6 Christmas Gifts for Star Wars Fans to remember the Iconic Saga

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Christmas Gifts for Star-Wars Fans

The Star Wars saga is coming to an end this Christmas. Star Wars Episode IX is the culmination of 42-years of memories and one of the best movie series in the history of Hollywood. While it will be very hard to find a show during the Christmas holidays one thing you can do to make yourself happy is by getting something for yourself and your loved ones in the memory of the saga which has been a part of your life for years.

Let’s make this year’s Christmas theme to be on Star Wars Universe. For that, even we wouldn’t create any post till Christmas. We will just focus on Star Wars for this Christmas because after all, we all grew up seeing these movies. To give this memory a perfect farewell, let’s gift ourselves and other star wars fans with some of the best and classic items from Star Wars.

After all, we all love this series. The evidence being Darth Vader, Han-solo, and Luke Skywalker are the names of dead characters in the series, still, we can’t get their names off our heads. The force has never been stronger with us. So, let’s see what ideas I have to offer you in memory of Star Wars Trilogy of Trilogies.

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Star Wars Droids

I immediately bought the BB-8 droid when I got to know about it because it felt like I had the actual BB-8 from the sequel trilogy. Its size was big enough, the sound it makes was the same and I could control wherever he goes.

For you, you should choose which one do you like the best –

  • R2-D2 – which has been with the force since the start.
  • BB-8 – introduced recently in the trilogy and is another good helper.
  • BB-9E – appeared in the recent Episode VIII helping the dark side.



Half of you would probably have this in your homes. But for the other half, this is the time. There can’t be a better object that will make you remember about Star Wars than this. It is the weapon of the Jedi Knights who can feel the force that drives the planets.

For people who want the best Lightsaber, check this – Double Bladed dual sabers with Motion Sensitive sound effects. The best feature is that you can connect two lightsabers to become one.

Action Figures

Star Wars Action Figures

Who doesn’t have a favorite character in a movie? Plus, this iconic series’ characters have been in our minds for a long time. Princess Leia, Han Solo, Luke Skywalker and Master Yoda are just a few names from the list of world-famous characters depicted in the Star Wars.

So, a nice idea would be to get the action figure of the favorite character. My favorite character is Han Solo. Likewise, you should have your favorite character too, it may even be the anti-hero Darth Vader. Just Click Here and check some of the best action-figures from Star Wars.

Plus, Baby Yoda from The Mandalorian has gathered an enormous amount of attention from the internet so you should also check gifts related to Baby Yoda.


Star Wars Artifacts

Getting an artifact is another great idea. For people who don’t want to sound like a nerd or geek but want to get at least one Star Wars merchandise, artifacts can help them. It’s just that for people who haven’t seen the Star Wars movies, they would think like it is just some kind of guest room furniture and for rest, it would already look cool as it is from Star Wars.

Some of the ideas for artifacts can be –

Although, the best artifact would be something that you like the most. So click the above button to check the Best of Star Wars Artifacts.


Star Wars Clothings

Buying a t-shirt or a cap related to something you like is a trend nowadays. It shows people that you like this franchise and would attract other star wars fans i.e. half of the population of the US. Just print anything you like about star wars such as the logo, the famous intro – from a galaxy far far away, etc. Just click on the above button and check the best Star Wars Clothing items on the internet.

Electronics Accessories

Star Wars Electronics Accessories

Electronic Accessories have become a part of our daily lives. Not that we use it every day but it shows our likes to the other people. Plus, they are a cheaper option too. Check these electronics accessories ideas –

Or if you want to get some more ideas related to Electronics Accessories then click on the button above.

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