6 Exciting and Funny Christmas Questions to Ask yourself

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Holidays are around the corner and we are excited to celebrate the joyous occasion of Christmas with our friends and family members. And if you are also excited about the holidays like us, then we have some exciting and funny Christmas questions to ask yourself. These are 6 funny yet important Christmas questions that you never noticed but they can open your eyes and make you laugh at the same time. So, unleash your curiosities and let them control you for the next 5 minutes.

How much do we spend on Christmas (in the USA)?

Christmas Spendings

It is said that an average American spent around $882.45 on Christmas in 2019. (Source: fool.com) And that is supposed to increase this year. If you want to know how much people spent in your region, then below is an infographic to show you the average amount spent by you on Christmas in 2019 –

Of course, you must be wondering how much the amount totals to. Well, there is no exact answer to that question. But the estimates say the totals for Christmas spending in the US is approx. $1 trillion every year (and that’s about 1/20th of our GDP).

Christmas didn’t start in the USA?

If you think that Christmas was first celebrated in the US, then (we are sorry to say, but) you are wrong. The Christmas celebration began around 336 AD in Rome. Still, it never became a major Christian festival until about the ninth century. Many Christmas traditions originated in Germany and eventually spread to other parts of the world, especially England and the United States.

Why do we give presents at Christmas?

Why do we give Christmas gifts

We spend tons of money on Christmas gifts. The more disturbing fact is that according to a survey last year, around $15.2 Billion was spent on unwanted gifts in the US alone (Source: finder.com). That’s why we (giftideasclub) strive to provide you the most unique and creative presents that the other person can’t regret even if they don’t seem to like you.

Anyway, coming to the question, the reason for sharing presents on Christmas is to remind us of the gifts of three wise men offered to Jesus: Frankincense, Gold, and Myrrh. Even Christmas is celebrated in remembrance of one of the best gifts given to us by god around 2000 years ago – The birth of Jesus.

What is the relation b/w Christmas and Xmas?

Please don’t blame the youngsters who are so lazy in typing that they started using Xmas for saying Christmas, and now Xmas has become a word. We can blame their laziness for many other issues, but this time they are innocent. Because Xmas originated long before we can think of.

The letter that looks like an X in (Xmas) is the Greek letter chi/X (pronounced ‘kye’ – rhymes with ‘eye’) in the Greek language and alphabets, which is the first letter of the Greek term for Christ (Christos). In the Greek alphabet ‘chi’ and ‘rho,’ the early church used the first two letters of Christos to create a monogram (symbol) to represent the name of Jesus. This appears to be an X with a small p on the top: ☧.

But remember that Xmas means Christmas still the pronunciation is not Xmas, it is Christmas. So yeah, if you find your kids saying Xmas, then you can correct them by telling the right pronunciation.

What are the weird Christmas traditions around the world?

Weird Christmas Traditions - Funny Christmas Questions

The Witch’s arrival in Italy:

A witch named La Befana arrives in households on the night of 5th January to deliver sweet treats and gifts to children. She expects to find the Baby Jesus she was looking for on the night when the Three Wise Men arrived at Bethlehem’s manger.

Do appease Nisse in Denmark:

Nisse is a gnome who seeks to be fed. Households in Denmark must leave him on Christmas Eve with sweet rice porridge (risengrød), and if they do, in the coming year, he will be nice and bring them a great fortune. It is assumed that he will play pranks in the house and make life difficult if they do not please him.

First, you treat kindly and then beat him:

That’s a funny summary of the tradition of Catalan Poop Log in Spain. A little wooden guy carved by hand and made of a stick and art supplies cared from the 8th to 24th December when kids give him nuts, berries, and shield him for warmth in a blanket. But on Christmas Eve, they beat him with sticks while singing a traditional song. They raise the blanket after the beating to announce that the log has pooped a stack of candy.

Hide your Broomsticks, or they will fly away:

In Norway, a unique Christmas tradition is that all broomsticks are hidden out of view on Christmas Eve. The Norwegians believe that wicked witches and ghosts will come out the night before Christmas, and if broomsticks are to be found, they will take them and fly them across the sky.

Maybe this is why 1/10 people in Iceland have published a book: 

A genius Christmas Eve tradition in Iceland is Jolabokaflod, meaning “Christmas Book Flood.” Icelandic families share brand new books with one another every year on Christmas Eve and spend the rest of the evening comfortably indoors while reading. When the paper was one of the few items in ample supply, this tradition came from WWII and made books a feasible gift choice.

What are some questions you can ask to make the gathering fun?

Christmas gathering

Let us guess! You are worried that the Christmas gathering you have been waiting for so long might run out of topics to talk about. If not, then we are very happy for you. If yes, then why worry when we are here! So here’s a list of some fun Christmas questions you can ask and share stories to add excitement to your family gathering –

  • What’s the worst gift you’ve ever got for Christmas? (And make sure you have a nice gift for them; otherwise, the question can backfire. Just Kidding! But do give at least 5 minutes before spending hundreds of dollars on gifts. You can always try us. We excel at gift sharing ideas.)
  • What’s a song about Christmas that makes you laugh?
  • What’s the ugliest decoration for Christmas you’ve ever seen?
  • What is one foodstuff during the holidays that you conceal from everyone?
  • What was the worst marriage advice that you remember?
  • What incident do you remember when you giggled at the wrong time?
  • Share something that makes your spouse poke fun that you have an intense fear of.
  • What’s the coolest present you’ve ever given anybody?
  • Tell about the most amusing Christmas Card you have ever received or gifted.
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