Heartwarming Gifts for Pet Loss to Show that you Cared

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Gifts for Pet Loss by giftideasclub.com

It’s heartbreaking to see the person close to you, grieving and mourning for someone who can’t come back. But it’s our responsibility to help the person get over it, with a final goodbye. And one of the best ways to do it is by showing your care and respect with a humbling gift. That’s why we came with the best heartwarming gifts for pet loss. The handpicked gifts that we chose for you will show how much thought you gave for the special gift. From unique ideas like tree growing kit to a remarkable picture frame, we are sure the receiver will be delighted by the gift. So, let’s get started then. (Also, we have many other pet-related gifts that you can take a look at).

Personalized Tree Growing Kit

Personalized Tree Growing

The person just lost someone, so let’s honor it with another life. And, at the drastic times of global pandemics and climatic changes, what can be better than a little sapling to help make our world a better place. This tree kit will make a sturdy dawn redwood tree soon. Plus, to keep you excited about its growth the seedlings will arise within 15-30 days of decent care. And from then on it will develop 2 feet each year becoming up to 50-60 feet at its peak. Thus, this tree growing kit makes a unique yet helpful gift for the sorrowful loss of their pet.

Paw Print on Stepping Stone

Paw Print on Stepping Stone

A heartwarming and thoughtful gift to show that you cared for the pet! This gift is one of the most unique and cutest ways to show your grief for pet loss. This Stepping Stone not only looks great in the garden but the line ‘If love could have saved you, you would have lived forever’ leaves a deep touch on the reader’s heart. Also, the paws printed on the stones just give the feels to it. You can even keep it on the pet’s grave for the remembrance.

Pet Remembrance Bracelet

Pet Remembrance Bracelet

If the person never wants to forget about their most beloved companion (their pet), then this gift might be the one for them. This personalized bracelet not only looks great, but it will also read a special message for the receiver – “Once by my side, forever in my heart’”. Besides, you can even choose to print the name of the pet on the bracelet. So, it will print a cute little paw on one side and the name on the other.

Memorial Frame with Poem

Memorial Frame with Poem

In the memory of the beloved pet! A memorial frame is an ideal way to pay your respects in memory of the pet. This special frame even has a beautiful poem written for the remembrance of a lively soul titled ‘Pawprints left by You’. The heartfelt poem will be the most sympathetic gift for pet loss. Plus, it also has a cute pet tag hanging on the side with the print of an adorable little paw. You can even choose to have an ash vial instead of the tag if the owner still has some ashes or hair of the pet.

Custom Pillow with Pet’s photo

Custom Pillow with Pet's photo

One of the most popular yet well-received gifts! A Custom Pillow with the pet’s photo will show how much you cared for the pet. Each time the owner will look at this pillow he will be nostalgic about the dog yet thank you at the same time. And these pillows are made completely from polyester so that it gives comfort while maintaining the quality of the pic. Last but not the least, it is available in multiple sizes and shapes to choose from.

Pet Memorial Blanket

Pet Memorial Blanket

To give the warm cozy feeling that the pet used to give while hugging him! This memorial blanket is to touch the hearts of those grieving souls who’ll never forget the memories with their pets. This easy-to-wash blanket also has a poem written on it for their pet. And with the notecard to include your information with the blanket makes it a more heartwarming and sentimental gift for the sorrowful pet loss. 

Custom Dog Painting from Photo

Custom Dog Painting

What more can you gift than this custom dog painting to show that you loved that energetic soul? The painting that you are seeing in the above image is not the only one, it will be made from the picture of the dog that you give to the seller. Plus you get to choose the background color and size of the canvas so that it’s perfect. It will be completed with the highest-quality work and ready to be gifted within some days of ordering it.

Custom Pet Photo t-shirt

Customized Pet Photo t-shirt - Heartwarming gifts for pet loss

Another remembrance gift for the grieving pet loss! The title and the above image clearly suggests that this gift will be a t-shirt with the pet’s photo on it. Also, you will have tons of color options to choose from. And for extra comfort, the tee will be made in the USA from 100% cotton. It is another gift idea for the pet owners so that they never forget their loyal companion. This gift is to honor the soul of their furry little friend.

You had me at woof – Picture Frame

you had me at woof frame

You had me at woof – what a heart touching line! A picture frame is an ideal gift for most people and on most occasions. But what makes a gift more special is if in some way the receiver can connect to it. Because a gift is for putting a smile on the other person’s face. And that’s why we suggest this special picture frame to you. With this line written on it and the pet’s picture framed on it will make a heartwarming gift for pet loss.

Dog Bereavement Angel Figurine

Dog Angel Figurine

If the gift is for a girl, then you can’t find anything better than this one. As shown in the image above it is an angel figurine holding a dog in their hands. What you probably can’t see clearly in the image is that at the bottom of the figurine is this heartwarming saying – Pawprints in heaven, paw prints on my heart. This gift can also be used as a decor item. Overall, it is a great gift to relive and look back at the days where the owner used to be with the dog.

Pet Loss Sentiment Poem with Keychain

Pet Loss Sentiment

One of the best pleasures for readers is feeling emotions through words. And if the grieving owner is also a reader, then this gift will melt their heart. The beautiful poem is written by Teri Harrison, a creative writer whose poems and stories can touch anyone’s heart. You can even choose between different poems for cats and dogs. And as the title suggests it also comes with an adorable keychain. It will be an exhilarating gift for their pet loss to take reduce the owner’s pain.

Paw Print Memorial Stone with Poem

Paw Print Memorial Stone

We didn’t think that anyone can get this creative with something like a stone. As you can see in the image above, the memorial stone is in the shape of a paw resembling the pet. Then, it also reads an adorable little poem – ‘Missing your unconditional love and playful paws, we are now apart. Gone from our lives, but never from our heart’. Last but not least, it can even keep a small personalized pic of their pet. Overall, this creative gift will also look great for the home or garden décor.

Personalized Coffee Mug with the Pet Name

Personalized Coffee Mug

Could you find a more nostalgic gift than this? This refreshing gift is perfect for reducing the sorrow of their pet loss. The coffee mug will have a printed portrait of the beach at sunset with the pet sitting beside the owner. The best part of this custom mug is not that it will print the name of pet and owner, but the number of customization options that are available with this. The portrait can have multiple pets and owners according to the need. You can check for more creative products of the seller including cats and dogs.

Customized Pet Loss Photo Frame Gift

Customized Pet Loss Frame

‘When Tomorrow starts without me. Don’t think we are far apart. Just remember… the paw prints I left in your heart’ – Such beautiful yet inspiring lines to help reduce the pain of the owner. It would be a waste of our (giftideasclub’s) work if we can’t get a gift which has these lines on it. So, check this unique photo frame where it will have a portrait of the pet on one side and these wonderful lines on the other. (Note: The image size for the photo frame is 4’x6’)

Hand-sculpted Keepsake Box

Keepsake Box

A handmade gift for remembrance of the pet! It isn’t as good as seen in the above image, it is better than that. Because it is hand-sculpted by the artist Susan Lordi, whose customer reviews speak for itself. You can’t see in the image clearly but she also puts an adorable remark of her work in the form of cute little paws sculpted on the front face of the box. This keepsake box will be used to keep all the small things related to the pet so that the owner forgets the brief pain of their pet loss.

Personalized Pet Pendant

Personalized Pet Pendant

A nice gift to honor the heavenly soul! The cute little pendant will catch everyone’s eyes on it. This is a highly customizable gift as you can choose the pic of your pet that you want to see on the pendant. Plus, it will also have the name of the pet inscribed below the face. It can also be plated in 3 different shades – Gold, Silver, and Rose-Gold, which will better suit the color choice of the receiver. Especially for the woman pet owners, this gift is a unique way to show your sympathy for the pet loss.

Pet Memory Picture Frame

Pet Memory Picture Frame

In memory of the beloved pet! If you have checked the picture frames we suggested above then you would have known that we don’t suggest any ordinary frame to you. So, what’s the unique part of this gift? It is that not only the solid wooden frame looks good for home décor, but also it reads a nice phrase or saying below the picture. You can choose from sayings like ‘You left pawprints in my heart’ and ‘In loving memory of my faithful friend’ to make it the best gift for the owner.

Personalized Keychain

Personalized Keychain

The cutest and most adorable gift for the pet loss that we could find for you! As you can see in the above image the keychain looks so precious. With the face of the pet, and the saying below it reading – ‘Once by my size forever in my heart’, it makes a super cute gift for the pet owner. This thoughtful gift will show your care for the beloved pet. Just one thing to remember is that the image to be put in the keychain should be of size 3.15 x 3.15 cm and the pet should be at the center.

Comfort Candle in Memory

Comfort Candle in Memory

In memory of the beloved pet, let’s give an enlightening gift in its honor. This eye-catching candle comes in an exquisite box with a copper lid for the candle. At the center of the lighted candle will read – ‘In memory… Of a life so beautifully lived’. It is an endearing candle to touch the hearts of the pet owners. Plus, this rounded candle with the lid looks great for home décor also. If you want you can also choose from other sayings with a similar tone and message.

Memorial Lantern

Memorial Lantern

What’s better than even a delicate rounded candle for lightening the house and showing your grief for the loss? The answer is in the above image – A Lantern. And to make it more special the lantern will read – ‘You were such a great companion constant, loyal and true. My heart will always wear the paw prints left by you’. Such inspiring lines will melt anyone’s heart. Plus, the lantern looks so beautiful that it will be great for home décor and lightening the garden in the night time.

Paw Wind Chime

Paw Wind Chime

A wind chime looks great in a garden. Not just the garden, you can even place it in your balcony or inside the home and it will spread the cheer. As expected this is not an ordinary wind chime, it’s made especially as a gift for mourning the pet loss. The wind chime will read – ‘Every time the wind blows I think of you’. Plus at the center of the circular stone above the chime, there will be a little paw inscribed to resemble the pet. 

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