23 Classic Cowboy Bebop Gifts for Anime Fans

Cowboy Bebop Gifts

Cowboy Bebop is a classic anime that is more than 20 years old now, but anime fans still cherish it to this date. The show had some of the best characters in anime history. The chemistry between the main cast was both intriguing and hilarious to watch. Not just anime fans, the thrilling adventure that it brings is appreciated by critics of all entertainment forms. That’s why we have curated a list of some of the best and most special cowboy bebop gifts for classic anime geeks. So if you were stuck trying to find the perfect gift for a cowboy bebop fan, then you’ve come to the right place!

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Cowboy Bebop Space Serenade Game – For the love of games

Cowboy Bebop Space Serenade Game

A board game is an excellent gift for any anime geek, and if it has their favorite characters in it, they will love to play with it. The game can be played with different strategies every time, increasing its replayability significantly. It’s a perfect gift for a cowboy bebop fan.

Cowboy Bebop Official Paperback Manga – For the avid fan

Cowboy Bebop Official Paperback Manga

Cowboy Bebop was a great anime. The animation and music were top-notch, and anime fans loved it. But you get a totally different vibe when reading the manga. You have to imagine how the characters interact with each other, making you more attached to them. A manga as a gift will become special because your friend will be able to experience this incredible story once again.

Battle of Fallen Angels Moment – Collectible

Battle of Fallen Angels Moment - Collectible

Cowboy Bebop managed to give fans a lot of great moments in just 26 episodes and a movie. When looking for something to gift to a bebop fan, you won’t go wrong with a figurine—especially the one that has managed to capture one of the most memorable moments of the anime.

Cowboy Bebop Graphics Poster – For the collector

Cowboy Bebop Graphics Poster

Introducing the classic 90s style Cowboy Bebop poster for the anime fans! This is the official poster of the anime showing all the 5 major characters from the anime. Any anime geek would love to put it on their wall and add more fun to their decorative room.

Space Cowboy T-shirt – For the nerdy anime fan

Space Cowboy T-shirt

The sci-fi craze was at its peak in the late 90s, and cowboy bebop was one of the early adopters of sci-fi in anime. Every fan feels a special connection to the show and to the characters. And Spike’s graphic t-shirt will make an excellent cowboy bebop gift idea. It is a nice tee with a subtle graphic and a famous quote from the anime. You surely can’t go wrong with this one.

Spike’s Figuarts Action Figure – Best Cowboy Bebop Gifts

Spike’s Figuarts Action Figure

Geeks go crazy over action figures, and why won’t they? They get to keep their favorite anime characters and connect with them in real life. That’s why this Spike Spiegel’s action figure will make for a superb Cowboy Bebop gift that every fan would appreciate.

See You Space Cowboy Wall Art – For the avid collector

See You Space Cowboy Wall Art

The anime managed to give us some really great quotes and taglines in its short run. It was known for its cheeky one-liners and mature characters. Any anime fan would love to have such a quote displayed in their room. That’s why this exquisite poster would make a special gift for the Cowboy Bebop fan.

Cowboy Bebop Fleece Blanket – To keep him comfortable

Cowboy Bebop Fleece Blanket

On a cold night, a blanket in which we could cozy up would be mesmerizing, and if it has our favorite characters, then it has a plus point. The blanket features various characters from Cowboy Bebop so that you can stay warm with Spike and the team!

Cowboy Heat-Changing Coffee Mug – For the morning beverage

Cowboy Heat-Changing Coffee Mug

A mug can be a splendid gift for everyone regardless of their beverage choice. And a Cowboy Bebop mug would make an even better gift since it has the anime’s logo printed on it and makes for a nice decoration.

Vinyl-Record Wall Clock – For the classic 90s fan

Vinyl-Record Wall Clock

Everyone who watched the show knows how great the music was. The jazz tunes that played in the background were a staple of the show. And a vinyl record fits significantly with its theme. This clock would look great in a bebop fan’s room. Plus, it has all the main characters featured on it.

Fabric Wall Scroll – For his love of Japanese culture

Fabric Wall Scroll

A wall scroll is a unique way of styling interiors. And what could be better when it has some of your favorite characters on it. This wall scroll is a creative gift idea for Cowboy Bebop fans, and the person on the receiving end will be thrilled to have it.

“Bang” T-shirt – The anime fan will get it

Bang T-shirt

Not every gift has to be some fancy merchandise or decoration. You can also gift something casual, like a t-shirt with a decent graphic of the receiver’s favorite anime. This t-shirt, in particular, will be a great gift idea as it has Spike on it with his signature ‘bang’. We won’t spoil the anime for you, but every Cowboy Bebop fan knows its value. That’s why this graphic tee is one of the best Cowboy bebop Gifts!

6-filtered Reusable Masks – For safety purposes, of course

6-filtered Reusable Masks

In the pre-pandemic world, who would’ve thought that masks would become an absolute necessity. But here we are now, where it feels like our masks have become a part of our daily lives. And this one, in particular, has a cool-looking design. The person receiving this gift will surely appreciate it.

Cowboy Bebop Pillowcases – For the anime nerd

Cowboy Bebop Pillowcases

This Spike pillowcase is a creative Cowboy Bebop gift idea. The pillowcase indeed is eye-catching, and it only increases the beauty of your bedroom. Combine this with other Bebop merch, and you have a special Cowboy Bebop-themed room.

Cowboy Bebop Cap – Best hat for Cowboy Bebop fans

Cowboy Bebop Cap

This cap is stylish and practical at the same time. The snapback shape makes it a versatile hat that your friend could style in any way. Plus, the Cowboy Bebop embroidery stands out, making it a perfect gift for the receiver.

Swordfish II Replica – One of the best collectibles

Swordfish II Replica

The Swordfish 2 is a legendary ship owned by Spike. It has a cool-looking design and flies through space with great ease. And what would be better than owning a replica of this spaceship? Your friend would be excited upon receiving this gift!

Jet’s Funko Pop Figure – For the anime geek

Jet’s Funko Pop Figure

A cute Jet’s figure is what your friend needs! Funko-Pop figures have become a popular collectible over the years, and they make for fun collectible gifts. And the character – Jet is a unique character who always tried protecting his crew. So, gift this to your friend who always comes for your help in hard times.

Licensed Classic Poster – For their empty walls

Licensed Classic Poster

Do you know what would be an excellent Cowboy Bebop gift? The original poster that all anime fans can remember. This poster has classic artwork with the cast drawn in the same style as the anime in the 90s.

Ein’s Plush – For the plush toys lover

Ein’s Plush

Ein travels in space with the crew and is known to cause mischief. And this plush figure looks precisely like it and even more adorable, making it one of the cutest gifts for Cowboy Bebop fans.

Edward and Ein Collectible Figure – For the mischievous fans

Edward and Ein Collectible Figure

Ed and Ein were inseparable in the show, they bonded instantly, and both would cause trouble to the Bebop crew members. This mischievous group in a Funko Pop figure looks even cuter than in the anime. So this collection makes an excellent buy for gifting purposes, especially for playful fans.

See You Space Cowboy Vinyl Decal – For the empty windows

See You Space Cowboy Vinyl Decal

See you space cowboy” is a quote that no Bebop fan will ever forget. This line has become synonymous with the show. And a decal sticker with this quote will make a nice gift for the receiver!

Vicious’ Collectible Figure – For female Cowboy Bebop fans

Vicious’ Collectible Figure

Vicious’s character is of a mastermind. He is one of the most cunning villains we have witnessed. Yet many anime fans love his cute looks, especially the ladies. And a more attractive representation of him is found in this Funko Pop figure. No doubt it is one of the best Cowboy Bebop Gifts for female fans.

Spike and Faye’s Wall Scroll Poster – A fun addition to their collectibles

Spike and Faye’s Wall Scroll Poster

The chemistry between Faye and Spike was one of the best that we have seen. It was mature, and the fans loved Spike’s personality. That’s why a poster with this fabulous duo on it will increase the charm of the anime geek’s room.

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