18 Funny Gifts for Wine Lovers to Share a Laugh with them

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Funny Gifts for Wine Lovers

We all have our wine-obsessed friends and family members who love to get a chance of smelling and sipping their favorite flavors in their exquisite wine glasses. And to put a smile on their face this time, we have created a list of 18 funny gifts for wine lovers that would make them laugh every time they will look at it. We just hope that they don’t do this. when receiving the present from you –

Hilarious Wine Spill

Now that you know we are serious about making people laugh, let’s get started with the funny gift ideas…

Oh, for Sake Funny Wine Tumbler

Oh, for sake Wine Tumbler

This wine Tumbler will make sure the receiver cherishes your goodwill every time they take a sip from it. In addition, the Tumbler serves as a unique gift with a sarcastic quote that will make the receiver and their friends chuckle every time they look at it.

How My Wife Tells Time Wooden Board

How my wife tells time wooden board

If your wife’s birthday is coming up, then this unique and funny wooden board will make for a fun gift, especially if she loves wine! This board can be hanged in the living room or the kitchen, and the design makes it look appealing anywhere it is placed.

Women’s Funny t-shirt for Dog Parent

Women's Funny t-shirt for Dog Parents

What is the similarity between a glass of wine and a dog? Both are enough to make you feel great and cheer you up! This t-shirt is a sarcastic take on wine-obsessed women who’d instead get comfy at home and drink with their dog by their side than going to dink somewhere.

Set of Hilarious Wine Coasters


If you know someone who agrees that wine coasters are necessary items, this set of coasters will make the best gag gift for them. Unlike regular coasters, these coasters have powers. With the help of these powers, the coasters can make everyone laugh around it!

Wine Bottle Puzzle Games for Adults

Wine Bottle Puzzle Games for Adults

There’s nothing better than delayed gratification. The more you have to work to get your hands on your favorite thing, the better it feels once you have. Playing on this metaphor, we bring you this wine puzzle. Drinking wine without solving a puzzle is old now; try this version. It’s much better!

I Wine Adult Coloring Book

I Wine Adult Coloring Book

This coloring book is for adults, wine lovers especially. It has tons of great drawings based on the obsession with wine. A set of color pencils is also delivered with this. The combo is enough for anyone to get hooked and stay up coloring for hours!

If You Can Read This Gag Gifts Set


Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you’re getting lazy on a sofa and feel the urge to drink wine? But no one will bring it to you because let’s face it, everyone else is lazy too, and no one would like to ruin their vibe for you. Then these socks are for you! Not only do they make your feet comfier, but they also get you.

My Favorite Workout Hoodie for Women

Favorite Workout for Women Hoodie

Working out makes you feel good, but you know what other exercise makes you feel good? Wine Making! So if you see a person who prefers the second mode of training, then this t-shirt is the best gift idea for them.

Fun Grandma Stemless Wine Glass

Fun Grandma Stemless Wine Glass

If your grandma loves drinking wine with you, she is to be cherished. You don’t know how lucky you are to have a grandma who shares the same vibe. This glass will only add to the fun and humor every time you pop open a bottle of wine with her!

Wine Nanny Prank Gift Box


Is your friend a wine-obsessed dude? Does he only think about one thing at the end of the day? Then this is the best way to prank him. The box cover makes it look like a serious product, but just put something unrelated to wine in the box and get ready to laugh like crazy!

Sarcastic Wine Tumbler for Sister


Does your sister give you a hard time? Is the sibling battle still raging even after you’ve become an adult? Then this spill-proof, sarcastic, and cute-looking wine Tumbler is what you’re gifting her on her birthday or Xmas this year. Not only does it signify your relation, but it also makes you cherish those moments!

Funny Kitchen Towel for Wine Lovers

Funny Kitchen Towels for Wine Lovers

Looking for a nice last-minute gift for someone’s house warming ceremony? Then this funny kitchen towel does the trick. And of course, it will be well received if the person loves wine. It will be saved for special guests, whom they want to make more comfortable by sharing a good laugh.

Funny Wine Coasters


What do wine-obsessed people need the most? Wine, obviously, but they also need a lot of coast to place their glasses. And these funny wine coasters do the job, plus they even make you chuckle a little bit. One of the most humorous gifts for wine lovers, we have to say!

Wine Stoppers Gift Set

Wine Stoppers Gift Set

Why does this little device even exist? Of course, the wine should be finished in a single sitting, but if you insist upon saving some for later, then these wine stoppers are there to preserve it. Not only will they stop your wine from leaking, but they’ll also do it while making everyone laugh!

Shut Up Liver Wine Glass

Shut Up Liver Wine Glass

There’s a common myth amongst people that wine makes our liver deteriorate. Grow up, people, stop believing in everything the government says; lizard people are probably controlling them. And to put your viewpoint, this wine glass is enough. The sarcastic quote will make everyone smile at the party!

Funny Wine Glass for Cat Parent

Funny Wine Glass for Cat Parents

It’s a custom to drink with people around you. No one made the rules; they just exist. So if you find yourself drinking alone and feel bad about it, remember your cat is always with you. And to keep you reminded about this fact – our funny glass will be the perfect gift idea!

Funny Tee for Women

Funny Tee for Women

They say the human body contains 60% water. Ever wondered what the other 40% holds in most human beings? Though, you don’t have to wonder for your wine-obsessed girlfriend; she has 40% wine flowing through her. So remind her of this new fact that you learned by gifting this hilarious t-shirt!

Set of Stemless Wine Glasses

Set of Stemless Wine Glasses

These stemless and funny wine glasses make a lovely housewarming present. All of them have a unique and sarcastic quote on them, which will only enhance the party’s mood. You’re good to go with this gift as long as the receiver enjoys having fun and cocktails!

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