Unique and Fun Father’s Day Gift Ideas for 60-year-olds

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Father's Day Gift Ideas for 60-Year-Olds

Your dad turned 60 recently, and you’ve decided to gift him something thoughtful on Father’s day. That just shows how caring you are. But now comes the hard part, what can you give him? You can’t just give anything simple. It’s an excellent opportunity to delight your father, so make sure you get something that puts a smile on his face. That’s why we have put together a list of unique and fun father’s day gift ideas for 60-year-olds that they’d cherish for life. And don’t forget to check our gifts for a 70-year-old man if you want!

The First 60 Years of Childhood t-shirt

60 Years of Childhood t-shirt

Nothing’s better than a present that will make your dad chuckle and share a laugh with everyone else. This fun t-shirt will make sure his mood lightens up whenever he sees himself wearing it. If your dad has always been active and energetic, this is perhaps the perfect gift idea for Father’s day.

Tile Mate

Tile Mate

Not just your dad, but many people have trouble locating their keys or wallet in the house. And Tile Mate is a perfect solution for that. Once they get connected to an object, he’d never lose it. And if he complains about forgetting his essential accessories, maybe it’s time you help him, with the help of this thoughtful gift idea.

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Back and Neck Massager

Back and Neck Massager

After a long day at work, all a man needs is some rest. And this massager will make your father’s stress vanish in an instant. The heat makes your muscles relax and provides pleasure while massaging them. It is a helpful gift idea that would be appreciated by your dad or even granddad.

1961 Born Mug

1961 Born Mug

Every other present pales when compared to a nice chilled glass of your dad’s favorite whiskey. This 1961 born mug is perfect for a 60-year-old man who likes unique products. It is a fun mug to serve whiskey, and you get lots of appreciation in return. A win-win for both of you!

Personalized Wooden Picture Frame

Personalized Wooden Picture Frame

A photo frame captures and allows you to cherish memorable moments forever. And nothing can beat the gift of sharing memories together. That’s why this photo frame will make for a heartwarming present, especially since it will be personalized for the 60-year-old on the occasion of father’s day.

Toilet Paper Funny Prank Gift

Toilet Paper Funny Prank Gift

Not all dads are serious. Some are pretty sarcastic and enjoy gags. For such a 60-year-old fun dad, this toilet paper roll will be perfect. Just hang it up in his bathroom on Father’s day and watch him laugh while coming out of the bathroom. After all, gag gifts are creative and work on every occasion.

60 & Fabulous Keychain

60 and Fabulous Keychain

They say as a person gets older, they become wiser. And it’s true, so gifting your dad this keychain would be the most meaningful way of saying that you admire his opinions and advice. It also works as a sarcastic gift with a funny quote on it!

I am this many – Cute t-shirt

I am this many - cute t-shirt

Has your dad recently turned 60? Then this funny t-shirt would make for a great gift idea for him. Your father would be expecting many formal and informal presents. Giving him this sarcastic shirt will make everyone laugh and lighten the mood.

Foot Massager

Foot massager

Nothing floats the boat of a 60-year-old other than a soothing massage. And if it can be done from the comfort of your house, it’s even better. This foot massager makes for a thoughtful gift that will keep him young again and help him walk and run for the fun of it!

That Makes Me 60 Mug

That Makes me 60 Mug

Has your dad recently turned 60 but still behaves like a 12-year-old, looks young, and is full of energy like a guy in his 20s? Then, this mug might be the best gift he’d ever receive. It’s a fun way to represent that he is still as young and jolly as ever.

60th Personalized Pocket Watch

60th Personalized pocket Watch

Being 60 years old is a big deal. Your dad has seen and experienced a lot in his life. He must have had many lovely adventures and incidents that shaped his view today. That’s why this pocket watch is to honor that splendid journey. This premium pocket watch has a classy design, so you know it would suit him!

Funny 60-year-old Unicorn Mug

Funny 60 year old Unicorn Mug

Some people never change. Even if they turn 60, they might still have the youthful energy of a young kid! Though we should appreciate such people. And if your dad shows the same kind of traits, then this mug is made for him.

60 Years Ago Vintage Table Décor


Sometimes it’s fun to revisit the time you passed. For your dad, it would be the old world in the 1900s. When there was no android or iOS, and everyone socialized for real, not just on Facebook. This poster from the 60s will put a smile on his face for sure as it will bring back his nostalgia and memories of the good old days.

Daddy Shark t-shirt


T-shirts make for unique presents because now there are so many styles to choose from. A simple tee can turn into a memorable gift because of a cool graphic on it. This t-shirt fulfills that criteria. Plus, now he will attract all the kids since they will find their grandpa and daddy shark in him.

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