sarcastic prints on their clothes. The t-shirt features Giyu Mode, which resembles the scene where Giyu is acquainted that his other colleagues don’t like him. The moment was hilarious and was another pun out of many from the anime to bring laughter to the show. So there is no doubt that this is one of the funniest gifts for Demon Slayer fans.

Color Changing Mugs

Color Changing Mug

Color-changing mugs are another cool merch for geeks! When mixed with animation, this merchandise produces a creative appeal for the eyes. As you can see in the above image, it shows a fascinating animation related to the anime when poured with hot liquid. This animation represents one of the most iconic moments of the Demon Slayer that made it a trend on social media. So, it is undoubtedly a marvelous gift idea for the Demon Slayer fans.

Tanjiro and Nezuko’s Figurine Collection

Tanjiro and Nezuko Figurine Collection

Tanjiro and Nezuko’s sibling bond is the main attraction of the show. Each fan loves their characters. And so they will love to receive this fantastic gift – The duo’s figurine collection. The figures precisely depict both characters. It is among the cutest gifts for Demon Slayer fans. Mostly, kids will love to receive this collection as it will be kept for the show to all their friends.

8 Pack Keychain

8 pack keychain

Another affordable yet exciting present for anime lovers! These 8-pack keychains feature some of the most important characters of the show in the cutest way possible. Even the horrific main villain seems like a kid’s cartoon character. Well, that’s the creativity to ensure that kids always adore this gift. So if you were looking for a fun and relatable gift idea for kids, then this is an excellent option for you.

Banpresto Insouke figure

Banpresto Inosuke Figure

Inosuke is an example of the author’s creative writing. The character is so original and so unusual. He is a hot-headed and boastful young man who, despite being insensitive, is well-admired by the fans. That’s why every Demon Slayer collector would love to get his Banpresto figure. This limited edition figure is a quality product with great precision of the character. This collectible is going to make an excellent Demon Slayer gift for fans.


  1. What should I get for Demon Slayer Fans?

    These are the top 5 merch that you should get for Demon Slayer fans –
    1. Mugen Train Poster Wall Art
    2. Tanjiro's Kimono Cardigan
    3. Tanjiro's Earrings
    4. Demon Slayer Gift Pack
    5. Figurine Collection

  2. What are the best Demon Slayer Gifts?

    Here are some of the best Demon Slayer gifts for the fans –
    1.     Demon Slayer Manga
    2.     Pikachu-style Zenitsu Figure
    3.     Tanjiro’s Sword Replica
    4.     Tanjiro’s Cosplay Costume
    5.     Funny Giyu Mode t-shirt
    6.     Breath of Water Tanjiro Figure

  3. What is the difference between Demon Slayer/Kimetsu No Yaiba Anime and Manga?

    Demon Slayer (Japanese: Kimetsu No Yaiba) was first published in manga (black-and-white Japanese comic) form. Later on, with an increase in popularity, its makers decided to release its anime 3 years later. And since the Demon Slayer's manga was released earlier, it is way ahead of the story covered in the anime. As a matter of fact, in most cases, mangas are always introduced before the anime. Then the anime follows the manga as precisely as possible (Even My Hero Academia and Dragon Ball Z follow the same order).

    Just in May of 2020, Demon Slayer's manga was completed, with just the anime left to follow its storyline. So if you were to find a way to relive the anime differently, then its manga should do the job for you. Also, everyone loves the original piece of content. That’s why for some people, mangas are often considered more important than anime.

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