Best Birthday Gifts for 11-year-old girl in 2023 to Delight her

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Birthday gifts for 11-year-old girl

We have gathered a long list of birthday gifts for 11-year-old girls that are unique and very well-attached to the tastes of tween girls.

With each year, the girl is getting older, and her demand for extraordinary things in her life isn’t slowing down. She wants to see and feel everything as she is growing. Well, it is isn’t easy to keep up with all her needs; still, one emotion that you should try your best to keep with her is happiness. And happiness comes from all those little things that you do for her like surprising her, celebrating with her, going to places, etc. And since her birthday is coming up, you shouldn’t just go for those ordinary birthday gifts no kid would like. It would be best if you gave something that will put a glistening smile on her face.

We all know that many old and outdated gifts are available in most stores, but that is not what she wants. She wants something that will make her remember you each time she looks at her gift. She doesn’t wish to get costly gifts, she just wants something special to her. So, let’s try our best to make this birthday special, and gift something that will be in her memories for a long time. Also, if you are in a hurry then, let us offer you a list of the best gifts for girls that would take only a minute to choose the gift.

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Nail Stamper – For beautifying her nails

Nail Stamper

The little girl may have been trying to get those sparkly cute nail designs ever since she saw them on the internet. But everyone knows how hard that can be when there is also a high possibility of ruining the nails. Well, not anymore! Now we got this fantastic birthday gift for the 11-year-old girl that she will never forget – The Nail Stamper. Just as you think, this Nail Stamper is the simple solution to perfect patterns on the nails. You just need to apply 3 basic steps – Pop, Paint, and Press.

This at-home nail salon contains all you need to stock up to 125 nails of just about any size! Girls can mix up to show their own unique style with 5 trendy nail designs to choose from – unicorns, flamingos, cupcakes, and more! Just select a design first, to pop that into the system. Then, paint each nail with one of the nontoxic nail polish base coats (including different color combinations) and allow five minutes to dry out the nails. Finally, put the nail into the unit, and push the stamping button. Easy as that, and the 11-year-old girl has got a perfect set of nails that her toxic friends will envy.

Llama Journal for 11-year-old girls – For the writer


A Journal is a great way to encourage reading and writing habits in the kid. By sharing her close memories in a journal, she will improve her writing skills immensely as she will be able to express her feelings with words, an expertise that all the professional editors and writers require. It will be the best push for her if she wants to pursue a career in literature or communication field. Plus, this llama journal is not an ordinary one; it has 100 pages divided into two types – sketchbook pages and journal pages. We all know what journal pages are for, but the sketchbook pages will help her convey her messages through doodling, which can again convert into a great skill of that of an artist in the future and will push her creativity to a new level.

We know that Llamas, alpacas, and unicorn are all creatures that somehow connect to girls easily. Therefore, the llama in the journal should act as the link between her and writing memoirs. Whenever she wants to write or share something that she can’t tell anybody, she can express that in this journal/doodling book. And we all know, teenage is going to hit her in just a few years which is lived to the fullest when you can convey and understand your feelings and emotions.

Electronic Piggybank – Because saving money can be fun

Electronic Piggy Bank

What’s a better way than this to encourage the girl to save money, huh? An electronic piggy bank is way better than an ordinary one because it makes the process of saving money more fun. Kids have always wanted to use their pent’s credit and debit cards to take out the money from their ATM, and with this birthday gift for the 11-year-old girl, she will get the same experience. And, we know the importance of remembering a 4 to 6-digit passcode in the bank-related cases that should be taught to the girl.

This electronic piggybank has two different entries/holes to put coins and paper money. Plus, it has different lights and sound modes to interpret the message of whether you have entered the right passcode or not. And yeah, we thought about the case when the girl forgets the passcode. So, in that case, the parent can remove the battery and reinstall this electronic bank with the passcode restored to 0000. With each such instance of forgetting the passcode, she will learn the importance of remembering the passwords in the digital age. Today, most of our information is on the internet, and one little mistake can lead to our data being misused.

Domino Maze Logic Game – For the intellectual tween

Domino Maze - Birthday gift for 11 year old girl

This is one of the best gifts for the 11-year-old girl who loves to puzzle her mind with riddles and logic. It is a perfect combo of Dominoes and reasoning-tester, making an ideal gift for the insightful 11-year-old girl. With an added twist, Domino Maze produces all the thrills of a classic domino game and a genius logic puzzle. As she will maneuver her way around pivots, around barriers, and up and downstairs, she can bring her logical abilities to the test! With 60 tricky obstacles, improve the analytical thinking ability, and take the domino effect to the next stage.

There are just three simple steps to play this game. First, she chooses a challenge card depending on the different levels (beginner to expert). Then she puts the tokens as to fit on the game grid. The challenge is to think about where the dominoes could be placed on the grid to reach their targets. Finally, she will test whether she is placed in the correct order by creating an oddly satisfying domino effect. Any kid who likes to solve simple riddles would love to grab this fantastic game.

Girls’ Denim Jacket – For the fashion

Girls' Denim Jacket

Just think how cute she will look in this denim jacket. This item is one of the best sellers from Amazon on birthday gifts for 11-year-old girls. And the reason for being the best seller is that girls love to wear new clothes and show them to their friends. Plus, if you want her to remember you through a gift, then clothing is probably the best gift category. Because toys can be broken in a few days and cards can be torn down, but kids keep clothes for a long time. And each time she will wear this, she will remember that you gifted this to her. It can act as the bond between you and her that won’t make her forget you.

Plus, this denim jacket is from The Children’s Place, which is known for making quality accessories and apparel for kids. And if you have the Prime Wardrobe Membership from Amazon, then you can even try the clothing item at home within seven days and pay only for the one that you select to buy. This way, you won’t have to guess whether the jacket will be too big or too short for her. So, please don’t wait and check the cute denim jacket for her now.

Amazon gift card in a box – Let her make the choice

Amazon Gift Card in a box

One of the best birthday gifts is letting the other person choose it. If you aren’t too close to the girl or don’t know about her likes and dislikes, then this might be the perfect birthday gift for the 11-year-old girl from you. It may be the case that she wanted just a drawing kit because of her interest in art or the Harry Potter books because she likes reading fantasy novels, and in those cases, if you gift her a barbie doll thinking girls like it, then your money will go to waste, and it will ruin your image in front of her. That’s why you should consider giving an Amazon gift card so that she can buy whatever she likes, and your money will mean much more to her. Therefore, in a way, you might be giving her the gift which she would like the most.

Now talking about the gift box, the amazon gift card will be available in a cute and beautiful gift package. Plus, the best part is that there is no expiry date or extra fees for the card. So, gift her what she always wanted, with this gift card.

11th birthday t-shirt – Special Birthday gift for the 11-year-old girl

11th birthday t-shirt

Make the girl feel great about her birthday by gifting this t-shirt above showing the years, months, days, and every other time-measuring units to show how awesome she is. This t-shirt’s graphic text particularly says – “11 years 132 months 4017 days 96408 hours 5784480 minutes 347068800 seconds of being awesome,” which will make the girl face the world with high confidence. Plus, the tagline is funny and unique, which will show how much time you have put, to look for such a cute birthday gift for the 11-year-old girl.

Talking about the features of the cloth, first of all, you should know that there are multiple colors available, and the fabric of the tee is different for different types of colors. For example, all the solid colored t-shirts are 100% cotton; the heather grey one is 90% cotton, 10% polyester, etc. And the tee is very lightweight and comfortable to wear. So, there is no reason to ignore this gift idea.

Amazon Fire HD 8 Kids Edition – A safe push to her mental growth

Amazon Fire HD 8 Kids Edition

This is one of the most influential birthday gifts for the 11-year-old girl. If you want to encourage good qualities and habits in her, then you must consider this gift at least once. Why? Because it can help you control the child’s actions on the digital world and safeguard her from the negative side of it. We all know how disturbing the internet can be, especially for kids, if they visit the unhealthy websites. That’s why this tablet has many parental control options that help the kids see only the useful content.

You can even monitor the usage of the device so that they do not waste their whole day playing mind-numbing games. Plus, the particular case for the tablet makes it durable enough so that it can be used for years. And the best collection of movies and tv shows not only brings values to them but also entertains them. Last but not least, we all know about the e-book collection of the Amazon. If she starts reading books from the tablet, it will mean that she has turned her life for a better and successful path. You can also check the cheaper option of the same tablet but without kids’ edition – Fire HD 8 tablet.

Ponytail Beanie Hat – If she loves a ponytail

Ponytail Beanie Hat - Birthday Gift for 11 year old girl

Another creative and unique gift for the tween birthday girl! It is so frustrating when you have to change your hair from time-to-time depending on what you are wearing. Well, not anymore! As the 11-year-old girl can now even make a ponytail while wearing a hat. She can play in the park, go out with friends, and do many activities without worrying about her. Great on cold days to pull through the messy bun or high ponytail.

Depending on how she wears it, it can keep her whole head warm without her bun or hair in the way. And for recreation, snow sports, camping, outdoor activities, it is time-saving and comfortable enough due to its design. So if you always picture the 11-year-old girl wearing a ponytail, then this might be the best gift you can give to her. She won’t forget such a creative gifter and will always feel gratified for the thoughtful gift.

Her Royal Elevenness 11th birthday t-shirt

Her Royal Elevenness 11th brithday tshirt

Now that the 11-year-old royal highness is celebrating her birthday, she should definitely get something special to wear and celebrate the day, shouldn’t she? That’s why we suggest this exquisite t-shirt that prints “Her Royal Elevenness.” which creatively depicts that it is an exceptional time that she is 11 now. She would love to show these to her friends who would also like to receive the same t-shirt for their 11th birthday. And the best use will be if she can wear this tee on her birthday party (requiring you to gift this earlier). All the guests would be amazed to see such a cute and unique tee on the birthday girl.

This 11th Birthday Gift Royal Elevenness Shirt is excellent for your 11-year-old daughter or niece who likes such creative items. This lightweight, a classic-fit tee is made of cotton, making it comfy wear for her. So she will never have any complaints with this awesome t-shirt. We assure you that this tee is bound to make the 11-year-old happy about the special occasion.

Animal and Cartoon socks – Let’s keep it cozy and cute

Animal socks

Another great and affordable birthday gift for the 11-year-old girl! Socks can be a cute gift for her if they can be distinguished from the ordinary ones she has. Every girl loves cute animals and creatures, and these socks contain pictures of cute puppies’ faces. So, it would be best if you didn’t hesitate to gift these lovely five pairs of socks.

The socks are 80% cotton and 20% spandex, which makes them smooth and stretchable enough to give her a snuggly, warm feeling. These socks meet both the benchmarks of fashion and being eye-catching. They are neither too thin and nor too thick for her little feet and can be worn on most occasions like playing, running, cycling, etc. Plus, these unique socks come in a customized box with a cute logo so that they can make a perfect gift for her.

Happy 11th birthday Bracelet – For her special birthday

Happy 11th birthday bracelet

Tell her how good you feel for her as she is 11-year-old now, with this cute bracelet! The bracelet has 11 beads, each for the remarkable year in which she has brought happiness in your life. For more perfection, this bracelet will be handmade by the maker, therefore making it an ideal birthday gift for her. She can show it to her friends and enjoy the feel of having such a unique bracelet with her. Plus, girls have always been fond of beauty materials like bracelets, necklaces, etc. So, it will be a very well-received gift by her, and she will keep this with a cute smile on her face.

The design and look of the bracelet are perfect for an 11-year-old girl, as it is neither expensive nor too dull. This bracelet comes wrapped in a beautiful jewelry box, the one that girls like to play with. And the title on the box goes exactly like this – Happy 11th Birthday, with a cheerful line below saying ’11 crystals… One for each super year’ representing the joyous occasions of her life. This gift will make the girl feel great about growing up and enjoying the upbeat 11 years.

UNO BTS-themed Card Game – For the BTS fan


Encourage the girl to make friends and have fun with the best card game for kids – UNO. Plus, we are not sharing the ordinary UNO cards which kids can quickly get bored of. Please check the BTS-themed one. If you don’t know about BTS, then let us tell you that BTS is a South Korean Boy Band, which is currently most popular among girls. Remember how girls used to be mad about Justin Bieber about a decade ago, well today they are looking for BTS. So, this card game connected with the BTS-theme makes a perfect birthday gift for the 11-year-old girl if she likes the band too.

Every card on this BTS-themed UNO pack displays an image of the popular K-pop band. But one funny and creative rule that differentiates this unique UNO card pack from the others is that whenever someone draws the special “Dancing Wild” card, the next player will have to either draw three cards or perform a BTS dance routine. This way, it will add more laughter to the original card game. She will have a great time with her friends who, too, would probably be BTS fans, and that way, she will thank you each time she plays with them. Hence, this gift makes it one of the best birthday gifts for her.

Girls double-heart wristband – A cute birthday gift

Girls double-heart wristband

This cute and beautiful wristband will look great on her little hand. Girls always admire gifts that are related to their looks and fashion. It’s because they aspire to be those women who wear pretty and expensive dresses on special occasions. They want to try their mom’s makeup but are refused to do so. Still, they imitate their parents secretly to get a feel of their personality. Now, this cute eagerness of girls to grow up quickly is motivated by gifts like wristbands, necklaces, etc. That’s why the 11-year-old girl will love to have a wristband.

Now, the wristband shown above has five strips for the girls, making it more eye-catching. She will show it to her friends, and her friends would want to get that too, giving a sense of satisfaction to the girl whom you want to gift this. Plus, depending on your choice, this wristband is available in multiple colors like red, blue, black, etc. If the girl likes the color ‘pink,’ then you can give her a rose-pink colored bracelet.

Unicorn Gifts for girls – For her love of unicorns

Unicorn gifts for girls

Every girl dreams about what it’ll like when they have a unicorn with them, the beautiful horse with a horn at the top of their head. That’s why to make them feel happy about this mystical creature; we can gift something related to it. You can find many gifts related to a unicorn, but what if you can get the best of unicorn-related products in one gift. That’s the gift that she’ll admire the most.

Now, the gift contains a schoolbag, a handbag, a pendant, five pcs hair ties, and a bracelet. And the best part is that all these are related to a unicorn – the occult creature that she loves to ponder about. These products related to unicorn are fun and unique on their own. If the girl likes unicorns, then this is a must-have birthday gift for the 11-year-old girl. Plus, the pendant has a beautiful saying to increase her confidence every time she’ll wear it – ‘She believed she could, so she did.’

Nail Style Studio – If she is a stylist

Nail Style Studio - Birthday gift for 11 year old girl

Tween girls are always interested in creative make-up and styling kits. After all, who doesn’t like to show off their talents in beautifying themselves? And now, she will have the perfect tool for her. Her friends will be jealous of her nail styling, and she will become popular for her unique nails. This kit contains a book which has step-by-step instructions to walk you through the process of creating the stylish nails. And its dotting tool will provide infinite customization options for her.

The simple step-by-step guide is to build 25 tween-approved designs for budding fashion icons. The secret weapons make them basically foolproof, while the designs look impressively detailed. The two-sided custom dotting tool lets small, perfect dots and stick-on stencils describe crisp, geometric shapes. Any girl can try a pattern, wash it off, and try it again with the exclusive palette of practice polish.

Always remember that you are braver, smarter and stronger – Necklace


Girls always like appealing gifts like this beautiful locket. And the one we are sharing isn’t just for show; it’s for her growth. The saying on the necklace says these magnificent lines – “Always remember you are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, smarter than you think & loved more than you know.” This gift is for all those people whom you want to become confident in their life. It can have a significant impact on the girl’s life and help her face ups and downs in the future because these lines are going to help her push past the limits.

Plus, you can choose from 3 different materials to get this locket made – Stainless steel, zinc alloy, and crystal depending on your budget and choice. This gift is very well-received by all the customers who have got it, which shows that this gift is a reliable one. The tween girl whom you care for will always remember you for such a valuable contribution. And since she is going to face the hardest time to control her emotions in a few years, this birthday gift will be the friend/mentor for her. So, check this gift now.

Decorate and personalize your water bottle – Because she loves decorating

Decorate and personalize your water bottle

Girls love personalizing and decorating various objects around them. They want to do doodling on the walls but are worried if they will ruin it. Well, we can’t allow them to draw everywhere. However, still, we can encourage their will to decorate things around them with this water bottle specially made to be personalized and illuminated by their creative ideas. This gift will start to embrace the 11-year-old girl’s artistic skills and motivate her to do more. The water bottle comes with seven sheets of stickers and decorative materials, enough to make her water bottle attractive and eye-catching. 

The sheets contain all types of shiny decorative materials like bright stars, colored beads, pearls, etc. Plus, this bottle comes with a carabiner to hang the bottle so that she doesn’t have to carry the bottle in her hands. Therefore, she will be delighted to receive such a unique and creative gift from you. It will be a boost to ignite her limitless imagination. So check this innovative birthday gift for the 11-year-old girl now.

Princess style girls Jewelry Box – Let her feel like a grown-up for once

Princess style girls Jewelry Box

Girls have always been fond of checking those glittering pieces of jewelry that adult women wear on special occasions. They have always wanted to try those on themselves and look at the mirror to check their looks. While they can’t have those expensive items to store in their cupboard, still they keep themselves happy by enacting how they would feel having those. Then they watch those Disney princess movies (like Cinderella) and fall for those beautiful dresses and jewelry items again. Now, to make the girl feel happier, we can’t just give some jewelry. Still, we can give her gifts like dollhouses, and other pretend and play related items. Also, pretend and play games have shown several benefits among kids like increasing creativity, social skills, etc. (Source:

Now, this jewelry box for the 11-year-old girl contains multiple compartments to store all types of cute glittering jewelry pieces she has. Plus, this classy gift box gives looks of those expensive boxes that women keep their pieces of jewelry in. This box is available in multiple color options for you to choose from and includes a cloth bag. Therefore, this makes it an ideal gift for the 11-year-old girl, and if you like it too, then do check the jewelry box.

Mermaid Tail Blanket

Mermaid Tail Blanket

Let us guess – the mystical creatures and fantasy worlds have always amazed her, and she can’t get enough of them. Cinderella and Harry Potter are just some of the characters that she loves to ponder about. That’s why to make her feel happy about her thoughts and curiosities, we found one of the most creative and unique birthday gifts for 11-year-old girls – Mermaid Tail Blanket. Either in the Disney movies or Peter Pan’s world, she always wanted to see a mermaid. Well, now she can become one.

This beautiful Mermaid blanket comes with a silver Mermaid necklace and a blue sports bag. With the Classic Girl Blanket, just let your girl enjoy the whole night like a true mermaid. Finally, your little girl will become her favorite role as a Mermaid. This Mermaid blanket is made for girls and has a classic knitting pattern, straight lines, and is super comfortable so you can snuggle in it better. The tail part and back are open, not closed, so this blanket can be quickly put on or off. When you wear it while you’re doing your assignments and watching TV, it can be more comfortable for your hobbies and won’t firmly bind you up. This lifelike Mermaid blanket will be the ultimate gift for the beloved girl, particularly on the birthday. It’ll be a great option because every girl has a mermaid fantasy, and they can’t wait to imagine it.

Scratch art-box of mini-notes – For the creative thoughts in her mind


Does the 11-year-old girl whom you want to give a gift spend most of her free time creating sketches and filling her drawing sheet? If the answer is yes, then this might be the perfect birthday gift for the girl. This innovative gift will help the girl fall in love with colors and different color patterns. She will use her imagination to make all types of characters and creatures that roam in her head. Who knows, she might become an artist in the future, and if that comes to be accurate, then your gift will build an essential foundation for her career.

Experts say that the best toys are those which help the kids grow, and if your gift can do that, then you don’t have to search further. That’s why we want you to take a look at this gift. This box contains more than a hundred mini cards that she can use to print a message or put some of her imaginations on to the paper. It can also act as a notepad to her, which she can use to write some of her notes or favorite quotes from the movies she watches. Overall, it makes a great gift to boost the various creative ideas and thoughts that come in her mind.

Unicorn Hooded bathrobe – Because she adores it

Unicorn Hooded bathrobe

Ever since she got to know about the creature of ‘Unicorn,’ she has adored it. She wants to hug and play with it, but what can she do about the fact that unicorns don’t exist. Still, she finds everything related to it much interesting than other topics and doesn’t want to forget about it. And that’s the reason why you should consider this gift idea for the tween girl. With this gift, she will have the feel of having a unicorn with her every time she wears it. She will forget about all the other bathrobes and always use this because this is special to her.

If you check the images in the review section of the product, you will know how happy the customers are, so take a look at this – Doctor Unicorn Bathrobe Sleepwear. Now, you know how much girls are glad to receive this gift. And to make it more comfortable, it is made up of good quality polyester. We believe that every girl will feel lucky to have such a cute gift for their birthday. That’s why we think that this will be a well-received birthday gift by the 11-year-old girl.

Starry Night Light for girls – A unique birthday gift for the girl

Starry Night Light for girls

A luminous birthday gift for 11-year-old girls! Every girl will cheer to receive such a unique gift on her birthday. These lights are way different and more refreshing than normal ones. Every time she will go to bed, she will get the feel of watching infinite universe and stars. It will be a push to improve her thought-processing skills. These lights will give her a cozy feeling and make her wonder about the stars and planets around us. She didn’t even know that the planet ‘Pluto’ exists, but after receiving this, she will also want to know why it left our solar system. And if she likes wandering about space, then no one will be happier than her to receive such an excellent gift.

The girl will have a great sleep with these wonderful lights above her head. It will help create a comfortable atmosphere around her during the night. Plus, there are multiple options available with this product to change the lighting environment and colors. So, it will be an excellent birthday gift for her that she will want to remember you with. So, take a look at this gift now.

Robot for kids – To encourage her to learn

Robot with kid

We are in the era of technology. Believe it or not, but everything will be tech-related in the future. So, encouraging the kids to learn about robotics and engineering will set a unique and adventurous journey for their future. That’s why you should consider gifting a toy robot to the girl on her birthday. Who knows it will make her fall crazy for learning about machines, and she could even make a robot by herself in the future? While gifts like chocolates and ordinary toys have no meaning other than that, they are cheap; gifts like this robot will bring various values and good habits in the kids’ life.

Now, the one robot for kids which we want you to check is this – RC Robot for kids. The unique feature of this bot is that it can even be controlled by hand-gestures other than a remote control. The robot is intelligent enough to demonstrate more than 45 actions. Plus, this robot comes with a rechargeable battery, which will make it run for about 1 hour with a charge of 2 hours. This gift makes an ideal choice for kids who show interest in robotics and machines.

Birthday Cupcake Stuffed Animal – Because it’s cute

Stuffed Animal

Stuff toys are among the favorite birthday gifts for an 11-year-old girl. While we see them as a plush toy, you can’t imagine what it can be to the young lady. It can be a friend, a pet, a toy, a playmate, and many more things that can bring a smile on her face. She could be sleeping with this beside her, on the bed, and forget about all the monsters hiding under her bed. And we all know how much girls adore cute animals. Now, this gift is both a stuffed toy and an animal in one. Therefore, making it more special than those usual stuff toys she already has.

The Chubby cat is holding a cupcake in its hands, symbolizing her birthday. This cute little cat is made of soft and huggable materials to make her remember only the good things in her life. It will be a great gift for her birthday, and each day she will look at it, she will remember that you gifted this to her, making your relationship much better. So, check this lovely and chubby buddy for her.

Tiny Gold Heart Necklace – 11-year-old girls are fond of it

Tiny Gold Heart Necklace

As told above, girls are very fond of their mother’s jewelry, like necklaces and rings. And since we can’t give them expensive gifts, we can fulfill their desires by providing such cute and affordable gifts to them. Whenever she is going to a wedding or other special occasion, everyone will admire this on her neck, which will make her feel more excited about these occasions. It may be the case that this gift of yours will be seen glitter on her neck, on her next birthday, meaning that your gift has become special for her. That’s why we want you to consider this for once, as it can be one of the most special birthday gifts to her.

Although the word ‘necklace’ is alarming to our bank account, the one that we suggest is of the price of a sock pair – Tiny Gold Heart Necklace. Plus, what makes it more special to the girl is that this gift is personalized so you can print the first letter of her name on the necklace. The tiny heart shape in this necklace is small enough that it wouldn’t look bad on her and big enough to get her noticed. Therefore, this 14K gold plated gift will be very well-received by her and she will admire you for this, each time she will wear it.

LEGO Harry Potter Set – For the Harry Potter fan

LEGO Harry Potter Set

Statue! The spell has been cast, and now you can’t move your eyes till you read how special this gift can be for the little Harry Potter fan. We all know about the books of Harry Potter by J.K. Rowling. It is one of the best fantasy book series, which makes the reader want to have a feel of the magical world. Not even kids, even adults, are big fans of the series and admire the level of creative thinking J.K. Rowling has put into making these books. And if the girl you want to give a birthday gift to is also enthusiastic about Harry Potter, then it will make the perfect gift for her.

Plus, LEGO kits are one of the most creative toy kits for the kids to improve their problem-solving skills. This gift will give her a feel of her favorite fantasy world she has always admired. She can even play with this, joined by her friends. Therefore, it makes a thoughtful birthday gift for the 11-year-old girl and will make your relationship more reliable with her. So, take a look at this perfect gift for the tween Harry Potter fan now.

UNO Toy Story 4 – If she likes animated movies

UNO Toy Story 4

We all know about the classic UNO cards’ game, and we all love it. It always brings competition and laughter among the group, no matter where or with whom you are. And to make this game more interesting, UNO comes in different themes. And the one theme that we want to suggest you is on one of the kids’ favorite animated movies – Toy Story 4. The recent release in the Toy Story series was a big hit among the kids, and they loved to see the friendship of Buzz Lightyear and Woody for the last time. And if the 11-year-old girl likes this series too, then it becomes a perfect birthday gift for her.

All the cards of the Toy Story 4 themed UNO pack features the images of the characters in the famous movie. Plus, the unique part about this UNO pack is that it has a particular card, only for this theme – The Duke Caboom Wild Card. It will bring more energy to the card game. The pack includes 112 cards to make the game going on. It will be a great gift to help her make more friends and have a fun time with them. This game is so simple that they can even play it with their grandparents or neighbors who earlier had no idea about it. So, check this special gift for the special tween girl now.

Coloring book for girls – To encourage the artist in her

Coloring book for girls

If the girl is an artist, then you can’t imagine how happy the girl will be after receiving such an inspirational birthday gift. We all know, many girls are attracted to colorful things filled with fun and inspiration. This gift will improve her productivity and suck the boredom out of her life as she can fill the book in her free time. Kids are full of imagination, and this book will help her innovation come out in the form of art. Plus, if she wants to make her weekends more valuable by expressing her creativity, then this book will be of great help to her. You will even see her best work on her room’s walls, which will make you realize how valuable your gifts can be, to the little girl.

This book comes with shiny hardcover volume features filled with beautiful texts and designs. It also contains various gift tags, cards, and bookmarks and has more than 50 models to color. It will be a great gift to build the inner artist in the tween that is waiting to come out and show itself to the world.

Unicorn Hoodie Sweatshirt for girls

Unicorn hoodie Sweatshirt

Unicorn! It is the most beloved mystical creature by kids that have been wandering in her dreams for a long time. Now, the time has come for the 11-year-old girl to feel its presence around her. And that’s why we suggest one of the cutest unicorn hoodie-sweatshirt to you. As you can see in the above image, this hoodie is going to look gorgeous on her. No girl can ignore such a great design and excellent color combination. The stylish design is going to attract many eyes on her, and her friends would adore it alike.

It is built from 100% flannel. So it will provide immense comfort and a warm feeling for her. As you can see, it has a zipper closure and has 2 front hand pockets to keep her essentials. Parents and kids both are fond of this unique hoodie. You can even check the customer section of the product where you will hear the same as the customers have shared there love all over. So, it is an ideal birthday gift for 11-year-old girls, and you should consider it too.

Binoculars for kids – For the little explorer


A unique gift that every kid wants to have! They always see binoculars in war and spy movies and imagine if they could have it too. Binoculars are an excellent gift for them as they have always wanted it. Whenever they want to take a break and feel the glimpses of nature by going to nearby ponds or cliffs, they will want to use it. Whenever they are at a place where they can see their whole town, they will want to use it. The 11-year-old girl will have fun by using it for various activities like hiking, birdwatching, etc. You don’t know in what amusing ways kids can use binoculars.

It will encourage their eagerness to explore views and places that they can’t see with their naked eyes. This gift will even help her parents to have a fun time with their daughter on picnics and weekend outings. So, take a look at the best we have to offer to you – Binoculars for kids with 8x zoom. To ensure maximum clarity from these binoculars, it comes with an optical lens. Plus, the design is safe for kids to handle. And yeah, we ensured that it is affordable enough to go in the budget for the birthday gift of an 11-year-old girl.

Pretend and play makeup set – If she likes this stuff

Pretend and play makeup set

Every girl watches her mom and big sister applying makeup that she couldn’t try till she grows older. So, she goes near their mom’s wardrobe and wears some of them just for pretending she has grown. It’s such a cute thing that she does. And like her, most girls try this. Therefore, if you can gift a pretend makeup-kit for her birthday like this one – Glamor Girl Pretend Play Makeup Set for Girls, then you will see a broad smile on her face. Now, if you are worried if this product will cause any harm to her skin, then you should know that its not a real makeup kit, so there’s nothing to worry about.

This kit will make her do all kinds of experiments that she has been trying to do but was worried if she will ruin her mom’s wardrobe while using her makeup. And all those experiments will be 100% safe because this kit has mess-free colorful yet eco-friendly EVA foam. Plus, this kit contains 13 different items required to do all kinds of makeup. You can check in the review section of the product that its customers are delighted to give this to the little ones. They adore the kind of stuff little girls do with it and that too, very safely.

5000 Awesome Facts Book – A knowledgeable birthday gift

5000 Awesome Facts Book

What’s better than a gift that helps the girl gain more knowledge? And now, that gift can become more interesting for them with a fun facts book from the famous National Geographic Kids – 5000 Awesome Facts (About Everything). The book is more interesting than those videogames on her mobile that she can’t take her eyes away from. This fun book is filled with well-organized photographs and facts that cover Everything. That’s why this book is for every kid. She may not like studying, but she will definitely like reading this book.

From candies to movies, from videogames to sports, from body parts to clothes, this gift book covers all the topics that might interest her. This book might be the push for her to place her feet in the quiet libraries of her school. And if she is already a nerd, then who can be happier for this gift than her? She won’t stop turning the pages of the book and will stick to it till she doesn’t read all the mind-blowing facts in this book. Overall, this book is for all the kids and is way useful than unnecessary gifts to waste your money on.

Personalized Bracelet – To show your care for her

Personalized Bracelet

Giving personalized gifts is one of the best ways to gift someone. It genuinely shows that you care for the person and want them to remember you. Now the personalized bracelet we wish to suggest you is unique in its own way – Personalized Inspirational Bracelet. You wouldn’t have to think for an hour to come up with some great phrases or catchy lines for her. The list of best phrases is already with the gift that you have to choose. From phrases like ‘Be fearless’ to ‘go your own way,’ the gift will become close to her by providing admiration and confidence.

The one phrase that we liked and want you to notice is this one – ‘The Best is yet to come.’ This phrase will boost her motivation and encourage her to do the best in the present to achieve the highest results in the future. Plus, we all know adolescence is going to hit her soon, and this could help her prepare for every emotional battle she has to win over. And talking about the bracelet, it is made of stainless steel and can fit most girls, although we recommend you to check the size before ordering.

Speed Cube Set – To improve her problem-solving skills

Speed Cube

Encourage her to solve all the mental riddles faster and patiently with the speed cube set. This gift will encourage her to solve mental-ability related problems with ease. We all know, if one can solve a 3*3 cube, the person is considered a genius. But what we forget is that the solving process should start from a small step at first, that is, with a 2*2 cube. And then the person can move forward. And for that reason, this gift contains both 2*2 and 3*3 cubes. Plus, it has got a pyramid cube for the person who is keen to solve more cubes. So overall, this birthday gift has three cubes of different sizes to make the girl fall in love with such brainteasers.

For the professional solver, the cube is very smooth and stable, which will ensure excellent control and make the cube solved quickly. And solving a cube has several other benefits like improved memory, quick-solving skills, etc. So, if the girl asks for gadgets to play games as give this cube to her, as at least it won’t hurt her eyes and make her calm. Therefore, it makes quite a valuable gift for the 11-year-old girl, and if you want, you can check it now.

Princess Playhouse for girls – Best birthday gift for every girl

Princess Playhouse

Every tween wants to have a big dollhouse or some kind of tent, where she can keep things close to her and fantasize about being a princess. Plus, this gift is so popular that it would even make her friends want to play and increase communication with her. They will be playing role-play or pretend-play games with each other. If the girl is crazy about those Disney princess movies, then she will have the widest smile receiving this birthday gift. It will even make this birthday special for her, and she will remember you for a long time, for such a lovely gift.

You will make her dream come true with this affordable yet big playhouse – Princess Playhouse for girls. You can even check the reviews section of the product page and see how happy parents and tweens are, after having this birthday gift. Girls symbolize this as their entertainment place and have fun in it. Plus, with the background lights, this playhouse looks like a paradise. The curtains are very easy to move and give a castle-like look to the playhouse. And this playhouse is a strong one due to 210T polyester pongee material and will be in her room for a long time.

Unicorn 3D Night Lamp – If you looking for unique gifts

Unicorn 3D Night Lamp

Unicorns have always had a special place in the tweens’ hearts. Somehow this one-horned creature is one of the most famous mystical animals that girls fantasize about. They want to ride this special horse and play with it all day. But it is a pity that all their dreams can’t come true. Now, we can’t do magic and bring it to reality. Still, we can do something that makes the girl happy and feel its presence. That is why we want to suggest you this special birthday gift for the 11-year-old girl. It is a 3D lamp showing a running unicorn.

This gift will make her sleep quieter and more comfortable as she will know that this unicorn is beside her. Plus, you have the choice of choosing from 16 colors for the night light and 7 of which can be changed with the smart touch. You can even control the amount of brightness and dim the light accordingly. This birthday gift will be great for room decoration and will beautify her room in the night. So, if the tween girl still dreams about unicorns, then this will be the best birthday gift for her that will make your bond stronger with her.

Girls’ cute cat hoodie – Because it’s cute

Girls’ Cute Cat Hoodie

Hoodies have always been in fashion, especially among the young ones. It is just that it feels most comfortable to wear. Not just keeping us warm, somehow, they give a fresh vibe of relaxation. And that’s what everyone wants. So it would be best if you considered gifting a hoodie to the 11-year-old girl. Now, of course, since we are suggesting this gift, we won’t just give you an everyday hoodie to gift her. We always recommend you something unique that will delight the receiver. So have faith in us and check this cute hoodie for her – Sleeping cat printed hoodie with cat ears.

As you can see, the print of a sleeping cat looks soothing. Any young person would like to have this hoodie. Plus, the part that differentiates this hoodie from the rest is that it has cat ears. If the girl loves cats, then this will become her favorite birthday gift for the 11th year. With around 100 reviews on Amazon, this hoodie is very well-received by the customers. Also, the fabric (65% cotton and 35% polyester) is very soft, and people have been extremely happy with this. Even for her friends’ parties, it will look great on her.

Temporary Hair Chalk for girls – For her love of makeup experiments

Temporary Hair Chalk

Girls have always been fond of being in style. They like to do experiments with their looks with the help of make-up and clothes. And now, with this gift, they can even try new and colorful looks on their hair. We know that some of you might be worried about how temporary this chalk’s color is. So, let us assure you that it is water-soluble and would be easily removed from her hair with the help of some water. Plus, it is 100% safe for her hair. She can even apply it on her face if she wants, and it wouldn’t do a thing.

Overall it will be the most unique birthday gift for the 11-year-old girl, and she is going to love it. She can use it before going to a party and can have a fun time playing with it. If she likes taking out the inner stylist in her, then this might become her favorite birthday gift. She can even use it on Halloween and whenever she wants to apply some colors on her face, without the worry of damage. That’s why you need to take at least a look at what we have to offer because you won’t find such a unique gift idea anywhere – Temporary Hair Chalk for Girls.

You are a girl who can do anything – Book

You are a girl who can do anything Book

This book is for the gift of confidence! For the gift of love! And for the gift of happiness to the 11-year-old girl. This book is for every girl who wants to be assured that everything she cares about can be achieved. It will inspire the tween girl to be courageous and audacious, to give everything she has each day, and never to give up. With the uplifting words and whimsical illustrations in this book, any girl can feel like the heroine of the most critical story she will ever encounter – the story of her life. She can be unique, be herself, and be a girl who can do anything she wants to do.

Girls everywhere will find the inspiration they need to get out there, scale any peak, and aim for the stars with the aid of author Ashley Rice. Ashley Rice, a Dallas-based author/illustrator, is the author of several popular illustrated books, including Girls Rule, You Go, Girl Keep Dreaming and You Are a Girl Who Totally Rocks. Tween and teen girls (and grown-ups too) around the world enjoy the cute characters and encouraging words of support. As well as calendars and other gift pieces, her work also appears on a best-selling series of greeting cards.

Handheld Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone – For fun parties

Handheld Karaoke Microphone

One of the most exciting birthday gifts for the 11-year-old girl! A handheld Karaoke microphone will make any party or gathering, more alive. It will suck the boredom out and energize everyone to sing their favorite songs. That’s why you need to consider this birthday gift for her – Handheld Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone. It will make her birthday more special and enjoyable. She can sing songs with her friends and family members. If she loves singing, then this will be the perfect birthday gift for her. Also, in a few years, maybe she will stop having these kinds of fun after hitting adolescence, and these days won’t come again. So, you should try your best to help her enjoy the little moments with this present.

Plus, this karaoke microphone has excellent sound quality, and you can choose from various colors to gift her. Also, there will be no hassle in connecting it to your electronic devices, as it will connect with both USB cable and Bluetooth. And it has multiple buttons for different features like echo, and adjustment of music, which can help create more fun in the environment. You can use several music apps to share music like Spotify and YouTube. So, check this uniquely cool birthday gift for the tween now.

Frozen 2 Wrapping paper – If she likes Disney’s Princesses

Frozen 2 Wrapping paper

Gift her something on her birthday related to the highest-grossing animated movie till now. Yes, you read it right, Frozen 2 is the highest-grossing animated movie. So, you can understand how widespread these Disney characters are among kids. Based on Disney’s princess theme, the characters of this movie series are far different from the other Disney movies. The snowman Olaf and the beloved reindeer named Sven, are the characters that kids adore. That’s why it is essential to consider this gift as it is related to their favorite movie.

It would be best for the people who aren’t much closely related to the girl or just know the girl due to her parents because this birthday gift isn’t expensive, and all the 11-year-old girls will love it. Plus, the girl will see that it’s a quality gift as it is made by Hallmark, which is famous for making high-quality wrapping paper. Also, there are three beautiful designs printed on the wrapping paper available in 3 different rolls. So, check this gift now.

Light-up Terrarium Kit – Most unique birthday gift

Light-up Terrarium Kit

Believe us; you won’t have thought of such a unique birthday gift for the 11-year-old girl if you went somewhere else. Even seeing the image above, you won’t be able to understand what this thing is. So let us brief on this fantastic gift. First of all, a terrarium is like a tiny garden, kept in a storage system that acts like the garden’s environment. This way, the girl will admire nature by seeing it develop day-by-day and thinking of it as her cute mini garden. Plus, the best part of this gift is that it will grow in the daytime and glow during the night. It will be a magical birthday gift to the girl in the form of a garden in the day and a lamp at night.

For further explanation of the process of this amazing gift, it comes with a step-by-step instruction booklet. It will be both fun and educational for the 11-year-old girl. This will be like her first science-project that she’ll be deeply interested in. Plus, this unique gift is even authorized by as an educational product of the best standards. They will learn so much about planting which they don’t learn in school but is an important part of their growth. So, check this awesome and most-fascinating birthday gift for her now.

Baby Unicorn Munching Donut T-shirt – It’ll look cute on her


If you have read the description of further birthday gifts related to a unicorn, you would know how much they can mean to the tween girl. If the 11-year-old girl adores this mystical creature, then a gift related to it will become her favorite. Now, if you are further considering gifting something related to a unicorn, then remember that she has grown up a bit now, and she won’t like a unicorn costume that can embarrass her among other girls. You should gift something that even some adults wouldn’t have a hard time wearing, like this funky t-shirt – Baby Unicorn Munching Donut T-shirt. You can also click the above image to check this gift.

As you can see, it’s not much glittery enough like other princess dresses and is cool enough to be worn by anyone. Plus, this gift is available in many colors so you can choose her favorite one. And it is very comfortable and a perfect fit for girls. You can check in the review section of the product that all the customers love it. So, take a look at this funky birthday gift for the 11-year-old girl now.

Hand Operated Drones – Affordable and unique gift

Hand Operated Drones

Please don’t go for the word drone here because it is not exactly what you think it is. These Hand-Operated copters don’t need a remote control and are way cheaper than the drones we know of. Now, if the 11-year-old girl likes tech stuff, then this will be a great birthday gift for her. First of all, she will have a hard time understanding how this works without remote control, and she will be enthusiastic to know it’s working. Spoiler for you is that it works on infrared motion sensors, which makes it sense objects. also certifies this product as an authenticated educational product.

She will have a fun time with this and can have her friends come over, and they all can play with it. If you wonder if the rotating fans of this drone can be dangerous, then let us assure you that as the above image depicts, it has a protective shell that makes it much safer than the other expensive drones that you buy. It also comes with a USB charging cable to power it. And it is one of the most unique birthday gifts for the 11-year-old girl that she’ll not see coming. So, check this super amazing gift now.

The Complete Cookbook for Young Chef – For the young chef

The Complete Cookbook for Young Chef

Encourage the chef in her with this precious gift for the young chef – Complete Cookbook for Young Chef. Many kids want to try cooking in their free time. Either they are encouraged by MasterChef Junior or are really hungry; we’ll never know. But the thing that we do know is that if the 11-year-old girl is interested in it, then we should give the gift related to cooking. And today we suggest you something great, to improve her cooking skills. The cookbook has been #1 New York Times Best Seller, an Amazon Best Book of 2018, and has received several other awards for its content.

If the girl likes cooking, then this is like the must-have gift for her. The book contains tested and approved recipes that will help her become the best chef. With tons of recipes for breakfast, snacks, lunch, dinner, etc., this book contains several images showing how to make each recipe step-by-step. It will be a significant step towards building a new skill in her that she will need for the lifetime and who knows one day she comes knocking at your door, saying thanks for such a supportive gift.

Kids Against Maturity Cards Game – For bringing humor in her life

Kids Against Maturity Cards Game

What is better than making the girl play games with her friends and family, and strengthen the bond between them? That’s why this gift becomes essential to consider – Kids Against Maturity Cards Game. Now you won’t understand what this game is just by seeing the image above, so let us tell you about the game in short. In this card game, every player receives ten white cards to write answers on and will ask the questions written in the blue card. Then the asker will choose who has the funniest answer, and the one with the most number of funny answers wins the game. So, in a way, it will bring out the Chandler Bing (the sarcasm king) from the group.

Now, for a fair-and-fun play, this game has 500 cards and can be played with people of any age (including adults). Plus, it will take the players’ minds off from their smartphones and encourage the real fun time of humorous conversations and adventures. It is a hilarious game that you can even play with your grandparents and will help the kids to get to know them. So, don’t wait and get this humorous birthday gift for the 11-year-old girl now to make her smile.


What is the best birthday gift for an 11-year-old girl?

These are some of the best birthday gifts that every 11-year-old girl will love to have –
1. 11th Birthday t-shirt
2. Amazon Fire HD Kids Edition
3. Starry Night Light
4. Tiny Gold Heart Necklace
5. Personalized Bracelet
6. Playhouse for girls
7. Girls’ cute cat hoodie
8. Light-up Terrarium Kit
9. Baby Unicorn Munching Donut t-shirt
What makes the gifts listed above more special than others is that they are unique, thoughtworthy, and it is highly unlikely that a girl won’t like any of the rewards listed above. Yes, you read it right, each of this gift is special in its own way and are very well-received by the tween girls. Although, it still depends on the likes of the girl that what she would like, but if you don’t know about her likes and dislikes, then you should choose a gift from the ones that are listed above. You can select any one of these gifts, and it will bring a wide smile on the cute girl’s face.  

How we came up with these specific gift ideas?

We researched the best shopping place in the world – We knew that if there’s a unique product in any corner of the world, we will find it there. It wasn’t easy as we all know the likes of kids can change within a month, and finding a gift that they will love for a long time can be tough. So we decided to make a list and then look for the best gifts among them. Now, the 39 gifts that you see above were selected from a hundred others. So now, you would know that we give utmost importance to select handpicked and unique gift ideas.

What should an 11-year-old get for her birthday?

You should consider gifts that are either –
1. Very unique, or
2. Going to make learning fun, or
3. Based on the likes of most girls, or
4. Going to increase her confidence, or
5. Going to help her make more friends, or
6. Too cute that they will touch her heart.

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