giftideasclub.com team’s sole purpose is to aware people about the interesting, unique and lovable gift ideas available in the market.
We believe that gifts are a great way to show how much the other person means to us. Therefore getting more gift ideas would make sure that the gift is well-received.

Why Trust Us?

Before suggesting any product we research for hours on the internet for information like what could be a unique and lovable gift idea, what different kind of people like and don’t like, etc.

And after that, the most important thing that makes us trustworthy is the products’ analysis. Let’s tell you further about that with an example.
Assume that we found a unique gift idea like a kayak. Now, when you search for a kayak on the internet, you will see tons of kayaks that are available from different brands and stores. So, you can’t just tell by looking at a kayak whether it will be a good buy.

Therefore, we research on the internet about which kayak has the most thumbs up and even if it has good reviews is it a good value-for-money kayak or not.

Like this, we find the best products available under a certain category and then suggest it as a gift idea.

Want to help us?

Thanks, for the gesture but we believe that if our gift ideas are good enough then we don’t need donations or any other means of help. Just you liking our gift ideas will mean everything to us.

But yes we do earn money to support our team by helping you. Our team works on affiliate commissions that mean we get a small amount of money whenever you purchase our suggested gift ideas. This doesn’t mean that the price of the products is increased to give us commissions. It is just that the affiliate site (in our case – Amazon) gives us a small amount from their profit to suggest gift ideas.

Most websites which send you to any e-commerce site like Amazon or eBay get commissions when you purchase their preferred products.

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