Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Coworkers in 2023

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Coworkers -

Valentine’s day is about sharing love and cares with your circle. It doesn’t have to be your life partner or your better half. It can be anyone! Even sharing gifts with coworkers and colleagues has been the 14th Feb trend for years. And if you are also looking for valentine’s day gift ideas for coworkers, then here are some funny and unique gift ideas you should consider for them –

Gifts to Share a Laugh

We all have heard the saying – ‘Laughter is the Best Medicine.’ That’s why funny and useful products are among the top valentine’s day gifts for coworkers. So, bring a smile to your colleagues’ faces by getting these humorous gifts for them –

1. World’s Okayest Employee Mug

World's Okayest Employee

Are you one of those unconventional and funny bosses who love to keep their employees entertained? Then this would be the best valentine’s day gift for your ‘okayest’ team, especially for the colleagues who never complain and do whatever task you ask them to. Thus, you can share a good laugh and still look professional by getting this as a gift.

2. Keep Calm Funny Stress Balls

Keep Calm Funny Stress Balls

Work stress affects an employee’s performance. If you agree to this, then gifting these stress reliever balls will make one of the best office valentine’s day gifts for your colleagues. They will always carry these around or store them in their desk drawers. The stress balls will keep them motivated and going through the week. And, of course, these will make them laugh at the same time.

3. Funny Novelty Memo Pads

Funny Novelty Memo Pads

Like to pass around funny notes to your colleagues? Then these novelty pads will make the best valentine’s day gifts for your office staff. Printed with quirky and comical marks, you can use these notepads to pass around both official and unofficial notes with your coworkers!

4. Let me drop everything – Coffee Mug

Let me drop everything Coffee Mug

Coffee is a workaholic’s best friend. And if it seems right for your colleagues, then give this valentine’s day gift to your coworkers. The sarcastic quote printed on the mug will either get you a hug or a long laugh. These mugs will bring a smile to their faces and let them know in a quirky way that you appreciate everything they have done for you.

5. Everything is fine – Paper Pad

Everything is fine paper pad

Nothing can ruin your day like a massive pile of work on your desk does. Feel like sharing your thoughts with your colleagues? Get this funny paper pad to scribble the opinions on them and pass it around your work circle to get their reactions. Oh, and make sure the boss or your senior doesn’t catch you in the act!

6. Tricks to appear smart in meetings

tricks to appear smart in meetings

Got some work friends who struggle to concentrate during office meetings? Then get this calendar as a valentine’s day gift for them. They would love to place this on their desk and take a daily dose of good advice from the calendar.

7. Hilarious Cubicle Accessories for Coworkers

Hilarious Cubicle Accessories for Coworkers

From Monday Blues to Freaky Friday, every day and every moment has its own emotion. Have a quick laugh while your friend is getting scolded by your boss, and share funny statements with this fun calendar. This will make an excellent gift for everyone on your team. They can change the calendar page based on their mood!

Gifts to Inspire or Show your Gratitude

The above gifts will work well for colleagues like Michael and Jim (from ‘The Office’). Now for our 2nd valentine’s day gift idea for coworkers, we have some nice products to inspire and show gratitude. Kind words of appreciation can improve your relationship with your team. So, get these motivating gifts for them and help them stay confident toward their goal –

1. You are Awesome – Coffee Mug

You are awesome coffee mug

Encouraging your team members is very important. It will help them give their 100% to any project. Gift these to your employees or coworkers and see their faces light up with a big and bright smile! Be it your colleagues in accounts, marketing, or sales department. They would love to use these around the office and even at home.

2. Motivational Mousepad

Motivational Mousepad

Functionality is an essential element for picking the best gift for your coworkers and friends. Since everyone uses a desktop or PC at work, they will use these mouse pads and get motivated daily, substantially impacting their work attitude. The power of daily motivation can often go underrated but if you can understand it, then do gift this unique mousepad to your office pals.

3. Inspirational Wine Tumbler

Inspirational Wine Tumbler

Keep your workforce motivated and driven by getting this inspiring valentine’s day gift for your women coworkers. Giving them these tumblers will make their drink time fun and encourage them to perform better. They can use these to bring both hot and cold beverages to work daily!

4. Coworkers Coffee Mug

Coworkers Coffee Mug

Is your colleague a big fan of the F.R.I.E.N.D.S TV show? Then choose these mugs for gifting your work friends. They can give you a warm hug after seeing the reference to their favorite show and how it connects with your friendship. This is the ideal valentine’s day gift for coworkers who are like best friends to you.

Handy Gifts for Everyone

Funny or inspiring gifts sometimes don’t work for everyone. That’s why among our valentine’s day gift ideas for coworkers, we have chosen handy gifts as the 3rd suggestion. So if you were hoping for products that can be useful on a long-term basis, here are a few unique ones –

1. Personalized Lanyard

Personalized Lanyard - USPP

Award funny or heartwarming titles to your colleagues using these customizable lanyards at the V-Day party. These lanyards will bring smiles to their faces daily and remove the boring/old ones from their wardrobe. Wearing these to work will make the office enjoyable for your employees!

2. Owl Design Wood Pencil Holder

Owl Design Wooden Pencil Holder

Having fun and useful table accessories can make work enjoyable. Getting this cute owl-shaped pen holder as a gift will also help them keep their messy desk organized. Stay carefree! They won’t come asking for spare pens and stationery once they have this.

3. Smartphone Dock

Smartphone Dock

Whether it is to watch movies or attend a meeting online, it is tiresome to hold the phone around for a long time. So, gift this smartphone dock to your coworkers and friends at work. It will make it easier for them to use their smartphones.

4. Charging Station for Multiple Devices

Charging Station

Gadgets have become an essential part of our lives. Giving them this unique multi-slot charging station will make their daily chores easy! Plus, one charging station for all the devices will help save time in finding the chargers.

5. Cleaning Gel Dust Cleaner

Dust Cleaner for Keyboard

Working on a PC and laptop is fun. However, keeping them clean has always been a frustrating task. And if your coworker doesn’t clean their system ever, it can affect their and possibly your work life too. So, you can remind them to do that by gifting this gel! With a fragrant scent, the gel will make cleaning the keyboard and other objects easier for them.

Gifts especially for your boss

Last but not least, all colleagues aside, you might need a special gift for your boss. You don’t know if one good thing for your boss might get you a better recommendation in the future. So as our last gift idea, we suggest you get some unique and impressive gifts for your boss. So do take a nice look at these–

1. Thank You – Keychain

Thank You Keychain

Need something meaningful to show how much you appreciate your boss’s support? Then nothing could convey the message like this unique keychain. Though its use is just to keep keys together, its impact on the person’s mood will be far more significant. The lasting metal keychains will surely cheer your boss. Also, if your boss is a female entrepreneur, then do check our special gift guide made for her.

2. Dear Boss Coffee Mug

Dear Boss Coffee Mug

Coffee mugs make a great office valentine’s day gift, especially for seniors and bosses. Not only will they use it daily, but they will also appreciate your attention to detail in finding such a unique gift. The quirky printed text on the mugs will showcase your special relationship with our boss.

3. Funny Decision maker and PaperWeight

Funny Decision Maker and Paper Weight

Does your boss have a cluttered work table? Then gift this paperweight to help in organizing the desk. This gear-like paperweight will make the desk less messy! PS. You will no longer have to worry about working overtime. Also, it looks like a perfect gift to pass the time for a boss like Michael Scott. So remember to gift this if you have a similar kind of boss in the office.

4. My Favorite Employee Coffee Mug

Favorite Employee Coffee Mug

If you are your boss’ Favorite Employee or are just looking for something quirky to gift on valentine’s day, then this coffee mug is the best present. Your boss will laugh heartily and use these to drink your favorite beverage every day. In short, he/she will love it!

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