24 Halloween Prank Ideas you can even Try during Quarantine

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Halloween Prank Ideas

Watch out! Halloween is coming.

Halloween is the best occasion of the year when it comes to having fun. Scaring your friends and family members, going to Halloween parties, and wearing different costumes; it all adds up for an enjoyable night. Now, this year’s Halloween is going to be an exceptional one.

We have 24 unique Halloween Prank ideas that can even make the person’s heart miss a beat. From creepy peeper to bathing with blood, all ideas are scary enough to make people go crazy. So take a pen or open your phone’s notepad and write down all the creepy ideas that you would like to execute.

Disguised Onions

Disguised Onions
Image: faxo

How would you feel if tears were running from your eyes without any reason? You are crying but confused as to why this sudden flow of waterfalls is happening. Well, that’s what is going to happen if you properly execute this prank. You just need to disguise the onions so that no one recognizes them. And there you have people crying around you.

Another hilarious way to use them is by disguising them as caramel balls. Someone wants to eat the delicious caramel, and when the yuck balls are entirely filled in their mouth, they would have a hard time resisting the distaste. Just don’t punch in their mouth; otherwise, it would get much torturous.

Put a Creepy Peeper outside the window – Creepy and affordable

Scary Peeper - Halloween Prank Idea

Another great Idea! Just think someone is having a random conversation or watching TV, and when he tilts his head a little and BAM, there is a creepy peeper outside the window. Anyone would be scared at seeing such a scary thing at first. Some may even react like this –

Scared by Creepy Peeper

So to make your Halloween hilarious, you should definitely try a creepy peeper. And the best part about this Halloween prank is that it doesn’t require much work. It is very simple to execute. You just need a scary peeper to put on the window. Although, it will be a lot of work if you personally want to make the creepy peeper.

But unless you have already done many art and crafts projects by taking help from YouTube, it will be almost impossible to make a scary peeper that gives a real look. Therefore, you can get creepy peepers by clicking here. Personally, we’d recommend the clown peeper because clowns are scarier for most people. Plus, once using it for the prank, you can use it for Halloween decorations each year, and this way, the money for scary peepers will not go to waste.

Attaching a ghost with a drone – Among the best Halloween Prank Ideas

We got this idea by seeing a tweet from the username @cruegr – https://twitter.com/cruegr/status/787810477799772160.

Such a creative idea! Every kid on the street will go back to their home when seeing a flying ghost in the night. You can make it knock on your friend’s window and scare him. Even some adults will have a hard time wondering how‘s that happening. There are infinite ways to scare people with this fantastic prank idea.

You just need to find a white cloth and cut some holes in it, which will look like eyes and mouth. For assistance, you can check the above tweet. The user has even uploaded the video of how he did it. Believe us. Most people won’t understand what’s happening for quite some time.

If you think that you do not have money for a drone, then let us stop you right there. There are tons of cheaper options out there, which will surprise you with their cool features at such low prices. For example, take a look at this drone under $50 – Holy Stone Predator Mini. Just don’t let money come in the way of having fun. There are way more options that will cost you little to no money. Keep reading through, and you’ll find some great Halloween prank ideas.

Bath with blood by putting Kool-Aid in the showerhead – Creepiest Prank Idea

Ever wondered how your roommates will react when they go to take a shower, and instead of water, blood comes from the shower. Even imagining their face is makes laugh. The person will have goosebumps from his neck down to his very toes. His/her scared face will bring laughter to you every time you will think of it.

Blood in Shower - Halloween Prank Ideas giftideasclub.com

Now, some might be wondering if it requires too much work or if it will become clear water after some time. Well, leave the task of finding easy pranks for you on us. We will not show you something that is done by the Dude Perfect team on their youtube channel. All your question’s answers will be delivered with this simple video showing how to do it – Kool-Aid in the Shower.

So, it was simple, right. All you need is some Kool-Aid to make this prank work. And it will be really amusing to watch your roommate scream and coming out of the bathroom with some of the funniest expressions on their face. We are sure it will make your day, and you will be telling about this prank to people for years to come. If you want, you can order the red-colored Kool-Aid i.e., cherry flavor from Amazon by clicking here.

Let them wait for the pants

toilet pants-prank
Image: Buzzfeed

Want to prank your office friends? Well, this prank will frustrate your mates more than anything. Because they would be tormented if they find that one of their colleagues has been occupying the office bathroom for hours.

It is a simple prank where you just need to put a pant or jean on the toilet seat. And adjust it with the boots so that it looks like real legs are sitting on the toilet seat. And until the boss heads over there to meet the pants waiting for him/her in the bathroom, it will deal well with your waiting colleagues.

Put Mice in the Fridge

Mouse Scare

Let’s just say that finding a roaming mouse in our houses isn’t a delight! Usually, it would freak anyone handling such a nuisance. But if we could take it to the next level, we might be able to pull a nice Halloween Prank out of it. All you need to do is get some fake mice like these ones. And put them in your fridge near the water bottles or egg carton (as shown in the picture below) –

Mouse in the fridge
Instagram.com @sandeesandysandie

A better idea would be to get a remote-controlled mouse like this and make it roam around the person. This would definitely chill the person’s spine down to his toes. And give you a hilarious Halloween story to share among friends.

Rumbling Laptop – Funniest Halloween Prank

Did you ever think about how you would react if your laptop made rumbling sounds? Just imagine you are making your way out of the bathroom, and you see your laptop on the bed, vibrating and making loud noises. Isn’t it creepy? Well, you don’t have to browse on the internet for a software to do that, as when the person checks the task manager, he can easily see that it is just an app. Also, they won’t make the lappy vibrate on its own.

Therefore, we have a more practical option, which just requires a CD to do that. However, your laptop should have a CD drive so that you can put the broken CD in it. Have any further questions about this prank? Just click here for the video showing how to do that, and all your questions will be answered.

So, wasn’t it simple? Our suggestion is to do some work for the background of this Halloween prank idea, to make it scary enough that the person will run away while shouting and having a scared look on his face. Like you can play some frightening music not loud enough that the person understands what’s going on and some scary decorations. Or maybe you can put a ghost wallpaper or a screen saver with terrifying images.

Put a ghost in the ceiling

Watching through ceiling

We know! It is not an easy prank for Halloween. But it will be more effective than the rest. This has more chances to scare the person than the others. Because no one expects a ghost to be hiding in the ceiling. And when they do get to contact it, they should go like this –

scared by ceiling

Pennywise is here! – Because Pennywise is scary

IT clown on the window

IT is one of the creepiest characters in Hollywood. No wonder why IT (2017) is the highest-earning horror movie of all time. Maybe IT is the reason why some people are afraid of clowns. And that’s what we exactly need – the person should be fearful of this creepy clown. So, let’s read how the prank can be executed below.

This Halloween prank idea requires a black bathroom window. If your window is not black, then too, you can try it, but it’s evident that the black window in the background looks scarier than a transparent window. Now, when someone enters a bathroom, he sees a red balloon near the seat. The person exclaims that oh, it is just a balloon, but when he sits on the place, he looks here and there. And BAM, he is scared by the IT clown on the window.

For the scary photo on the window, you can either print an image depending on your window’s size. Or to make your work more comfortable, you can get a five and a half inches sticker of IT clown to paste. Plus, only a person, who is well known about the size of paper and can visualize how the computer will print it, can get a perfect photo of the clown for flawlessly executing this prank.

Stick a Foghorn behind the door

foghorn behind gate
Image: Reddit

The heading says it all. You just need to stick a foghorn (like this one) behind the gate and when the person opens it, they will probably go like this –

foghorn fall

So it one of the most comfortable Halloween prank ideas that you can pull on your friends. Believe us, try this early morning and the person won’t even need the morning coffee after this.

Prank Gift – Spider in a Jar

Gift in box

This is something that immediately scares the person. Not just on Halloween, whenever you want a hilarious scene, just make them open the box and tell them that it’s a gift. It is much effective than other Halloween prank ideas. Why? Because who expects a spider to pop out when they are opening a box. You just wish the person you are going to do this prank doesn’t have any heart condition.

Most people are afraid of spiders. Unless the person has had a spider as a pet before, your chances are pretty good that you will scare the hell out of them. And multiple sizes of fake spiders are available on the internet today, so you won’t have to look for a store to find the scariest spider. Because you need to be satisfied with whatever you have bought from a store, but the internet has got lots of creative things to offer you at your doorstep.

Now, you can make this box yourself by just putting a fake spider in a box, and connecting it to the lid through a thread will be more creepy because at first, it will look like a crawling spider. Or you can buy it from Amazon as most boxes are of price lesser than $10.

Putting a crawling Zombie on the bed while sleeping – For a rough morning

Crawling Zombie giftideasclub.com

Imagine that you are sleeping and when you wake up, you find this crawling zombie on your bed. Creepy, Right! Anyone would be scared by looking at it for the first time. Some might even jump out of bed, shouting and scared. Overall, it will make a humorous scene, and you will tell this story of how you pranked the person to look funny among a group.

And again, to make this prank more realistic and creepy, you can do some background work. For example, as you see in the gif above, if you can create this type of lightings, no one will be able to achieve a calm state for a reasonable amount of time after seeing this. Also, you can put some creepy music in low sound. And one more thing, which can be brutal but you can try is keeping a ball near the bed, so that when the person tries to run, he/she will slip and fall on the floor.

Create fake scars or cuts on the body – Works like a charm

Scare with Fake Scar
Image: Tumblr

If you know your way around make-up to put fake scars on your face, then first-of-all do know that you are a pro. And secondly, you will be able to pull this prank nicely. Or you can buy a realistic scar by clicking here. Then just put it on and meet the person. That’s it. No one can stay calm after seeing this. You will be hearing a loud scream from the person while everyone else will be laughing in the corner.

How about a head in a jar?

Head in a Jar

Scary, right? Who knows that you have a jar in your home with a person’s head inside it. It will be very freaky. Plus, the best point of pulling this prank is that it is effortless to do. You just need a jar and have to print out an image that looks like a head dipped in a liquid. So it is more like an illusion. You can see the gif below for reference –

Head in a Jar

See, it’s that simple. Now you might need a transparent jar of glass and a right-sized printout. Or you can just buy a head in a jar from Amazon. The benefit of buying from Amazon will be that it will be more realistic, and you won’t have to do any work on the jar. Not to mention, a little mistake like pasting the image on the wrong side or little tilted can ruin the prank.

Put 150 roaches in the bed while sleeping – For his/her love for roaches

Scared Waking Up

Waking up to see hundreds of roaches on you is really a nightmare. Remember how creepy it was in The Mummy movies (The ones that starred Rachel Weisz). Some might even jump out of the blanket and keep on shouting till they come to know it was one of your Halloween prank ideas. Be it any case; it is going to be hilarious. Also, don’t forget to put a camera beside to record it because occasions like these don’t happen every day, and this will look fun on your social media profiles showing how amazing your pranks are.

If you have other prank planned for waking the person as we showed above, then you can put it in the bathroom or a closet or cupboard, which he needs to open every day. All you need to do is buy fake roaches and spread these wherever you can.

Fake Hand Hand-shake – Yes, the title is correct

Fake Hand Hand-shake
Image: Wiki

The above image does half our work of making you understand how this prank is gonna go. Although you will need a fake hand to pull this. You can make that as a DIY project by yourself or buy a scary hand from here – Fake Hand. Make sure that you have covered the open part of the fake hand by your sleeves entirely. That’s the most critical part of this prank.

Also, the image shows like they are doing a handshake, but you can be more creative. Like you can pass something with the fake hand. Or put the other person in a situation where he tries to separate your hand. Because if you can do that, it will look more realistic. And the audience will have real chills down their spine. It will be very creepy for a second.

Prank Gift – Snake in a box

Snake in a box

OMG! There’s a snake in the box. Run! Run!

This is going to be the reaction of the person who sees a snake in a box lying around. It is a lovely way to prank the person because everyone is afraid of snakes unless the person has had a pet snake before, which has a minimal chance of happening. Now to execute the plan well, we need to tie the fake snake with the lid of the box. So at first, the person will think the snake is real.

You might want to paste it with some good-quality glue or tape; otherwise, the weight of the snake might tear it off, and it won’t look as much lifelike as it should to make the prank work. Also, you can find a fake snake in some of the stores near you, or you can order it from Amazon so you won’t have to search for such a store. And as we said before, there will be more variety of snakes available at low prices online, then your nearby stores. Click here for reference.

Decorate your house with hanging ghosts – One of spookiest Halloween decorations

Hanging Ghost - Halloween Prank Ideas giftideasclub.com

Hanging ghosts are one of the best ways to decorate a house. Plus, you can pull Halloween pranks with it on your friends. Even watching a ghost in movies gives us chills, but in reality, it will be much creepy. Some people will also find the above gif scary, just think how hilarious will be their reaction on seeing this in real. Now, to make this work, you can keep it in the closet or bathroom, and when someone opens the door, BAM, there is a ghost. It can be pretty scary for a person who has no idea what is behind the door.

Plus, you can give real chills to the person if you have one more person helping you in this prank. How? Just keep the ghost in the closet, and when the person after being scared for few seconds comes to senses and goes away to tell you about it, another person (who should be hidden or whose presence shouldn’t be known) can remove the ghost till he comes again. This way, he’ll have no idea how the hell did that happen, and it would give real goosebumps to him.

Put Glowing Eyes in the Yard

Glowing Eyes

Another DIY Halloween Prank Idea! Tell your mate in the night that you saw something strange in the garden. And when they see it, they might never want to retake a tour of the garden. At least not in the night time. But how are you gonna do it? Well, your curiosity can be solved with 3 simple steps. Although, you will need some glow sticks for that. You can quickly get them by clicking here. Now when you that glow stick you just need to follow the image below –

Super easy, right? Don’t forget that you can even use this idea on each Halloween to decorate your garden! And damn, it will be the best one in the street.

Stick a face under the Toilet Seat

This prank idea is rather comical than scary. You go to the bathroom and meet a nice guy staring at you while stuck under the toilet seat. It can be anyone. Any awkward expression from you or your friend will be laughable. Or give them a hi from this friendly guy –

saying hi

Why is every word spelled wrong?

typed wrong
Image: Buzzfeed

Do you know that you can just screw up someone’s keyboard assistant through the options in settings? Let’s say the person types ‘hi,’ and it will print out ‘poop.’ Funny, isn’t it? So, as you can guess, you just have to change the words he uses the most and change them to ‘ghost’ or anything that you come up with.

Although we can’t assure you if you can do that with every smartphone still, most phones provide the feature to add these words. For iOS, it should be Settings > General > Keyboard > Add new shortcut. For different androids, it is different while you may try searching for keyboard assistants, your dictionary, etc in the settings.

Wear a scary mask and turn on the chain saw

This prank is literally going to make the person beg for mercy! And we do hope that none of our friends try this on us. It’s just that if pulled right, it can be horrifying. But at the same time, it will be hilarious to watch that happen. So, don’t you forget to videotape it, eh! And as we hope from mature people, please beware that you try it safely as a chainsaw can be a dangerous tool.

Get a Scary Mask – Because everyone will get that

Scary Face - Halloween Prank Ideas giftideasclub.com

The most fun in pulling pranks comes when you are scaring someone through a scary mask. Seeing the frightened face by looking into the eyes of the scared person is more amusing than any other Halloween prank. Unless the person doesn’t start hitting you again after being frightened, this prank idea is quite an effective one. Or else it will be hilarious for other audiences and painful for you.

Although scary masks are the old way to scare someone, but they still work when you do it the right way. Even a sudden shout can scare people; then a creepy face would definitely do better. Again, you can try making a mask by yourself, and again, it will take efforts. Plus, if you aren’t professional, you might just mess up the whole plan by making something funny rather then scary.

Just Sneeze and Cough – Presently the easiest and most terrifying prank

We are all fighting a pandemic right now. So everyone is already scared of catching the COVID-19. That’s why the most comfortable thing we can do to scare someone is sneezing and coughing around them. More and more coughs will make them suspect more about your health condition until they will quarantine themselves from you.

Sneeze or Cough

Although we will be honest, this is just a simple idea for Halloween. Maybe it’s not even a prank because you know you aren’t doing any work for it. And likewise, you may not feel as excited as when you pull the other pranks we shared. But we felt like we shouldn’t miss anything, so we just reminded you that you can also do this. And we do hope you and your family remain safe until the pandemic ends. So please take care of yourself.


  1. Should you celebrate Halloween during COVID?

    That’s a decision that you have to take by yourself as there are no rules applicable nationwide in the US that says Halloween can’t be celebrated. You can celebrate Halloween and trick-or-treating as you please. But these are some of the guidelines shared by the government that you should follow during the celebrations –
    • Socially isolate and limit contact with other people.
    • Wear masks throughout all occasions when people are nearby.
    • Limit contact with surfaces or shared objects which are regularly touched.
    • Clean your hands regularly and for at least 20 seconds with soap and water.
    If you may have COVID-19 or may have been connected to someone with COVID-19, then you should not indulge in any Halloween activity involving direct or indirect contact. And you should not offer candy to trick-or-treaters. But on the bright side, you can connect with people virtually and share the celebration.

    You can also check the full list of measures shared by the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) by clicking here. Also, if you are hosting the celebration or decide to go to a gathering, then you should be aware of the measures shared by CDC by clicking here and here.

    Lastly, there is a website called halloween2020.org where you can get ideas for Halloween depending on the current COVID situation near your locality. Plus another creative idea is to use a candy chute for trick-or-treats so that you can maintain distancing while distributing sweets among the kids.

  2. What are the low-risk activities or safe alternatives you can try on Halloween?

    • Carving and exhibiting pumpkins with members of your household. You can also do that with your neighbors but while maintaining a safe distance.
    • Decorating the house or living room for you according to a Halloween theme.
    • Doing a Halloween scavenger hunt where children are given lists of Halloween-themed items to look for when walking from house to house outside, admiring Halloween decorations but from a distance. Instead of going house to house, you can also have a scavenger hunt-style trick-or-treat search with your household members in or near your home.
    • Having a virtual competition for Halloween costumes.
    • Having a spooky movie night with people with whom you reside.

    You should also be aware of moderate and high-risk activities shared by CDC for Halloween to get better aspects for celebrating the day.


We believe that after having even better Halloween prank ideas than the ultimate prankster Jim Halpert (from The Office), you will have a great time with your friends. Well, it won’t be a good day for the person who is going to be pranked but still, we believe you won’t be able to remove that smile off your face for a long time.

Jim Laughs

We hope you enjoy your Halloween and make good memories this year. Don’t forget to try the easiest prank – Scary mask and the creepiest prank idea – Bath with blood that we shared with you. Also, just a little heads up that don’t get too focused on pranking that you forget it might hurt the other person. And don’t try to scare people who have a heart condition or any mental problem.

One more important news that we should tell you is that children who have a blue Halloween bucket might be suffering from autism, so don’t forget to share candies with them too. Although this is not a widely recognized symbol as told by snopes.com still, some parents do that to symbolize their children’s autism. We believe that you will take all these points into considering and act accordingly.

So, these were our Halloween Prank Ideas. They were pretty unique, huh? Also, we are known for suggesting unique gift ideas so, if you ever want to look for valentine’s day gifts for your wife or want to tease your brother with funny gifts, you can always come here. We are more than happy to help you.

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