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We believe that gift-sharing is the best way to show how much others mean to us. But what if this task of finding the perfect gift becomes so complex and confusing? That’s where we enter. The Gift Ideas Club Team’s sole purpose is to simplify gift hunting and make people aware of all the interesting, unique, and lovely gift ideas out there on the internet. 

Our goal is to provide that jumpstart to you! Because if you don’t know where to start, how will you map the maze and reach that perfect present for your loved one?

Who is behind GiftIdeasClub?

Ishaan Singh - Founder at GiftIdeasClub.com

Ishaan Singh (Site Manager)

Our Story

The idea for this website came to Ishaan’s mind when he was looking for a birthday gift for one of his dear friends. He wanted to go above and beyond to show his gratitude for all his friend had done for him, so this time, he didn’t want to go down the typical route of purchasing an ordinary present from a local gift shop.

Soon he started creating a list of presents but didn’t know where to begin. He thought of what his friend liked the most. One particular interest that came to his mind was the popular anime, Haikyuu, which they both watched together while growing up. So after deciding what kind of products to look for, he started creating a list and was amazed to find the unique and creative gift ideas available on the internet.

This gave him the inspiration he needed to start Gift Ideas Club, and the rest is history. As for his friend, he loved that present and further helped Ishaan to refine his ideas for this website. And as for that list, it is one of the best lists of gifts for Haikyuu fans on the internet, and you can find it among the top results of any search engine.

Why Trust Us?

Before suggesting any product, we research for hours online for various gift ideas. And after that, our product analysis is the most crucial part that makes us trustworthy. Let’s tell you further about that with an example.

Assume that we found a fun gift idea, like a kayak. Now, when you search for a kayak on the internet, you will see tons of kayaks that are available from different brands and stores. So, you can’t just tell by looking at a kayak whether it will be a good buy. Therefore, we research which kayak has the most thumbs up on forums and review sites. And even if one has good reviews, is it a good value-for-money kayak? 

So like this, we look for the best products available under every category, and only then do we suggest them to you.

Want to help us?

We appreciate your gesture from the bottom of our hearts, and we’d love it if you could share Giftideasclub.com among your circle of friends and family members. And don’t forget to tag us if you do that on any social media platform, as we’ll be able to share your story with our current audience as well.

How do we make money?

Our team works on affiliate commissions, meaning we get a small amount of money whenever you purchase our suggested gift ideas. This doesn’t mean that the price of the products is increased to give us commissions. It is just that the affiliate site (in most cases – Amazon) gives us a small amount from their profit to suggest their products to our audience.

And do we take donations?

Giftideasclub.com doesn’t take any kind of donations on any website or platform. And please get in touch with us at [email protected] if someone asks for a donation in our name.

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