Funny Basketball Gifts: Best Gag Gift Guide in 2023

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Funny Basketball Gifts

Basketball as a sport has seen massive popularity since the NBA started. There is an entire subculture of streetwear inspired by it, the Air Jordan retros being the staple. Now, gifting ordinary basketball-related gear is too common. So why not try something different, something funny, something your friend or colleague will cherish for a long time?

If you’re planning on gifting something to a basketball enthusiast, don’t waste time scouring the internet for random basketball gear or basketball-related stuff. We made a list of Funny Basketball gifts for sports lovers. Every present on this list is unique and, most importantly, hilarious, so the person on the receiving end will be thrilled to have it!

I Am Not Yelling t-shirt – For the Basketball Coach

I am not yelling t-shirt

We all know how pumped-up coaches can get during intense matches. They become a different person. So is your friend acting like a coach lately? Always shouting? The quote on this t-shirt might save him from trouble, and the teasing will get him to stop now. This hilarious t-shirt will make an excellent gag gift for the basketball fan.

Do Not Disturb Socks – For the Serious Basketball Fan

Do not disturb Socks

We all hate it when someone disturbs us in the middle of a match. Well, that’s what living with a family is like. And the best way to tackle this is by warning them not to disturb them, or you might get grounded. So, this funny present might do the trick. These socks are fun and commanding at the same time. They are splendid if you are looking for a funny basketball gift.

Poop Shoot Game – Among the best Basketball Gag Gifts

Poop Shoot Game

What better way to spend a birthday party than by playing games with your loved ones. We know siblings tease each other. This present tries hilariously channeling that energy. This poop head game is enough to liven up any party with laughter. I mean, what is better than throwing poop at your frustrating rivals? It would make for a perfect gift for those who enjoy such practical jokes, for example, your sarcastic brother.

Basketball Bump t-shirt – Funny Basketball tee to wear during pregnancy

Basketball Bump t-shirt

Is your basketball enthusiast’s friend expecting a baby? Then this gift is perfect for her. The belly area of this t-shirt has a Basketball graphic on it, which makes it look like she’s holding a basketball—a cute and funny gift for sure.

Lebron Toilet Paper – To Tease the LeBron fan

LeBron Toilet Paper

The debate about who’s the best player in NBA can go on for the whole night. We know how passionate some people can get while defending their favorite star player, be it LeBron or Stephen. Their fans go all out. A gift like such for LeBron fans will surely make him laugh. Or cry, as it works well for intense teasing too.

Funny Women Basketball t-shirt – For female basketball players

Funny Women Basketball t-shirt

The sport has seen an increase in female viewers, and many girls now choose basketball as a career. And we all are having fun watching the WNBA matches too. Many still have the notion that women are weak at playing. This T-shirt shatters those pre-conceived notions very well. Yes, she plays like a girl, probably better than you. It is a gag gift for some and a mocking reply for others!

Basketball Bandages – If the receiver gets injured, often

Basketball Bandages

Playing any sport for long periods leads to minor cuts or scratches. That’s pretty normal. And your basketball addict friend would be getting scratches every day. These inflatable flamingo-designed bandages are a funny and cute way to convey that you care for them.

Never underestimate Notebook – Funny Basketball Gifts

Never Underestimate Notebook

Well, we all know girls who like basketball are not to be messed with. The sport of basketball is fierce and competitive. And girls who enjoy such a sport will surely enjoy this present too. So gift this notebook to the girl who breathes basketball and be ready to see a cute smile on her face.

Basketball is Importanter Mug – If Basketball is more important for the receiver

Basketball is Importanter Mug

Well, nothing can be more important than having a blast while playing basketball with your squad. This Mug is for those who think this way, having a blunt but funny gag on it. That’s why it is one of the funniest gifts for basketball fans who never think about anything else in their life.

Eat Sleep Basketball Repeat t-shirt – For the Ultimate Basketball Follower

Eat Sleep Basketball Repeat t-shirt

We all go through that phase where all we want to do is play our favorite game or read our favorite book. This t-shirt is for that basketball freak who doesn’t like doing anything more than playing Basketball! Eat – Sleep – Basketball – Repeat! That’s all he/she knows.

Don’t scare me Notebook – For the Girls Basketball Coach

Don't scare me notebook

Girls who play basketball are tough, and their coaches are not friendly when they want to see growth. If you’re looking to gift something funny basketball-related to your mother, sister, or friend, then this is the one to go with.

I Have Got 5 Fouls t-shirt – Funny Gift for Basketball Players

I have got 5 fouls t-shirt

Now, this is a shirt for that badass basketball player who isn’t afraid of a confrontation. This t-shirt will suit his/her personality very well. The 5 fouls rule is known by everyone, and the quote on this shirt makes a gag out of it. A funny basketball gift like this would surely put a smile on the receiver’s face.

IHOOP Hoodie – For the Ankle Breaker

IHOOP Hoodie

After a long session of playing Basketball, it feels nice to just slip on a hoodie and relax. And if the hoodie has some funny gag related to basketball, then it’s even better. A gift like this would be well appreciated by your friend.

5-pieces Winning Shot Collection Wall Art – Among the best Basketball gifts for fans

5-pieces winning shot collection wall art

A basketball poster is what every room needs and this one is even better than normal ones. Kobe, Jordan, LeBron, and Wade, all your top basketball players, are taking a game-winning basketball shot. A gift like this would be the best for any basketball fan.

Basketball Player Parking Only – Funny Poster for Basketball Players

Basketball Player Parking Only

This poster will increase the coolness factor of your room significantly. As the sign suggests, only basketball players are allowed. Anyone other than them won’t be tolerated—a delightful basketball gift for your sarcastic friend.

Basketball Shape Wireless Mouse – It works fantastic…

Basketball-shaped Wireless Mouse

Your basketball-loving friend would be expecting a lot of basketball-related gear on his/her birthday. Wouldn’t it be better if you gift something unique and creative? Like this basketball-shaped mouse, it is handy and shows that he/she loves basketball. Presents with meaning are better than random stuff.

Basketball Lay Up Collectible – Creativity at its best


A boring or an ordinary collectible is the last thing your friend needs. So, gift something that the basketball freak could cherish for a long time, like the one we suggest. This creative stickman-style player doing a lay-up is funny yet innovative at the same time. Therefore, making it one of the best basketball gag gifts for the basketball lover.


  1. What should I get for a basketball fan?

    A basketball fan would love presents that are unique and they can cherish for a long time. For example, when thinking of the sport, the first thing that may come to your mind could be to gift a basketball only. But that would be too boring and ordinary. Anyone could think of that. Instead try something else, like a fun collectible or unique product related to it. And, if you are still set on gifting a basketball, then go for something interesting, like a signed basketball.

  2. What are some funny basketball gifts to give to a sports fan?

    Here are some gag basketball gifts for fans that anyone would love to receive –
    1. Do Not Disturb Socks
    2. Poop Shoot Game
    3. Basketball Bump t-shirt
    4. Basketball Shaped Mouse
    5. Eat Sleep Repeat t-shirt

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