Gifts for The Office fans

The Office Gifts for Fans

The Office is undoubtedly one of the best sitcoms on the television. This mockumentary still can’t get out of our heads, and it never will. It showed us, as pam quoted in her last line, “There’s a lot of beauty in ordinary things.” And if you know someone who loves this show, then you came to the right place. Our list of gifts for The Office fans contains all the ingredients required to make a perfect guide. Because it contains all the funny, cute, unique, and creative gifts that relate to the show. So let’s check the gifts for office geek then –

Funny Dwight t-shirt

Funny Dwight t-shirt

The underlying psychology of geniuses! Just don’t do what an idiot would do. Dwight’s words of wisdom were like gems of knowledge (that no one paid attention to). You can probably see why on the t-shirt. Now, you can gift this t-shirt to the office fan who always shared the funniest memes and vids with you.

Dwight’s Bobblehead

Dwight's BobbleHead

This gift is for The Office fan’s work desk. It’s a merchandise that was shown in the show when Angela gifted it to Dwight. Dwight (one of the most important characters of The Office) loved it, so why won’t your friend like it?

The Office Nameplate

The oFfice Nameplate

The coolest gift for The Office fan! It’s a replica of the logo displayed in The Office. You will see this nameplate on his room’s door every time you’ll visit him. Thus, it will show that he loved your amazing gift.

World’s Best Boss Dunder Mifflin – Mug

World's Best boss Dunder Mifflin Mug

After seeing The Office countless times, the character of Michael Scott has been stuck in our head. No wonder why he is still seen in different memes today. But you know, that amount of popularity doesn’t come for everybody, it’s only for characters like Michael Scott that made it a reality. So, let’s give a tribute to the ‘World’s Best Boss’ with this awesome Mug, for The Office geek.

Baby Bodysuit and Matching t-shirt

Baby Bodysuit and Matching T-shirt

How can a dad refuse to receive such a cute gift for him and his baby? It makes the cutest and funniest baby shower gift. In the show, Dwight always had a thing for becoming the Assistant Regional Manager, but Michael would always add ‘to the’ to his position, to taunt him even though it doesn’t make a difference.

‘That’s what she said’ – Poster

That's what she said poster

If there’s one guy who can accurately use this slang to add a joke to any typical sentence, then that’s is the character of Michael Scott. And that’s why we suggest you to gift this fantastic poster of Michael Scott with his famous line, to make The Office fan remember the good old days of its air on TV.

Dundie Trophy

Dundie Award

This is one of the ‘best-judged awards’ on the show. Why? Because the judge for this award was the world’s best boss – Michael Scott. And how was he the best boss? As he won the same award for the best boss each year. Now, you would know how prestigious this award is for the fans of The Office. So, don’t forget to consider it.

Jim and Pam’s Bobblehead

Jim and Pam Funko Pop Figures\

This gift is for the couple who used to watch The Office together. They are every couple’s inspiration as their chemistry was amazing, and it was one of the main themes of this popular show. That’s why we considered it in this list of the best gifts for the office fans.

That’s what she said – Button

That's what she said button

Do you know a Michael Scott-like character in real life? Then do gift this button to him. As you think, it is a button which will play the different audios saying ‘That’s what she said’ in different voices of Micheal Scott. So yeah, it’ll be a fun toy to play around with.

Pam’s Painting

Pam's Painting

The painting you see above is a replica of the art that the character of Pam drew. And it has been in all the episodes since then (including the last one where she removed it from office before saying goodbye to the audience). So, it has a special place in the fans’ hearts and would make a great gift for The Office geeks.

Dwight’s Popular Dialogues – Poster

Dwight's popular Dialogues Poster

Dwight’s words of wisdom in the show always taught us something new that we never think about. But don’t feel bad if the person doesn’t remember it, because this poster includes all of them; with the most important of all at the center reading ‘Identity theft is not a joke.’

Assistant to the Regional Manager – Plate

Assistant to the regional manager plate

You might have heard about Assistant Regional Manager, but do you know about Assistant to the regional manager? It’s a post that only Dwight could receive in the whole office. So, it would definitely mean something to The Office fan to be eligible to have Dwight’s post.

The Office Trivia Game

The OFfice Trivia Game

The ultimate gift for the ultimate fan! Do you know someone like Billie Eilish, who has watched all the episodes of The Office multiple times? If yes, then, this will be their prize – the ultimate challenge to question their knowledge about the show.

Dunder Mifflin Printing Paper

Dunder Mifflin Printing Paper

Oh, did we forgot to tell you what company all the characters work for? Well, it was a paper company known as Dunder Mifflin. And Dunder Mifflin’s was known for it’s service to the clients. So, if you know someone who is looking for paper, then go for the Dunder Mifflin’s Paper.

Threat Level Midnight – Tee

Threat Level Midnight Tee

If there’s one movie that’s an all-time favorite for all The Office fans, then that is Threat Level Midnight. Directed and written by Michael Scott, this movie also stars him in the lead role. So, you can know how amazingly fun this movie has to be. And that’s why we suggest this awesome t-shirt as a gift for fans of The Office.

Untold Story of The Office – Book

Untold Story of The Office Book

This gift is for The Office fan who has everything related to the popular tv show and would love to know more about it. This book takes us behind the camera to the makers who share their information about working on this phenomenal show. All the office fans just love this book.

Beer Beets Battlestar Galactica – t-shirt

Beers Beets Battlestar Galactica t-shirt

Question. What kind of Bear is the best? Ans – Black Bear. So you didn’t know it, huh. Well, why would you because you are not the top salesman Dwight Schrute, who always knows about beer, beets, and Battlestar Galactica. So you can gift this funny t-shirt to Dwight’s follower in remembrance of the amusing character and the amazing show.

Kevin’s Famous Chilli – Socks

Kevin's Famous Chilli Socks

The most adorable character in the show was Kevin Malone – the accountant. And one of the most famous moments of Kevin’s portrayal was when he made the iconic chili after days’ work but ultimately spilled it on the floor. There is no doubt that the person would love these funny socks.

Probably watching The Office Doormat

Probably Watching The Office Doormat

Do you know someone who is always busy watching The Office? Then this gift will be a helpful guide for the strangers before meeting with him. This doormat is unique and eye-catching, and it will look fantastic on the front door of any house.

Sabre Waterbottle

Sabre Waterbottle

We are sorry, but we only found one gift related to the Sabre company, which was good enough to suggest. Sabre was the company that saved The Office employees when Dunder Mifflin fell down. And these water bottles were gifted to the employees to honor their new start with the company.

Prison Mike Pillowcase

Prison Mike Pillowcase

This amusing face on this pillow makes it one of the funniest gifts for The Office fans. We all loved Michael’s different portrayals on the show. Each one made us laugh. And Prison Mike is his best portrayal. His mind-numbingly stupid activities during the portrayal made us all laugh so hard.

The Office Complete DVD Set

The Office Complete DVD Set

If the person still waits for the repeat telecast of The Office every day, then gift them the complete DVD set of this show because it’s not much fun in rewatching a show sequentially. But when we can pick any random episode, it feels like a chilled burger still giving better taste than the others.

Office Themed Stickers

Office themed Stickers

This gift is for the person who loves to talk about The Office. Now, he can just paste these stickers to get attention and start a conversation on it. These stickers can bring laughter in the atmosphere if stuck in the right places and lots of awkward moments in the vice-versa case.

Baseball Cap

baseball cap

Do you know an Office fan who loves to wear caps and hats? Well now, he can wear the official Dunder Mifflin cap. It will be a lovely gift for The Office fan who is proud of choosing such a hilarious sitcom as his favorite one.

Serenity by Jan

Serenity by Jan

Do you not remember Jan? She was the bossiest character who later became the weirdest character in the show. The best part of her candles was that whenever you are irritated or frustrated, just smell these candles, and your frustrations will be like poof… goes away. (Just kidding, this is a line that Jan used to say in The Office).

Dwight You Ignorant Slut – Airpods Case

Dwight you ignorant slut airpod case

Even after years of the show being ended, it’s slangs, and famous lines are still in our heads. It’s just that they really really make us laugh when we think of the scenes. And as you can imagine, this abuse to Dwight was said by Michael, when Micheal was faking to do suicide. So, it will make an excellent gag gift for The Office fans.

Schrute Farms Keychain

Schrute farms Keychain

Another nice collectible item to remember the iconic show! Dwight was extremely well-informed about natural things as he was also a farmer other than a sales agent. And that farm produced one of the most unusual vegetables – beets. That’s why this keychain for The Office fans reads ‘Schrute Farms – Quality Beets.’

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