Sarcastic and Funny Birthday Gifts for your Brother in 2023

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Funny Birthday Gifts for Brother

The sibling bond is unlike any other. They fight, they stay angry, they reconcile, this circle keeps on repeating itself. Having a brother is like having another friend, except he is much closer to you and annoys you the most. But now it is your turn to take revenge and share your love at the same time. So, if you’re stuck finding meaningful or funny birthday gifts for your brother, look no further. All the presents here are meant to make everyone laugh on his birthday. And to be received by him with an emotion he has never felt before. The feeling that annoys you yet binds you together.

Talking Trump Birthday Card

For the Trump supporter

Talking Trump Birthday Card

Trump might’ve lost, but his charismatic personality still influences many people. If your brother is one of these people, a gift like this will surely make him chuckle.

Sarcastic Coffee Mug

If his advice never helped you

Sarcastic Coffee Mug

Siblings tend to give each other a hard time, but it only increases their love for each other. If your bro is known to provide weird and unhelpful advice at times, gifting him this mug might make him nostalgic. It puts your point forward while giving a sarcastic blow to him. One of the best gag gifts for your brother on his birthday!

Funny Men’s Tank Top

For the muscle man

Funny Men's Tank Top

Is your brother a gym freak? Does he like to flex his muscles all the time? Then gifting him this hilarious t-shirt might be the best gift idea. The quote on it is amusing, and one can’t hold his/her laugh after reading it.

Happy Birthday Toilet Paper Roll

If you love the shit outta him

Happy Birthday Toilet Paper Roll

Siblings will never show how much they care about each other. That’s just how they are. So on his birthday, if you want him to know that you’re always there for him, but sarcastically, this is the best option. Tell him that you love the shit outta him in the funniest way possible through this gag gift!

Ninja Disguise Flip t-shirt

To embarrass him in front of adults

Ninja Disguise Flip T-shirt

Playing practical jokes is one of the things brothers and sisters tend to do. And we know how goofy they can get, to the point that it seems embarrassing. But if your brother is fun and energetic enough, then this ninja disguise is for him. It will make for a hilarious present, to say the least.

Modern Wit Birthday Card

If he still lies about his age

Modern Wit Birthday Card

If your brother is insecure about his age to the point that he lies to people about it and even makes you lie, then this greeting card is the best way to tease him. This funny gift is perfect for your brother who can’t enjoy being his age on his birthday!

Macho Apron

Again, just to embarrass him

Macho Apron

Practical jokes never get old. If your brother managed to get the upper hand over you, it’s time to get back at him with this apron. This gift will be the talk of the occasion whenever he cooks. Just imagine him walking around in that thing. It will be totally hilarious. Among the funniest birthday gifts for brothers!

Funny Coffee Mug

If he already got a gift in you

Funny Coffee Mug

This mug will make the best present at the party. Plus, you know, no one can deny how great you are, and your brother’s really lucky to have you in his life. Though jokes aside, it is a meaningful gift that shows how much you love him. Your brother will have a smile on his face upon receiving it.

I Can Fart t-shirt

If you want revenge on your brother

I can fart t-shirt

Boys don’t care how they present themselves, especially when they’re with their gang. If your brother is one such goofball, then this t-shirt is best for him. The quote is embarrassing, and people will give him the looks, but our guess is that he will still flaunt the t-shirt. So don’t be shy to share such a unique and funny gift for your brother’s birthday.

Drunk, Stoned, or Stupid

Fun Party Game

Drunk Stoned or Stupid Party Game

Well, this party game is not for those who get offended easily, so it is a perfect gift for your brother. You know all his qualities, he knows all yours, play this game and have fun. It is a hysterical gift that you and your brother will enjoy playing in your free time.

Funny Keychain

Popular gag gift for your brother

Funny Keychain

Some people have a hard time confessing their feelings to their siblings. If you are among those people, then the best way to let your brother know that you care is by sharing such presents. This keychain fits the description perfectly, and your brother will have a sweet smile on his face while receiving this funny gift.

Things I Will Forget Notebook

If he always forgets something

Things I will forget Notebook

If your bro is one of those people who are careless and always forgets stuff, gifting him a to-do list would be the most hilarious thing. Now he will be able to schedule more effectively, and most importantly, you get to laugh when he opens the present!

Custom Face Socks

If you love his face

Custom Face Socks

Practical jokes never get old. A gag gift will always make the party lighten up even more. These socks can have any face you want on them, so just slap your brother’s face on them and gift it to him and be ready to see everyone laugh till their stomach aches on his special day.

50% Hungry 50 % Tired Notebook

A funny gift to tease your lazy brother


This pandemic has made a sloth out of most people, and if your brother is also one such example, he needs change. This poster will make him realize how lazy he is through your sarcasm. Therefore, making a motivational yet funny birthday gift for your brother!

Washable Funny Mask

So everyone laughs when he goes out

Washable Funny Mask

This pandemic forced everyone to add face masks to their wardrobes. And a mask like this will make for a hilarious present. Just imagine your bro wearing this, and you will be automatically willing to gift this to him.

Funny Novelty Memo Pads

To make him popular in his office

Funny Novelty Memo Pads

If your bro is an employee, these memo pads will make an excellent gift for him. They are amusing, they are helpful, and they will lighten his mood at the office. Plus, everyone will know who has the funniest sibling now!

Senior Driver Car Magnet

If he drives slow or has become a senior citizen

Senior Driver Car Magnet

If your brother is too careful when he drives or if he drives too slow, then this car magnet will be a perfect gift for him. It is funny, looks good, and puts forth your point. What more can you expect from a sarcastic birthday present for your brother?

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