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Great teachers know how to bring out the best in their students! And if you’ve had one such amazing person in your life, then we completely understand why you came here. But don’t you worry now, as we’ll help you find just the right present for him. Whether you want to surprise him on his birthday or thank him for his guidance, our list of best gifts for male teachers will guide you until you find that perfect souvenir! So let’s dive in then –

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Starbucks Gift Card


Does he get frustrated without his morning cup of coffee? Or is he a regular customer of Starbucks? If the answer is yes to any of the questions, then this might be the safest gift option for your teacher that he’s bound to like. Plus, you know that there can’t be any coffee lover who wouldn’t like Starbucks, right? And if he hasn’t tried them yet, then it becomes even more of a reason to give this gift card to him.


Books - Gifts for Male Teacher

The gift of an insightful book related to his subject might be the perfect one for him. If your teacher loves his subject, then there can’t be a better present than this from the students. English Teacher? How about The Great Gatsby? History Teacher? How about the biography of Abraham Lincoln? Physical Education teacher? How about the biography of Kobe Bryant? A good teacher will always love to read more to find inspiration for his subject.

Funny Math Teacher Cap

Funny Math Teacher Cap

Is your maths teacher also one of the funniest guys in your school? If yes, then he will surely like to wear this funny cap gifted by his students. The hilarious phrase on the cap says, “Math Teacher by Day, Deadly Ninja by Night.” So you know that it’s bound to make your teacher laugh. Plus, even the most boring subject to his students may now feel like the funniest teacher is teaching them. So, it can also make a super funny retirement gift for your teacher.

Teacher Appreciation Fill-in-the-blank Book

Teacher Appreciation Book

Does your teacher mean so much to you that you can even write a book on them? Don’t worry. We aren’t talking about spending days writing his biography. You just need to fill in the blanks wherever asked in the book. It will just take about an hour to complete it, yet it is among the best appreciation gifts for a teacher from students and is bound to make him feel special.

Personalized Teacher Name Plate

Personlaised Teacher Name Plate

He will throw off his old nameplate because now he can have one which says more about his job than the ordinary ones. This gift idea is for those creative people who always need something cool, something unique to represent their actions and words. So it will make a nice gift for your Kindergarten and Elementary school teachers whom you have always admired.

Movie Gift Card


If your teacher is all about sharing movie reviews in class, then this might be the perfect gift for him. He can even take his kids or wife to the theatre and have some fun because of the present that you gave to him. So, this movie gift card is worth considering for your favorite male teacher.

Gift Basket – One of the most popular gifts for a male teacher

Gift Basket - Gifts for male teacher

Want to give a gift? So why not a gift basket? Although it is one of the most obvious gifts that your teacher might be expecting still, that doesn’t mean you can’t gift it. Everyone likes eating delightful chocolates and cookies, even if they are the ones who taught you not to eat many candies in the past. Plus, you can choose from thousands of well-received gift baskets on Amazon if you click on the button above.

365 New Words a Year

365 new words a year

If he is the kind of teacher who likes learning even at his age, then search no more, as you have found an excellent educational gift for your teacher. As the name suggests, this kit contains unique words that he can learn about each day for a whole year. He might even take it to his class every day and share it with students so that even they can make their vocabulary strong.

Men’s Insulated Lunch Bag

Men's Insulated Lunch bag

Does he still bring those old and outdated bags for keeping lunch that even his other teacher mates don’t admire? If yes, then lucky you as you have found the perfect gift for your teacher – A Lunch box looking like a modern bag. It’s more like a fashionable lunchbox. Hot or cold, it can put the temperature constant for any type of food. Plus, we all can see the best part – It looks slick.

Sticky Notes and Page Markers Kit

Sticky Notes Kit

Does your teacher require small pieces of paper every now and then? Or would you like to give something motivational to your teacher? Then rejoice, as you have found the gift to do both. This Sticky notes and page markers kit can not only help the teacher to organize information, but also, each time he’ll look at it, a powerful saying will lighten his mood for the day.

Chalk Markers

Chalk Markers

Is your teacher also the artistry one who likes to show his craft on the blackboard and paper? Because that’s the kind of male teacher who’ll admire this gift. It contains eight markers of different colors and different types of tips so that he can make his writing more eye-catching for his students. And, you don’t need to worry about the ink as even a simple swipe of wet cloth will remove it.

Parker Jotter Ballpoint Pen

Parker pen

Why not give a special pen to the teacher who has always inspired you to write and learn? As we all know, every Parker pen is a luxurious one used for special occasions by most of its customers. It can also be a nice appreciation gift for your teacher. This pen-ultimate gift will be kept by him for a long time, reminding him about one of his most special students.

Inspirational Water Bottle

Inspirational Water Bottle

He doesn’t bring a water bottle to work. And you might want to gift something inspiring to him. Well, with this gift, you’ll get two kills from one shot. A unique water bottle with inspiring and motivational words written on it so that he never gives up on his students. And kudos to the environmentalist, as this is an eco-friendly water bottle.

Personalized Teacher Coffee Mug – Best Personalized gift for the male teacher

Personalized Coffee Mug

Do you think teaching is a superpower? Because that’s what we’ll make your favorite teacher feel with the help of this Personalised mug. The best part of the mug is that it can be highly personalized. You see the teacher in the above image, now that teacher’s skin color can be light, medium, and dark. Like this, you have many customization options to choose the exact male teacher whom you want to gift.

Reusable Notebook

Reusable Smart Notebook

Yeah, you read the title right. This notebook can stay with your teacher for an endless time. Built for the digital age, the process is that first, you make notes. Then if it’s important enough that you want to keep it, then scan it into your smartphone with the Rocketbook App. You can even place your notes in different folders. And then just erase it with the cloth which comes with the notebook. It is one of the most useful gifts for teachers.

Barbeque Sauce Collection

Barbeque Sauce Collection

Is your fun teacher also into organizing barbeques? If yes, then this might be a thoughtful gift for the male teacher. It’s the dream of a grill lover to have such a professional collection of barbeque sauce for making exquisite dishes. These spices are even gluten-free, meaning that they will have a great taste and that too, without harming his health. The collection of grilled spices and dry rubs makes a mouth-watering treat for your teacher.

Best Teacher Mug

Best Teacher Mug

Is this teacher your best math teacher ever? Or is he your best music teacher? Be it any case (even if it’s for a librarian), these mugs will be very well-received by your teacher. Plus, it is also a personalized mug, so it will have your teacher’s name written above the flowers and appreciation on it. This will delight even the rudest teacher you were taught from, as it is such a thoughtful gift.

Kosher S’mores Kit

Kosher S'mores Kit

Even if he scolded you for eating chocolates in class, it doesn’t mean that he won’t like eating delicious smores before going to bed. The best part about these s’mores is that you don’t have to do any work to make it. Just put the chocolate and marshmallow between the crackers and enjoy the mouth-watering delight. It will be a better gift if you know he likes campfires because enjoying it around campfires will make it more fun.

Groceries Gift Card


Either he was a caring person who gave you meaningful end-of-the-year gifts or just a nice guy who was always ready to help. If you are looking for a useful gift for your teacher, then this gift idea does the job. Plus, a grocery gift card is something that anyone could make use of. It can be a well-received gift by a person whom you don’t know much, but still, you care enough to give a small gesture of thank you.

Math Wall Clock – For the maths teacher

Math Wall Clock

Looking for a unique and funny gift for your Maths teacher? So how about a clock that makes the person do the same amount of work that you used to do while solving typical maths riddles given by him? It will be a thoughtful gift for the male teacher if you have a mature relationship with him. What’s the time? 12:05? No? It’s 6*2 hours and 630/126 minutes.

Hand Sanitizer Spray

Hand Sanitizer

We know you might be thinking, how can this be a thoughtful gift for your teacher? Now, let us put it this way. Your teacher works in a school. It’s a place where there can be germs at every corner and stuck chewing gums under every desk. So there’s a high chance that he might catch irritating flu due to it. That’s why a Sanitizer spray can be helpful for him. Plus, it shows that you care for your teacher.

Pencil Holder

Pencil Holder

If he doesn’t have a pencil holder on his desk, then you have got to gift one to him. It will remove the mess that is made on his desk. That grumpy old teacher’s mood can freshen if he has something to arrange his stationery items. And no other person has more use for stationery items than a teacher. Plus, the pencil holder suggested above also looks unique yet cool, keeping items like a hand grasping it.

Otter Tape Dispenser – Among the cutest teacher appreciation gift ideas

Otter Tape Dispenser

Want a cute gift for your favorite male teacher? If yes, then you might be excited by this one – Otter Tape Dispenser. As you can see, it’s very unique and more interesting than the other tape dispensers we find. Plus, this super cute otter will lighten his and his students’ mood every time they will look at it. It’s a nice gift for a teacher who likes creative and offbeat stuff.

Magazine Subscription

Magazine - gifts for male teacher

Does the teacher have a keen interest in his subject? Or is he the one who always has some extra knowledge about the topic than the book? If yes, then a Magazine Subscription will be a heartwarming gift for your teacher. This gift is especially for the teacher who always likes to tell and learn new things happening around their subject. Music Teacher? How about BBC’s Music Magazine, which revolves around classical music that he likes?

Funny Customized Teacher Stamp

Funny Customized Stamp

A thoughtful gift for your teacher who used to put smileys and stars in your notebook to appreciate you. If your kindergarten or elementary school teacher was the one to motivate you, then let’s help him funnily continue his legacy. As shown in the image above, the customized stamp will print the teacher’s name on top of the phrase – ‘You Rock’. Plus, its print is also available in different colors to make it more lively.

Funny Stemless Wine Tumbler

Funny Stemless Wine Tumbler

Does the cool male teacher also like to drink wine? Because this unique gift is for the avid wine drinker. If you have a mature and friendly relationship with your favorite teacher, then this will be a gift to make him laugh. The Stainless Steel Wine Tumbler will read – “I’m a teacher, what’s your superpower”. It will be a nice token of appreciation for the person who has helped you or your kid always to do better.

Note: You can check out more of our funny wine gifts here!

Adjustable Phone Stand

Adjustable Phone Stand

Not just your teacher but every human will love to have an adjustable phone stand. Everyone is in the digital world now. Even your older teachers would have a smartphone to accompany them. And if your teacher is the one who watches daily meditation or fitness videos on their phone, then this will be a useful gift for him. The best part is that it can even hold his iPad or tablet for watching movies and TV.

Mid-back Desk Chair – For the Comfort

Mid-back desk chair

Are you tired of seeing him uncomfortable in his old chair that can break any day? Because now is the time to help him. A mid-back desk chair is not only comfortable, but it improves back posture also. It means that the days of his backaches are long gone if you give this thoughtful gift. Plus, you can even adjust this chair by moving the sitting position up or down and tilting it back or making it straight.

Personalized Pencils

Personalized Pencil

Make your teacher feel special with pencils that are only made for him. How? These pencils will have written only his name and the slang that he uses. Or do you want a famous quote instead of his slang? Because you can print anything on these pencils. The manufacturer gives you the option of printing whatever three lines you want to print on the three sides, and that, too, in different fonts to choose from. Still not sure? Then check how happy the customers are with this gift.

Funny Classroom Signs – For the hilarious teacher

Funny Classroom Signs - Gifts for male teacher

Is your male teacher also the one who makes the whole class laugh in between the boring lectures? Because that’s the kind of person, who’ll like this gift the most. Signs like ‘Dinosaurs don’t read, and now they are extinct… Coincidence?’ and ‘Do not disturb a genius at work’ will make his classes more interesting and fun. The future generations will thank the gifter who came up with such a unique and cool gift idea.

Thanks for making me One Smart Cookie – Potholder

Thanks for making me one smart cookie

Looking for ways to appreciate your teacher’s guidance and support? Cuz we got that covered for you! Your teacher will love to have this thoughtful gift of a potholder on which this message will be written – ‘Thanks for making me one smart cookie’. This 100% cotton-made potholder is a unique gift to show gratitude towards your teacher.

Yoga Starter Kit

Yoga Starter Kit

Is the male teacher you want to give a gift to also the fittest teacher in your school? Or is he the one whose yoga exercises inspire all his students? In any of the cases above, your teacher would love to have a yoga starter kit. The kit consists of a yoga mat, a block, and a strip so that he is comfortable trying all the poses and stretches. It will send the message that you care for him and would want to see him fit every time you visit.

Desk Organizer

Desk Organizer

Is his desk always messed up when you visit him? Because that’s what this desk organizer is for. Having six compartments, this desk organizer can fit all the important stuff that he wants to keep in an organized way. Tapes! Scissor! Pencils! Notebook! Pages! Anything else? No problem, because it will still have some space left to put something extra. This sturdy desk organizer is made to make the lives of teachers simpler.

Voice Amplifier

Voice Amplifier

You are growing up. But that also means your teacher is growing older. Therefore, he might require something that makes his aging, not a problem anymore. And that’s why we suggest a voice amplifier. We all know how annoying it is to handle a classroom full of kids who are waiting to create nuisances. Now, those shouts to quiet the class can become harmless for his throat if you choose to give this thoughtful gift to him.

Funny Beard Teacher tee – For the bearded male teacher

Funny Beard Teacher

Does your teacher like to have a beard? Because that’s all, he needs to wear this tee all day and become the coolest teacher at the school. This funny t-shirt showing the meaning of a bearded teacher says, ‘the most superior species of teachers known to man; fun; cool; awesome’. Any male teacher with a good sense of humor will like this t-shirt. It will make his students less afraid and more friendly to him.

App Store and iTunes Gift Card

App Store and iTunes

This gift is a universal one. Because who doesn’t like entertainment? And gift cards are for the purpose when you can’t be sure of a particular gift idea. If you have a mature and fun relationship with the teacher, then he would surely like this gift. It is not just for a music teacher to listen to music. It is for everyone who watches movies, plays games, and uses paid apps from App Store or iTunes.

Massage Pillow

Massager Pillow

Another one of our best gift ideas for male teachers from students! It is especially for the teacher who has started feeling pains in different parts of the body while becoming older with time. Plus, this special massage pillow can even be used in cars and offices. And not just for neck and back pains. It can be used for arms, legs, feet, etc. This thoughtful gift will show your care for him by relieving him of stress and body pains.  

Book Page Holder

Book Page Holder

Is the teacher also a bookworm who always has something extra to teach his kids? Because that’s who this gift is for. We all know it’s a bummer when we have to find the last page we were stuck on. It gets even more annoying when we don’t know the page no. of the last page. Therefore, to stop him from getting annoyed due to it, a book page holder is a unique gift that’ll be useful to the reader for grabbing hold of the pages.

Noise-free Pencil Sharpener

Noise-free Sharpener

Tired of irritating sounds made by his electronic pencil sharpener? Even he would be annoyed by it. And for that reason, we found a great gift for the male teacher – A Noise-free Pencil Sharpener. It works on mechanical power, but it’s so easy that someone can sharpen tens of it without feeling any itches. Even teachers say that if they like to receive a gift, it will be best if it can replace those irritating electronic pencil sharpeners.

Multitool Card

Multitool Card

Who doesn’t require tools? Any adult can make use of it. Plus the one that we suggest is both affordable and more useful than others available in the same price range. It’s like a 37 in 1 multitool card. This card, which can even fit in your wallet, can act as a can opener, a knife, a screwdriver, a fruit peeler, a scale, and many more things that the teacher requires in his daily life. So this gift is not just for your teacher, it’s for everyone.

Motivational Classroom Posters – Inspirational gifts for the male teacher

Motivational Poster

These motivational posters were made to make his classroom more fun and interactive. Any teacher would love it to be put on walls and encourage other kids just like he did for you. This thoughtful gift is perfect for any teacher. Seeing posters saying ‘Never Stop Learning’ and ‘Everyone has a chance to make a difference’ are gonna lighten the whole environment of his class. And especially for the mischievous kids, these posters are waterproof and tear-resistant.

Gluten-free Keto Mini-cookies

Gluten-free Cookies

Just because he might be the one who taught you not to eat many candies, it doesn’t mean he wouldn’t like cookies himself. These delicious cookies are made for every human. Thinking of health precautions? Well, we thought of that before you. That’s why we are suggesting these gluten-free cookies to you. It means as sweet and exquisite as these cookies are, they are also healthy to eat.

Scented Candles for Teachers – If he used to correct your grammar

Scented Candles

Scented candles have always been a popular gift. For occasions like Christmas, these candles have always been among the common choices. Now, we obviously won’t suggest just any scented candle because we always strive for unique gifts. And as you can see in the image above, the heading on the candles say – Grammar Police, making it more interactive for teachers, especially the one who used to correct their grammatical mistakes.

Amazon Gift Card

Amazon Gift Card

Not sure about the likes and dislikes of your teacher? Don’t worry! Gift cards are just for that purpose. Whether he wanted a flute or a mat for himself, you can let him choose to make absolute use of your gift money. And since it is Amazon’s gift card, it means he can even buy things that couldn’t even be available in his whole city. The best part is that it doesn’t require any extra fees and has no expiration date.

Metaphors Geeky t-shirt

Metaphors T-shirt

Among our favorite teacher gifts for men! This Star-Wars-themed t-shirt is for the teacher who loved Star Wars as a kid. Just like a year before Marvel’s Avengers was very popular, in earlier days, Star Wars had that limelight. So, there is very little chance that he didn’t watch it as a kid. Plus, the funny message ‘Metaphors be with you’ on the tee makes it eye-catching and cool.

Cell Phone Jail – To get rid of disturbance in the class

Cell Phone Jail

A teacher’s biggest enemy nowadays is a smartphone. Because we all know how engaged we can be on smartphones while the teacher is boring teaching us, that’s why we came up with this hilarious yet thoughtful gift idea of Cell Phone Jail. He can use this gift just before starting the class to keep all his student’s smartphones in it so that there is no disturbance. He can even use it at fun gatherings where smartphone notifications ruin the day.

Desk Cup Holder Clamp

Desk Cup Holder

Not just your male teacher but anyone will make use of it. Because we all drink coffee and other beverages at work, which can spoil the whole desk if not taken care of. So, your teacher can use this Desk Cup Holder without worrying about dropping liquids on the table. The special feature of this Cup Holder is that, unlike other holders, it has more space to keep the cup, therefore giving more peace of mind.

  1. What gift do you get a male teacher?

    Here are some nice and unique gift ideas for a male teacher:

    The Reusable Notebook
    A Book from his favorite author or subject
    Funny WIne Tumbler
    Personalized Pencils
    A Desk Organizer
    Massage Pillow
    Cell-Phone Jail

  2. What are some of the best appreciation gifts for male teachers?

    If you want to show your appreciation for all his hard-work and help in shaping your career so far, then these gifts will be perfect for this –

    Teacher Appreciation Book
    Personalized Teacher Name Plate
    Inspirational Water Bottle
    Custom Coffee Mug
    Otter Tape Dispenser
    Funny Customized Teacher Stamp
    Mid-back Desk Chair
    Motivational Classroom Posters

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