19 Cinderella Gifts to Make Her Dreams Come True

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Cinderella Gifts

Do you think Cinderella is a fairy tale? Well, not for the little or grown-up girl who you are looking gifts for. It’s a story of hope, courage, and magic that inspired them from a young age. So whether she is a fan of the classic Disney animation, the live-action remake, or the Broadway musical, we have a Cinderella gift for everyone. Our list of Cinderella gifts will make her dreams come true. So grab your glass slippers, and let’s explore the enchanting world of our beautiful presents!

Cinderella Dress

Cinderella Dress

Just think how cute she will look wearing that Cinderella dress! She will be the main attraction of every event she goes to, be it weddings, birthday parties, or Halloween. There is no question if a girl who grew up watching the Disney Princess movies would like this gift or not. It will easily become her favorite. And after getting this gift, she may not need to watch those princess movies. She could just look at herself in the mirror.

Cinderella Dress-up accessories

Cinderella Dress-up Accessories

Let’s say she already has a dress like the one shown above. Then, she can also use these dress-up accessories to get one step closer to becoming a cute little princess. This accessory set includes a pair of gloves, a Tiara, Clip Earrings, a wand, and a beautiful necklace. All these accessories combined make it one of the cutest Cinderella gifts for girls.

Pumpkin Carriage Pendant

Pumpking Carriage Pendant

This gift is for the super fan of Cinderella! As you can see in the above image, it features the adorable pumpkin carriage shown in the movies. This pumpkin carriage was used by the fairy godmother to pick Cinderella from her house for the castle. And kids just love this pendant. Don’t believe us, and check the review section to see how happy parents and little girls are.

Cinderella Shoes

Cinderella Shoes

How can we forget about the mere object around which the whole story of Cinderella revolves? The story tells us that if it were not for the shoes, Cinderella would never have gotten her prince. And now, those special glass shoes are available for the girls to wear. But yeah, these aren’t exactly made of glass. They are made of plastic so that they don’t shatter like real glass. Thus, it will make one of the best Cinderella gifts for girls.

Bibbidi Bobbidi Boozed glass

Bibbidi Boozed Glass

A funny gift to show your sarcasm! Remember the words that the fairy godmother said before applying magic? Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo! Yeah, and these words will be printed over the wine glass, making it a unique and funny Cinderella gift for the adults. These are made in the USA from quality glassware and are dishwasher safe. And don’t you worry about the words fading away as they are properly inscribed in the glass!

Cinderella Quote t-shirt

Cinderella Quote t-shirt

A t-shirt with a lively vibe to share with the Cinderella fan! Have Courage and Be Kind – was the popular line said in the Cinderella movies by her mother. This t-shirt has the power to boost the receiver’s day with feel-good vibes. Plus, you can even select their favorite color so that they don’t ignore your gift and put you first on each of her guest lists.

Cinderella Carriage Candy Box

Cinderella Carriage Candy Box

This is one of the cutest Cinderella Gifts that we could have found for you. It is a little candy box that girls can use to put candies in it. To make it resemble Cinderella’s world, it makes a 3D image of the Pumpkin carriage shown in the movies (which Cinderella used for transportation to the event in the castle). The excitement and satisfaction of the customers clearly say how good of a present it is.

LEGO Cinderella Building Kit

LEGO Cinderella Building kit

A gift to bring the creativity out of the little girl! This 350 pieces LEGO kit includes all the characters and objects to resemble the little world of Cinderella. It has the popular Pumpkin carriage, the house, and the action figures of Cinderella and fairy godmother. This LEGO kit can be helpful for role-playing games and making friends with other kids. That’s why it makes it one of the best Cinderella gifts for kids.

Cinderella Figurine

Cinderella Figurine

A gorgeous collectible item for Cinderella fans! As you can see, this figurine of Cinderella looks extremely ravishing. Well, why wouldn’t it? This is a hand-painted figurine made of ivory fine china and accented with 24-karat gold. Also, it is officially licensed by Disney for its quality material and fine work on it. Thus, you shouldn’t ignore this royal souvenir for the receiver.

Cinderella Charm Bracelet

Cinderella Charm Bracelet

We all know what charm bracelets are for. They change our luck, and only good things happen from then on. (Just kidding!). As you can see, this cute bracelet looks very elegant and can make a nice gift idea for girls. She will keep this bracelet in her jewelry box with the pouch that comes with it. And then she will wear it only on special occasions.

Disney Princess Deluxe Figure Play Set

Disney Princess Play Set

If the girl liked Cinderella, then how could she not like the other Disney Princesses? Plus, there are many princesses today, like Rapunzel from Tangled and Belle from Beauty and the Beast. So, don’t forget to give this special present to the Cinderella fan. Believe us. It will make her day.

Cinderella Teacup Figurine

Cinderella Teacup Figurine

Do you remember the little mice’s herd which used to help Cinderella in her story? They were cute, weren’t they? In fact, it’s because of these cute side characters that make a story more fun for little kids. And that’s why we suggest you gift a teacup figurine of Jaq and Gus (characters from Cinderella movies). They are very adorable and will make a nice addition to their collectibles.

Have courage and be kind – Bracelet

Have Courage Bracelet

Again, these special lines come in front of us as a gift idea. What can we do? It is really popular and amazing. Now you might doubt the size of the above-shown T-shirt, but you can’t have any doubt about this present. It’s a simple bracelet that prints a special line. Plus, it comes in a cute gift box so that she can put it in her jewelry collection. The satisfaction from the customers shows how well this gift is going to be received.

Cinderella School Backpack

Cinderella School backpack

Does your little girl doesn’t like going to school? Don’t worry, she will now, as she will have this special Cinderella backpack to give her company. The cute princess that she always adored will now be with her in school time. We just hope other girls don’t become jealous of her backpack. So, what else to think about? This is the perfect Cinderella-themed gift idea for girls.

Pumpkin Carriage Trinket Box

Pumpkin Carriage Trinket Box

One of the Best Cinderella Gifts for her! This cute trinket box looks great as a collectible. Plus, it can be well-received by people of all ages. A schoolgirl can keep it in her room, and even your granny can use it for home décor. This beautiful trinket can be used for keeping your jewelry items as the head of the carriage can open. Plus, to ensure its quality, it is even hand-made by the maker.

Classic Cinderella Movie

Classic Cinderella Movie
Courtesy: Fandom

No matter how many live-action movies are made by Disney still, we can’t argue that the animated classics from the 20th century had their own taste. And that taste just can’t fade off with time. There is a recent Cinderella movie made in 2015 (even another in 2021 starring Camila Cabello). So, there is a good chance that the little girl wouldn’t have seen the classic movie from the 50s. So, give her the feel of how great the old Disney animated classics used to be by gifting her the Classic Cinderella film.

Jaq, Suzy, and Gus Plush Set

Jaq, Gus, and Suzy Plush Set

Jaq, Suzy, and Gus are the mice from the Cinderella movies who used to help Cinderella when her stepmother used to treat her as a servant. Even though you hate mice in your homes but you will adore this plush set of them. Little girls especially would love to play and will make sure that she doesn’t have any bad dreams of monsters hiding under her bed. Thus, this Disney-exclusive plush set will make a nice gift for the girl.

Cinderella Tiara

Cinderella Tiara

One thing that was left to share with you related to Cinderella’s theme was this – A Tiara. Any girl would love to wear Cinderella’s Tiara for special events. It will separate her from others and will fulfill her dream of looking like a princess. That’s why we suggest you this authentic and genuine Tiara of Cinderella. It even has plastic combs to fit her head easily.

Hot and Cold Ceramic Coffee Mug

Hot and Cold Ceramic Coffee Mug

These mugs are a great piece to show the maker’s creativity. As you can see in the image, it will look like a normal black mug when cold, but when it is hot, it shows a beautiful design of Cinderella’s world. The design itself is a treat for our eyes, and combined with this amazing mug, it makes a great present for the Cinderella fan. We just hope that the receiver doesn’t forget about the other mugs because now she has a way better one.

  1. What are the best Cinderella gifts for girls?

    Girls love items that make them feel like they are in Cinderella's shoes (not talking about the glass slippers here). They want to relate with her, be a part of the magical world, and have friends like Gus and Suzy. So based on that, here are some of the best gift ideas for little Cinderella fans –

    1. Cinderella's Dress
    2. Cinderella's Glass Slippers
    3. LEGO Cinderella Building Kit
    4. Disney Princesses Play Set
    5. School Backpack
    6. Jaq, Suzy, and Gus Play Set
    7. Cinderella's Tiara
    8. Classic Cinderella Movie

  2. What are the best Cinderella gifts for adults?

    No matter how old or mature she is, she must have loved the story when she watched or learned about Cinderella. Keeping that in mind, there's no reason why can't love these gift ideas –

    1. Bibbidy Bobbidy Boo Wine Glass
    2. Cinderella Quote T-shirt
    3. Cinderella Teacup Figurine
    4. Have Courage and be Kind – Bracelet
    5. Pumpkin Carriage Trinket Box
    6. Classic Cinderella Movie

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