List of Favorite Gravity Falls Gifts for Fans in 2023

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Gravity Falls Gifts for Fans

Gravity Falls is one of the most popular tv shows to air in recent times, especially for kids. Alex Hirsch’s storytelling was captivating to audiences of all ages, with the show’s universal appeal. The adventures of Mabel and Dipper in the shack are still remembered by many, and kids especially are obsessed with the show. To cure their thirst for more, we made this list of the best Gravity Falls Gifts that will be loved by receivers of all ages, i.e., kids and adults alike!

Tales of the Strange and Unexplained Book


It’s hard to believe Gravity Falls ended almost 5 years ago. The show has a special place in many people’s hearts who crave more adventures. This book of short stories satisfies that craving. It is a retelling from the one and only Grunkle Stan, which is loved by fans worldwide. Definitely one of the best gifts for Gravity Falls fans!

Gravity Falls The Complete Series

Gravity Falls The Complete Series

What, your friend hasn’t watched the most fabulous show on earth? Why are you even friends with such people? Although I won’t accept such people, Mabel would, she loves everyone, and hence we can give your friend a chance. This complete series will be enough to make him/her into a Gravity Falls Stan! And if you know someone who misses its action even after watching, then this complete set would also be nice for rewatching since you don’t have to wait for the next episode.

Dipper Funko Pop Figure

Dipper Funko Pop Figure

Though being nerdy and having a squeaky voice, Dipper was the best character. His wannabe-mature attitude is what resonated with many. Due to which this Funko Pop figure will make an excellent gift for any Dipper fan!

Gravity Falls t-shirt


Weren’t you able to find any gift in the time you had? Don’t worry. This tee will be enough to please any Gravity Falls fan. It has all the major characters on it, and it is not overly-priced, unlike many merch. So it will make a perfect gift idea for Gravity Falls fans.

Coloring Book for Kids


Dipper and our precious little Mabel got trapped into a dimension where there’s no color, and the only way out is by bestowing upon this world with the magic of color. This coloring book has a great story that allows your kids to think outside the box and bring their imagination to life. Among our favorite Gravity Falls Gifts for Kids!

Gravity Falls Journal 3

Gravity Falls Journal 3

Ahh, the infamous journal number 3! A Gravity Falls fan would love to get their hands on one of these little books. The journal is an exact replica of the one that Dipper carries around in the animated show. But beware, don’t accidentally summon a Shmebulock in the real world. This book should be handled with great care and only by people who understand its powers. So you are allowed to gift this to a Gravity Falls fan, not any ordinary human!

Dipper’s Original Hat

Dipper's Original Hat

Dipper loses his original hat when being chased by a giant group of Gnomes! This hat is the exact replica, so you know a fan would be thrilled to have it. It also looks stylish, and the brown color makes sure that you can wear this with almost any outfit. You will see a sweet smile on the receiver’s face when you hand him/her this special merch!

Mabel Pines Funko Pop Figure

Mabel Pines Funko Pop Figure

Mabel is the embodiment of excitement. She’s a ball of energy that radiates fun and laughter wherever she goes. Every geek would be excited to have the one and only Mable Pines in their room. That’s why this is one of our favorite Gravity Balls gifts for kids, especially for girls!

Bill Cipher Wheel Lighting Decor

Bell Cipher Wheel Lighting Decor

This Bill Cipher light will serve as a great addition to their desk. Though Bill is terrifying at times, many loved his character. He was one of the best villains in recent times. But we know what a fan would think upon receiving it. What if Bill escapes? Don’t worry. He’s surrounded by symbols that keep him locked in whatever dimension he lives on, i.e., this lighting wheel. Definitely one of the best merchandise for Gravity Falls fans!

Gravity Falls Sticker Set


Mable loved to put stickers everywhere, yes, even on her face. Stickers were a way of expressing her feelings towards others. This sticker pack will help you do that as well. The collection contains bright colored stickers of all the characters and moments.

Waddles the Pig Plush Doll

Waddles the Pig Plush Doll

Though Stan wasn’t very fond of this pig, Mable was obsessed with it. Waddles is the best pig in the world, and it only makes sense to gift its plush figure to your kid. Just like Mable, your kid will carry around his/her Waddles everywhere they go.

Bill Cipher Funko Pop Figure

Bill Cipher Funko Pop Figure

Bless your room with the presence of the almighty party demon, Bill Cipher. The Funko Pop figure will serve as a gateway to the entire Gravity Falls collection or be a great addition to an already existing one. Regardless, this menacing little guy will look exquisite with any merchandise collection.

Waddles the Pig t-shirt

Waddles the Pig t-shirt

Waddles might be the only member of the pig world who gets so much attention. This t-shirt doesn’t have any pun or joke on it, just regular old Waddles, but still, it makes you laugh. Its face is enough to make you laugh. Gift this anomaly to a fan, and he would be overjoyed with it!

Bill Cipher Plush

Bell Cipher Plush

‘You mere mortal, how dare you to play with me, I’m the greatest thing to be born in the universe!’ this is what this Bill Cipher plush would say if it were conscious. Still, don’t worry; playing with him won’t harm your kids. It is only a plush.

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