22 Aww-worthy and Funny Baby Shower Gifts for Dads

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Clueless about what you should get for him? Don’t worry, because after checking these ideas you will have a perfect gift that no one else would have thought of. That’s right. We have got tons of baby shower gifts for dads that will make the occasion memorable. Choosing cute, funny, and unique presents was our priority while suggesting the ideas so that the final selection will become the most special one for the dad. We covered all the best gifts for you, from adorable aprons to funny matching t-shirts for the dad and the baby. So, let’s get started then. (Also, we have got many other gift ideas for babies so that you don’t fall short of these.)

Portable Changing Pad

Portable Changing Pad

You don’t know when the diaper duty will ask for you. Whether you are in a mall or at a beach, the baby’s nature call can receive the signal anywhere. That’s why it becomes crucial to have all the things ready to change the baby’s diaper wherever you go. And a portable changing pad comes to the rescue for that. With this, you can even change the baby’s diaper on the footpath. When folded, it looks like a regular bag, but it also has side pockets for extra items when opened. Ofcourse the dad-to-be should be prepared for the worst (funny for us) case scenario.

Your Baby’s first word will be ‘DADA’

Your Baby's First Word

And that is what we are hoping for. That the first word of the baby brings tears in the dad’s eyes (although we do expect the mother does not get jealous). From the renowned talk show host Jimmy Fallon, the book is a perfect read for the newborn, especially to encourage him to show better signs of mental growth. Jimmy tried his best to hear his daughter’s first word to be DADA, and that is where he succeeded and wants other dads to succeed too. Plus, the newborn will love to listen to what the other animals have to say and learn from them.

Daddy’s Diaper Duty Device – Funny Baby Shower Gift for Dads

Daddy's Diaper Duty Device

No matter how much the daddy will try to run from changing the baby’s diaper, he will have to do it. This Baby shower gift is for the exact purpose of – the dad’s diaper duty. It is like a tool belt that he can wear on his waist to keep all the necessary items required to change diapers. It can store at least six diapers of size three, plus the baby powder, sanitizer, diaper cream, etc. so that the new dad won’t need anything else to save the day.

Daddy’s First Milestones Beer Gift Set

Daddy's First Milestones

Are you the future dad’s beer buddy? If yes, then we found a unique and perfect baby shower present for you to give – First Milestones Beer Gift Set. The award is to celebrate his first milestones, like the first time to get peed on or first date night with his wife after the birth. Did he have a diaper explosion on him? Well, at least he can drink a beer to forget about the embarrassing incident. This funny baby shower gift for the dad is a fantastic way to honor the entertaining mishaps in his life while taking care of the baby.

Taco t-shirt & Taquito Bodysuit

Taco & Taquito

Do you think the baby and the new dad will be buddies? Or do you feel while the father will be eating tacos, his kid will be eating taquitos? Even if you disagree, this funny gift is still bound to get an aww from the people who will take a look at them. Therefore, it becomes a vital present to consider for dad and the baby. These 100% cotton clothes will share many laughs with others and will be the center of attraction wherever the duo will go together.

Daddy’s Diaper Duty Apron – Gag Gift

Daddy's Duty Apron

No matter how much the father will try, he will have to change the baby’s diaper one day or the other. And not just in his home, he’ll have to do it in public too. That’s why here’s a gag baby shower gift for him – Daddy’s Diaper Duty Apron. Make him wear this apron on the baby shower to make everyone laugh. Plus, this apron comes with a face mask and rubber gloves so that each time the baby needs his diaper to be changed, he can complete the mission successfully.

Prank Gift Pack – To put the gift inside it

Prank Gift Pack

Do you want to be the Jim Halpert (from the office) in pulling pranks? Because this idea is for the sole purpose of picking a hilarious joke and make everyone laugh around you. As you can see in the image above, the box says ‘my first fire,’ representing a dangerous present for a infant. Everyone’s face will read, ‘ugh, who gets this for a baby shower.’ But when they open the box, they’ll know about the mistake of judging you. This prank will be the talk of the occasion.

Earmuffs – For Infant Hearing Protection


If you are looking for a baby shower gift that is unique yet useful for the dad, then this one is for you – Earmuffs for Hearing Protection. Only a few people remember how harmful noise pollution can be, especially for infants. And if the baby will be grown in a heavily crowded area where construction and car horn sounds annoy the nearby people then, the dad will need this present. Plus, the ones we suggest are perfect for infants to handle. With this gift, the dad can even take the baby to concerts and stadiums with him.

Hilarious Bib for the Hilarious Dad

Hilarious Bibs

Beware, this funny gift is only for a funny dad to handle. Why? Because this present includes two bibs that will read ‘feed me or no sleep tonight’ and ‘I have my mommy’s looks and my daddy’s gas.’ Both of these hilarious taglines will make everyone laugh, but these are only for awesome dads to deal with. Plus, these cute yet funny bibs come with two spoons of matching colors to feed the humorous baby. You can even check the review section to see how happy the customers are with this product.

Tactical Diaper Bag Combo Kit

Tactical Diaper Bag

Let’s make the dad ready for the rigorous mission of changing the baby’s diaper. Not just in his home, we will make him prepared for completing the task even in public places. The Tactical Diaper bag is a perfect kit for keeping all the necessary items required for changing the baby’s diaper anywhere and anytime. It comes with a funny changing mat. Plus, this durable bag has enough pockets, pouches, etc. to keep all the required items.

Marvel’s Baby Bodysuits

Marvel Bodysuits

Let’s make the baby a superhero to fight all the evil on the planet! The baby will have the powers of Iron Man, Spiderman, Hulk, and Captain America to save our world. These bodysuits will look super cute on any baby. Are you worried about the material? You don’t need to, as we never compromise with the quality of presents. Made from soft and easy-to-wash fabrics, these cute yet funny bodysuits are a perfect baby shower gift for the geek dad.

A safe baby carrier

A Safe Baby Carrier

The safety of a baby is the primary concern for every parent. That’s why stuff like strollers and carriers should be extremely durable and robust. Therefore, we suggest one of the most popular carriers on Amazon – Baby Björn Original carrier. With this, you can carry the baby in two positions (facing-in and facing-out) safely. On the suggestions of pediatricians, it gives proper back, head, spine, and hips support to the baby. So, if you worry about the baby’s safety, then this is an excellent baby shower gift for the dad that you should consider.

Lil Lager Baby Bottle – Recommended for the funny dad

Lil Lager baby Bottle

This gift will be the only topic of conversation at the Baby Shower. Why? Because it’s that unique and funny. Who could’ve guessed that babies’ milk bottles will look like their whiskey bottles? So, it makes an excellent present for the dad who likes joking around. And don’t think that it’s not usable just because it looks funny. To the baby, it will feel like a good and soft milk bottle (Although, the baby would be confused about why so many people are looking at him while drinking milk or water from the bottle).

Dad and Baby’s Matching t-shirts – For the Star Wars fan

Dad and Baby's Matching t-shirt

Another hilarious gift is coming your way! This time it’s for the Star Wars geek. So, if the new dad is a Star Wars fan, then read no more, you have found the perfect baby shower gift for him. As you can see in the image above, the cute baby’s tee will read ‘Daddy’s Storm Pooper,’ which will make everyone laugh at it (We feel sorry for the baby as he will not be able to understand why everyone is laughing at him). Therefore, it makes an admirable present for the dad and baby’s fun outings together.

The happiest baby on the block – Book

The Happiest baby Book

We all know how many nights he’ll have to stay awake to quiet his crying baby. And to make it easier for the new dad, we found a gift for him – The happiest baby on the block. Dr. Harvey Karp, the author of the book, is an expert on child’s issues and caring. After taking suggestions from thousands of parents (from ordinary people to celebrities), he wrote a book to help other parents in taking care of the infants. Don’t believe us; just check how happy the parents are, with this book.

DADMAN – The Superhero’s t-shirt

DADMAN t-shirt

Another cute present for the superhero DAD! The DADMAN logo (representing Batman) will catch everyone’s eyes on it. Due to this t-shirt, the father will proudly be able to say ‘normal person at day, dadman at night.’ Again, if you worry about the quality, then really don’t because this 100% cotton tee ensures excellent quality, making it soft and durable for his rough times of facing crime. It’s a funny and cute baby shower gift for the dad/DC comics fan/superhero geek.

Digital Camera – for Memory Making

Digital Camera

Let’s accept that the best thing that can happen for someone is the birth of their child. And we all want to capture those special moments of life to remember the feels of it from time to time. And that’s what a digital camera is for. Although it’s not a small gift to exchange during a baby shower, still if the person doesn’t have a good camera and you care for the baby just like the dad, then it’ll be the best gift for the occasion. And for more affordability, we suggest the best camera for a decent price – Canon Powershot SX420.

Funny Sleeping sign for front door

Funny Sleeping Sign

A humorous gift for the funny dad! As you can see in the image above, the door sign will read – ‘Please do not knock or ring the bell, it upsets the dog, which upsets the baby, which upsets mom.’ Funny, right? They can keep this sign in the room where the baby is sleeping so that no one makes any noise while entering. Anywhere you want to indicate to do not disturb, the board will do it with humor. It is a unique present to show your sarcasm.

Periodic Table Blocks

Periodic table Blocks

This gift is for the geek, dad! Who knows the baby can become a scientist in the future? If not a scientist still, these periodic table blocks will be a lovely gift to encourage mental growth at an early age. Even regular building blocks improve motor skills and mental stimulation, so these unique blocks are a far better approach than other toys (Source: Parentcenternetwork). Plus, these blocks are of the perfect size for the babies, and with child-safe inks, we assure you of their high quality.

All New Dad Jokes

All New Dad Jokes

A book of jokes that only dads can understand! The most-followed dad jokes page on Instagram (@dadsaysjokes) creates this book, which has over 1.8M dads waiting for its next joke. So you can have the idea that it’s a funny book that will make the dad laugh. Because taking care of a new-born baby is like working on a side hustle, and the daddy will need to relax by reading a fun book. Check in the review section of the book, and you’ll know how worthy this gift is.

Magnetic Cabinet Locks

Magnetic Cabinet Locks

After suggesting tons of unique, cute, and funny baby shower gifts for the dad, we think you might be looking for more of a useful contribution. And if that’s the case, then the next gift idea is for you – A Child Safety Kit. We all know how important it is to baby-proof the home for the kid. The corners and edges are quite dangerous for them. Therefore, if the parents haven’t done it yet, then it’s your turn to make them remember about it. Plus, this kit includes everything you need and requires no nails or screws that can ruin the furniture.

Baby Daddy funny t-shirt

Baby Daddy t-shirt

The last gift suggestion from us is again a unique one for the dad. As seen in the above image, the t-shirt will read ‘baby daddy.’ Because the new daddy is still a baby in taking care of the child, this cute yet funny baby shower gift is to make the father laugh every time he wears it. This present is less of a clothing product and more of a memorable one for the occasion of a baby shower. And talking about the quality of the material, it is made of 90% cotton and 10% polyester to make it soft and comfortable to wear.


  1. What are some Funny Baby Shower Gifts for Dads?

    Here is a list of Gag Gifts for the occasion of Baby Shower –
    1. Daddy's Diaper Duty Service
    2. First Milestones Beer Gift Set
    3. Taco and Taquito Clothes
    4. Funny Apron
    5. Hilarious Bib
    6. Lil Lager Baby Bottle
    7. Funny Sleeping Sign
    8. All New Dad Jokes
    9. Baby Daddy Funny t-shirt

  2. What is a good gift for a new dad?

    A New Dad would love to receive the following presents –
    1. Portable Changing Pad
    2. Baby's First Word Book
    3. A Safe Baby Carrier
    4. Dadman t-shirt
    5. Digital Camera

  3. What do you buy for a baby shower gift?

    A Baby Shower gift must be something that celebrates the arrival of a newborn. It can be anything useful to care of babies like a carrier or anything unique like earmuffs. At the end of the day, it's your thought that counts, not the price tag of the product.

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