Top 15 Gifts for Marketing Graduates and Students

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Gifts for Marketing Graduates

When deciding to buy a gift for your marketer friend or colleague, one thing must be clear. It would be best if you gifted them something useful or inspiring. A productivity tool as a gift may work just well, but something creative and funny may well do the trick. If you’re stuck and can’t find anything suitable, go through this list of gifts for marketing graduates, and you’ll indeed find something of great value. Also, if you know a female colleague who also pursues entrepreneurship, then don’t forget to check our gifts for female entrepreneurs.

Flexible Laptop Stand – To increase their productivity even on the couch

Flexible Laptop Stand

We all can agree that working all day on the desk is way more productive. But when working on the couch, we don’t know how we quickly switch from work to watching the cute cat’s video on YouTube. And even the laptop keeps sliding down our lap while we do so. But not anymore, as this flexible stand should do the trick. It is a perfect gift for a marketing major who wants to become productive while working from home.

Business School Survival Glass – A funny gift for the business school grad

Business School Survival Glass

Your marketer friend might be expecting ordinary gifts, but let’s give something that is a cut above the rest, like this special wine glass. Made especially for business school survivalists, this glass will become the only one in the cupboard that they will ever use. A creative gift like this wine glass is perfect for marketers.

Unknown Market Wizards: Book – A collection of inspiring stories

Unknown Market Wizards Book

Learning from other people’s mistakes can be helpful when trying to achieve the same goal as them. This book contains various inspiring stories that will make the reader motivated to do more. Plus, these wizards’ mistakes are a bonus to a marketer that they can learn from. That’s why it is one of the best gifts for marketing graduates/students.

Funny Unicorn Mug – To embrace their creativity in the most amusing way

Funny Unicorn Mug

Rather than gifting a boring gift that they will return anyway, gift them a sarcastic mug. The mug is for those who love creative ideas and gifts. It is unique, and the design makes it a perfect gift for marketing majors.

Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook: Book – To stay a step ahead of everyone

Jab Jab Jab Right Hook Book

Reading books is essential to every human who is striving to be the best in their field. And Gary Vee is not an uncommon name on social media (just check his Instagram account for example). His tips work, and this book has some of his best work. Reading it will help the marketing grad to stay ahead of the competition.

Reusable Notebook – Sometimes, a notebook can make the best gift

Reusable Notebook

Rather than trying to find something that the receiver too could have thought of in the first place, gift them something unique or creative. Like this notebook that can become a special gift—because it is a reusable one. The Rocketbook app will also allow the notes to be digitally stored when the marketer needs to note down the essential strategies. Also, the marketing students will find it much more useful.

World’s Best Marketer Mug – To encourage the best marketer you know

World's Best Marketer Mug

You want to give something to a marketer friend/colleague, then what would be better than a gift that reaffirms to them how good they are in their field. Gift this mug to the best marketer you know, and you will see a sweet smile on their face.

Funny Marketer’s t-shirt – In case people have a misconception

Funny Marketer's t-shirt

There is a misconception that marketers stalk people online to get their data. But there’s a particular term for that – Retargeting. And this tee clarifies it. Anyway, that’s not the important point here. The important thing is that a marketer can relate to it, and it will also make them laugh. And that’s what we are looking for, with this gift.

Marketing Mousepad – Motivational Gifts for Marketing Graduates

Marketing Mousepad

When in doubt about our ability, we need a little confidence, which motivates us to do more. A notebook with some motivating quotes may work. Still, it is an overused idea. Try something different, like this mousepad. Plus, it is way better and relatable than their old and ruined mousepad. This is one of the best inspiring gifts for marketing graduates too.

Apple iPad – The most helpful gadget they could ask for

Apple iPad

Any person who uses a computer will love to have an iPad as an extra tool in their arsenal. An iPad is a mighty gadget for a marketer. Everything they need is available on the iPad. Plus, it becomes even better when combined with Apple Pencil, making it the best tool to jot down ideas and create compelling documents. It is one of the most valuable gifts that any marketing graduate/student would love to have.

Skilled Marketer’s Poster – For the born-to-be a marketer

Skilled Marketer's poster

Being a marketer isn’t easy. It requires hard work, and most importantly, it requires creative skills. People who love marketing will consistently outperform others. That’s why giving this poster to a born-to-be-a-marketer person is the best way to cheer them.

Portable Charger – So that the battery doesn’t hold them down

Portable Charger

A marketer needs to keep a check on all the social media and other projects he/she’s working on. A portable charger will make sure that their phone’s battery never runs low. Not very unique, but a handy gift that everyone would appreciate, especially whose work depends on their smartphone. So don’t forget that this essential gift for the marketing major.

Funny Digital Marketer Wall Art – To boost their confidence in digital marketing

Funny Digital Marketer Wall Art

If your friend/colleague is an experienced marketer, he would really love this gift. Often, the client would like to make changes that the marketer disapproves of. Still, a professional marketer knows what’s best for the client, and this sign though being sarcastic puts forth that message.

Clever Fox Planner – To make effective marketing plans in the future

Clever Fox Planner

Sometimes the workload may increase suddenly due to improper planning, making the day more hectic and reducing a marketer’s productivity. A planner is a solution to this. He/she can plan the week and sail through the work with ease, increasing productivity and keeping them relaxed at all times. Especially the marketing college students who have to study while working to get practical experience will find it much more productive.

Inspirational Quote Pen – To motivate the marketing grad

Inspirational Quote Pen

A small dose of inspiration is enough to declutter our minds and start working again. Plus, a marketer won’t see it coming in the form of their pens. These pens with inspirational quotes on them will act as a unique and creative gift for them. And we don’t need to say that marketing students will find it equally useful as the professional ones.

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