Lord of the Rings Gifts: Best ideas to delight the LOTR fan

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Lord of the rings gifts

Lord of the Rings is one of the most popular franchises in the world. First, the books used to amuse us when we were kids and today there are movies that add more to its fan-base. Now, looking for unique and thoughtful Lord of the Rings gifts can be challenging, but with the list below it can be so easy now. We have made a list of exceptional and heartwarming gifts for LOTR fans. And this list has at least one perfect gift for the person you are looking for. Also, we have tons of other awesome gift ideas for geeks.

LOTR’s The One Ring

The One Ring

“My Precious!!!” We just hope that after receiving this gift he doesn’t become like the Gollum. The thing about the ring is everyone wants it. And the whole story of the Lord of the Rings was dependent on this special ring called The One Ring. So, there’s a no chance that a LOTR fan couldn’t like the replica of The One Ring. This ring comes in a gift wrap with the exact inscriptions as shown in the movies, making it one of the best Lord of the Ring Gifts.

Funny Coffee Mug

Funny Coffee Mug

If you’re a fun couple and like a pinch of sarcasm in every conversation, then we found the perfect Lord of the rings’ gift for you. The funny slang on the coffee mug says ‘I love you like a hobbit loves second breakfast’. You might not know how important a second breakfast is to the hobbits. But in the Middle Earth (LOTR and Hobbits’ world), hobbits are terrified of missing this meal. Thus, this sarcastic gift will make a LOTR fan’s mornings more cheerful and make you their favorite gifter.

Speak Friend and Enter – Sign

Speak Friend and Enter Sign

This sign roughly translates to ‘Species who aren’t a fan of the Lord of the Rings shall not pass the door.’ It is another fun gift idea for the LOTR fan. In the Fellowship of the Ring, when Gandalf reached Moria he had to enter a password. The hint was ‘Speak friend and Enter’. But he didn’t know how to crack the hint until he came to know he just had to say friend in the Elvish language which is ‘Mellon’(Source: Web). So, if you are thinking of giving this gift to the fan of LOTR remember the word ‘Mellon’, otherwise he wouldn’t allow you to enter.

Personalized LOTR Beer Mug


Drinking beer in ancient times was way much cooler because they used to have these wooden mugs which gave a whole different feel to it. Now, the LOTR fan can reimagine that with the help of this gift of Personalized LOTR Beer Mug. To resemble Lord of the Rings it features The Prancing Pony – The popular inn of the Middle Earth where Frodo met Aragorn for the first time (Source-LOTR). Plus, you can even engrave the name of the person at the bottom. Hence, it makes a thoughtful gift for the LOTR fan.

LOTR Collector’s Chess

LOTR Collector's Chess

Is the person a LOTR fan and likes Chess? If yes, then you couldn’t have found a better gift for the Lord of the Rings fan. This Collector’s Chess Set was made especially for a LOTR fan. Instead of having the board, it has a fort above which you move the pieces. And speaking of the pieces, what can be better than the cast of Lord of the Rings movie series fight each other like in a battle. Therefore, this officially licensed LOTR Collector’s Chess Set makes a perfect gift for the person.

Aragorn Sword’s Replica

Aragorn's Sword Replica

Are you thinking of becoming the favorite person for the LOTR fan? Because this gift will do that for you. Anduril: the sword of Aragorn II Elessar was one of the most important weapons used in the series. It is the officially licensed replica of the sword of the length around 53 inches (blade length around 41 inches) and is made of stainless steel material with leather wrapping. It has the antique plated finish and 24K plated fittings. And since, it’s a collector’s item it has a wood display plaque.

Gandalf’s Arrival LEGO Kit

Gandalf's Arrival LEGO Kit

If you are looking for lord of the rings gifts for a little fan, then this gift idea is for you. The LEGO kit includes 83 pcs including the Minifigure of Gandalf (the witch) and Frodo (the hobbit). This kit is to make them remember the iconic scene of the first LOTR movie where it all started. Gandalf lights fireworks for the kids and talks with Frodo while going to Bilbo’s house. It is a fun gift for the kids who love the Lord of the Rings series.

Official Pipe of Bilbo Baggins

Official Pipe of Bilbo Baggins

Bilbo Baggins is the main protagonist in the Hobbit series. According to the books, he kept the One Ring for sixty years with him until passing it on to Frodo when the story of the LOTR started. Now, a replica of Bilbo Baggins pipe will make another nice gift for a lord of the rings fan. It is officially licensed and is as functional as a real pipe. We just hope that after receiving this unique and thoughtful gift, the person doesn’t act like the actual hobbit in the hobbit series.

LOTR Monopoly

LOTR Monopoly

MONOPOLY! The popular board game which can make any gathering fun. Now, especially for the Lord of the ring fans, we found a special edition Monopoly based on the trilogy. As expected the tokens are the characters from the movies like Gandalf and Aragorn. So, as the characters move forward in the game, they build their territory with fortresses and other places from the official trilogy. So, this special monopoly makes a great gift for the LOTR geek.

Romantic Quote Print

Romantic Quote Print

Tell how much you love the Lord of the Rings fan in their language. The quote on the print says –  ‘I would rather share one lifetime with you, then all of the ages of the world alone – Arwen’ and below it will be written your initials. This line was said by Arwen to Aragorn in the movie The Two Towers. This line has all the ingredients to make the LOTR fan love you more. Plus, this special print has been loved by its customers, and thus, it will make a very romantic gift for your partner.

You Shall Not Pass Doormat

You shall not pass Doormat

‘You Shall Not Pass’ – The popular line was used by Gandalf in The Fellowship of the Ring while battling Balrog. He was so determined while saying it that even Balrog couldn’t pass from there. Therefore, after gifting this Doormat to the LOTR fan you won’t be able to pass until you have his permission. So, if you were looking for a funny Lord of the Rings gift then you should consider this. And of course, it’s a quality doormat with thick fibers to thoroughly remove the dirt.

Middle Earth Candle Set

Middle Earth Candle Set

A unique Lord of the Rings gift! This candles’ set resembles the hometowns of the elves, hobbits, dwarves, witches, and other characters shown in the LOTR series. The candles are named after Rivendell, Misty Mountains, and Lothlorien; each of these candles has a different scent which suits to the places. These candles are handcrafted for maximum perfection and are made from natural soy wax. Hence, it makes a useful and quality gift for the Lord of the Rings fan.

‘Gollum is my Patronus’ – Parody t-shirt

Gollum is my Patronus - t-shirt

Is the person a fan of both the LOTR and the Harry Potter series? If yes then, you couldn’t have found a better gift for the person. In the Harry Potter series, Patronus was meant as a guardian against the dementors, and each wizard had their Patronus (for ex. Harry Potter’s Patronus was a Stag). And, the print on the t-shirt says that the person’s guardian is Gollum who is a greedy and wretched creature. It’s a parody gift to make fun of the person.

Premium LOTR Pint Glass

Premium LOTR Pint Glass

Another unique and thoughtful gift for the LOTR fan! This premium glass makes a nice gift for the person as it prints ‘Not all those who wander are lost’. This line was taken from a poem which was written by Gandalf (the wizard) in a letter to Frodo. These prints are hand-carved by professionals to give you the best quality work on it. This premium glass will give a nice drinking experience as it fits perfectly in the hands and has a weighted base.

Official Staff of Gandalf the wizard

Official Staff of Gandalf Wizard

We just hope that after receiving this gift the receiver doesn’t think of himself as the real wizard – Gandalf. The staff of a wizard is their most important weapon and this gift is the official staff of Gandalf who played one of the main characters in the lord of the rings. So, there is no doubt that the geek will like the gift or not. Plus, since it’s a collectible item it also has a wall mounting to easily place it in the home. Last but not least it has a white LED inside it to give the real feel of a magical staff.

Lord of the Rings Canvas Print

Lord of the RIngs Canvas Print

This is one of the best Lord of the rings gifts for a fan. This canvas print looks exquisite and would be perfect for home decoration. This wall art depicts three different scenarios resembling the journey of the protagonists in the three different books and movies of the series. Hence, making a great gift for the LOTR fan. Plus, the excitation of the customers upon receiving it shows that the product is of premium quality and makes a beautiful wall art.

Gandalf Funko Pop Figure

Gandalf Funko Pop Figure

Funko pop figures are the cutest action figures. The size of the face is around the size of the rest of the body and the big eyes just make it look cute yet extremely funny. Therefore making a nice gift for the geeky fans. Now, how can a LOTR fan ignore an action figure of one of the most loved characters? Gandalf’s Funko Pop figure will make a nice addition to their collection of LOTR items. Especially kids won’t ignore this cool gift for themselves.

Tree of Gondor t-shirt

Tree of Gondor T-shirt

A cool tee for the cool Lord of the Rings fan! The tree with stars shown in the above image is sacred in the LOTR world. It is like an heirloom in the series which is a resemblance of the entire culture dating back to over 20000 years. Therefore, its print on the t-shirt makes it a thoughtful gift for the lord of the rings fans. This officially licensed tee is made in the USA and makes a nice gift for everyday use.

Middle Earth Shadow of War Video game

Middle Earth Shadow of War - Video Game

This is an important gift for the gamer fan of the lord of the rings. Considered to be the best game on the world of LOTR, it is the sequel to Shadow of Mordor. It is an open-world game set in the Middle Earth meaning that it gives the experience to the players like being in the LOTR world. Plus, with time it gets multiple DLCs to keep the gamers engaged even after completing the story mode. That’s why it makes one of the best gifts for the lord of the rings fans.

Complete collection of LOTR and Hobbit Movies

Complete Collection of LOTR and Hobbit Movies

They have read the books and imagined the story in their heads. Now let’s see what these highly-acclaimed movies have to offer to them. We all know how popular LOTR and Hobbit movies are. That’s why a lord of the rings fan cannot miss to watch them. While many fans stopped at the Lord of the Rings movies, on the other hand, the Hobbit movies have a lot to offer with the story of how Bilbo Baggins’ got The One Ring. Combined all the six movies make a perfect combo of entertainment.

Middle Earth Map Woven Tapestry Blanket

Middle Earth Map Woven Tapestry

Another unique LOTR gift! This special blanket has a map of the Middle Earth (world of the LOTR). Having places like Eriador (where the hobbits like Frodo and Bilbo Baggins lived) and Arnor (which was refounded by King Aragorn II who is one of the main protagonists), it will make the fan remember the iconic locations of the LOTR series. Plus, this throw blanket is of premium quality polyester and is made in the USA.

Hobbit Feet Slippers


A unique and sarcastic gift for the Lord of the Rings fan! These ugly slippers make a stylish addition to their shoe stand. But don’t fall for these slippers’ looks, as ugly they look as comforting they are. Check the customer reviews to know about the quality of these. Plus, we know these hairy feet are more adorable than gross. That’s why they make a real nice Lord of the Rings’ gift.

Witch King’s mask

Witch King's Mask

One of the best collectible items for LOTR fans! If there is one character that used to scare everyone due to his presence in the LOTR movies then that is the Witch King. Fun fact: Witch-king was a real king at first but then he was corrupted by the nine rings and later on became bound to the service of Sauron. Even though he is not real, his mask still gives the chills. That’s why this officially licensed mask of the witch king will make a great gift for the Lord of the Rings fan.

Lord of the Rings card game

Lord of the Rings Card Game

No wonder how popular Lord of the Rings trilogy is! There are card games, action figures, and even a whole monopoly board game themed on it. Now, this gift makes another addition to the fun games based on this LOTR world. We don’t need to tell you how good this game is because the customer reviews will do our work for that.  What we should tell you is that it is one of the best Lord of the Rings gifts for the kids. So, you should definitely consider this for them.

Eye of Sauron Snow Globe

Eye of Sauron Snow Globe

Another awesome collectible item! We all know about the eye of Sauron. Even during the movies, it kept us thrilled to follow the story and we all hoped that Sauron does not rise to power again. We couldn’t see Sauron in the movies but this eye kept his fear in us. That’s why Eye of Sauron’s Snow Globe makes a nice gift as it makes us remember the movies again. So, if you are looking for a casual gift for the lord of the rings fan then you should consider this gift.

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