The Ultimate List of Gifts for Anime Lovers in 2021

Gifts for Anime Lovers

Japanese animes have become a whole culture among introverts and geeks worldwide. Their creative fantasy worlds, heart-touching background music, original characters, and awesome animation sequences have been a pinnacle of must-watches among its lovers. That’s why to celebrate their immense fandom for anime, we have created a list of some of the most popular, fan-favorite gifts for anime lovers that they would be thrilled to get their hands on. Some of them might even go like this –

Kid Midoriya Nodding in My Hero Academia

Jokes aside, our gift guides on other animes have been quite well-received worldwide. The secret: We are a part of the anime community too. And here’s a bunch of animes we have created our detailed gift lists for –

These gift lists combined with the below gift ideas make the ultimate gift guide for anime lovers. And now that the preparations are done let’s get started then –

Ultimate Anime Characters Wall Art

Ultimate Anime Characters Wall Art

Stop letting your walls be bland. Add these badass anime character silhouettes to your walls to make them look ten times better! They’re made using a proven formula that attracts people towards it. This poster will make the anime lover even more popular among his other otaku friends.

Top 100 Anime Scratch-off Poster

Top 100 Anime Scratch off Poster

Do you know someone who always wonders about watching a new anime but can never select? All such problems will be solved with a coin and this great watchlist. Rather than searching for new shows, scratch the poster, and you’ll find a great show every time, as it only contains the top most popular animes!

Personalized Japanese Name Necklace

Personalised Japanese Name Necklace

One of the best gift ideas for female anime fans! Is your friend a Japan-obsessed Otaku? Then she’d be thrilled to receive a custom Japanese necklace that spells her name. The piece is made from high-quality premium material so that she can flaunt it without any hesitation.

Spirited Away Night Lamp

Spirited Away Lamp

Hayao Miyazaki is a genius in the anime world for creating fictional worlds. Spirited Away is one such masterpiece from Studio Ghibli that every anime fan resonates with, so it will be a fantastic idea to give this lamp to an anime fan. He/she’ll love to receive such a special present from one of the best anime movies.

Levi Ackerman PVC Figure

Levi Ackerman PVC Figure

This Levi Akerman figure is enough to make any Attack On Titan fan go crazy. The fantastic detailing on the piece makes it look more lively than other figures. And the signature Levi look just adds an extra touch to it, making it look so eye-catching. And the character is even ranked among the best anime characters of all time by the community, that’s why this special action figure is among our favorite gift ideas for anime lovers out there.

My Hero Academia Water Bottle

My Hero Academia Bottle

With My Hero Academia currently airing its 5th season, it’s the Deku season officially. 9 in 10 anime fans watch the show, so it won’t be a surprise if your friend loves this water bottle as a gift. Plus, it will also serve as an incentive to drink more water!

Naruto 6-piece Figurine Set

Naruto 6 piece Figurine Set

There isn’t a single anime fan out there who doesn’t like anime figurines; it’s the staple of being a weeb. Especially the one’s from great shows like Naruto! This set of figures contains all the major and, most importantly, fantastic characters from the anime. It is enough to make any Naruto fan happy!

It’s an Anime Thing Hoodie

Its an Anime Thing Hoodie

Many weebs struggles with a rare disease that forces them to use Japanese words from anime out of context. This has long plagued the anime community and possibly your friend. But now there’s a solution; this hoodie will make sure people understand that your friend is not some weirdo, just a little different.

Death Note Replica Notebook

Death Note Replica Notebook

Death Note is an anime that brought a whole bunch of otakus worldwide and introduced them to the insane capability of Japanese animes. The creativity and thrills in this anime are on another level. And if there’s one gift idea that all anime fans would love, i.e., this replica notebook. It is easily one of the most popular anime merchandise worldwide!

Eat Sleep Anime Repeat t-shirt

Eat Sleep Anime Repeat t-shirt

Is your Otakus friend’s birthday nearing? Have you once again forgotten about buying a gift? Don’t worry; this anime t-shirt will serve as an excellent, non-expensive present. You don’t have to worry about which anime he likes. The T-shirt is universally accepted by all anime fans.

Naruto Anime Merchandise Set

Naruto Anime Merchandise Set

The Naruto franchise is close to many people’s hearts; they saw his transition from a scrawny ninja to the badass Hokage he is today. It only makes sense to gift such fans this Naruto merchandise set. It contains various collectibles and cosplay items, making it one of the best gifts for anime lovers.

Goku Collector Box Items

Goku Collector Box Items

Unbox your love for the most popular anime franchise of all time with this Goku collector box set. It has all the Dragon Ball collectibles and accessories you’ll ever need, packed in a fantastic-looking box. Any DBZ fan will go nuts after receiving this!

13-Inch Mewtwo Figure

13 Inch Mewtwo Figure

Mewtwo is undoubtedly one of the most menacing-looking pokemon to come out of the Gamefreak studios. The Pokefans have grown accustomed to his fierce look and love it for that, so it would be a perfect gift idea to give this to the Pokeman anime fans!

Nezuko Cosplay Pikachu Action Figure

Nezuko Cosplay Action Figure

Whats’ better than a Chibi version of Nezuko? A chibi version which is cosplaying as a Pikachu! Nezuko and Pikachu are famous for being the cutest characters in the anime world; put them together, and you have cuteness on such a level that you’d overdose. Make someone’s day by gifting them this heavenly Nezuko figurine!

Fueled by Anime and Video Games Mug

Fueled by Anime and Video Games Mug

No matter how had life gets, anime and video games will always be there to cheer us up. And that goes for everybody, so if you’re confused trying to find a good gift for your pal, this Mug will do it. It looks eye-catching and will keep the beverage nice and warm. Just gift it. It’s a no-brainer.

Your Name Action Figure Set

Your Name Action Figure Set

Strengthen your love by gifting this cute little anime figurine of the characters from one of the most popular anime movies – Your Name. Many have cherished the movie as it tells the story of two people willing to sacrifice everything just to be together. The figurine will be an excellent gift choice for your better boyfriend/girlfriend.

My Hero Academia x FRIENDS Hoodie


This hoodie has a one-of-a-kind combination of MHA and FRIENDS. Both shows are known for the chemistry between the characters, and millions adore them worldwide. So you know you can’t go wrong with this one because any anime or TV show fan would love to have it.

Funny t-shirt for Anime Lovers

Funny t-shirt for Anime Lovers

Has your friend reached the elite otaku status? Does he watch ten animes every week? Then it’s a good thing to celebrate his accomplishment by gifting him this unique and sarcastic t-shirt. It is made using excellent materials, and the print is fantastic as well.

Edward Elric PVC Figure

Edward Elric PVC Figure

Fun fact: Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood is the highest-rated anime globally, both on IMDb and MyAnimeList.

There’s not a single anime fan on the planet who won’t want an anime figurine, so you know you’re going to hit it right every time you gift this. The Fullmetal Alchemist figure is made with premium materials, and the detailing is on another level. It will help them start their FMA collection or add a brand new piece to an already existing one!

Jump Force Video Game


The Jump Force game takes all your favorite shonen characters and makes them fight against each other. What can be better than this for an anime and video games geek? Absolutely Nothing! You can even create your avatar and fight side-by-side with Goku or Naruto. The game’s been out for some time, and hence a thriving online community and tournaments so you can never get bored.

Anime Manga Wall Collage Kit


Turn your bland, dull walls into an incredible amalgamation of everything anime with the help of this collage kit. It has so many great designs that once you put them up, the room may feel a lot colder because the collage kit just makes your room one hundred times cooler. One of our favorite gifts for anime fans!

Luffy Battle Record Action Figure

Luffy Battle Record Action Figure

One piece is a show which many grew up watching and still watch to this day, so it isn’t a surprise why many are crazy about it. So it only makes sense to gift them this fantastic Luffy figurine from the show. It is enough to make their day!

Hunter x Hunter Anime Poster


Any Hunter x Hunter fan would be thrilled to get their hands on one of these great posters. It is an anime still living in many fans’ hearts, even after ending a while ago. We can’t say if the anime may return someday, but till then, cheer your friend up by gifting him this poster.

I’d Rather Be Watching Anime Popsocket

I'd Rather be Watching Anime Popsocket

Ever felt the conversation dragging for no reason whatsoever, wished that you could get out without causing a stir? Well, you can now! This pop-socket with the power of Bold White Letters lets others know that you could be using this time to do something better, like watching anime!


  1. What is a good gift for anime lovers?

    Anime lovers would cherish a gift that is related to their favorite animes. Anything from an official poster to a limited-edition collectible, an Otaku (anime fan) would love it as long as it connects them to their anime world. Because in gift-giving, ultimately it's the thought that counts and you making efforts to find a perfect gift would surely be well-received by the person. And to further help you in finding a birthday/Christmas present for the person, our gift guide would be more than enough!

  2. What do you buy an otaku?

    For those who don't know, an Otaku is a young person who is interested in anime and manga. While there are tons of merchandise out there, you should always go for something unique and relatable. Be it a t-shirt with a hilarious meme graphic on it or even a small action figure of a popular character, Otakus would always appreciate such presents. Plus, if you know the otaku's favorite anime, then it would really help if you gift something related to it. Otherwise, this gift list for Otakus will surely come in handy while looking for nice products for them.

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