Affordable and Unique Thank You Gifts for Neighbors in 2023

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Thank You Gifts for Neighbors

You can be a good neighbor only if you have good neighbors (Quote Source)! Having an understanding and helpful neighbor increases the value of your home and your happiness alike. So if you have such lovely people who live next door to you, it’s a fantastic idea to strengthen your relationship by gifting some presents. Because chance makes people neighbors, but gratitude makes them friends. So please take a look at our list of best gratitude gifts for neighbors that they’d never forget. And don’t forget to check out our guide on gifts for neighbors moving away if you liked this one.

Willow Tree Thank You Figure

Willow Tree Thank You Figure

A good neighbor will always thank a person who helps them or gifts them something meaningful. So you should always return the favor with something nice. This hand-crafted figure saying thank you is a great idea to show your gratitude.

Thank You, Candle

Thank You Candle

What’s a better way to thank your neighbor than with a gift that makes their house a better place? This scented candle has a fascinating smell, which is enough to cheer up anyone in the house. And as an added bonus, the candle also says thank you for all the help they have done!

Adorable Baby Yoda Thank You Card

Adorable Baby Yoda Thank You Card

Baby Yoda is all over the internet. His adorable smile caught the eyes of many and indeed your neighbors too. Thank you! Baby Yoda card is a cute way of showing gratitude and respect to your friendly neighbors. And of course, a heartwarming present like this will always be appreciated by them. Gift Card

Amazon Gift Card

Sometimes gifting random stuff doesn’t work. In such cases, it is an excellent idea to give a gift card as a present. This gift card comes in a premium box, which makes it ideal for special occasions.

Set of 6 Ceramic Planter Pot

Set of 6 Ceramic Pots

Some greenery in the house never hurts anyone. In fact, it calms us and spreads positive vibes. It reminds us of the soothing mother nature. This set of ceramic planter pots looks attractive in any house. Whether they keep it in the garden or on their shelves, these plants will only make the place look better.

Cute Quote Tumbler with Keychain


Make your neighbors feel appreciated with this cute tumbler and a keychain. The quote on it will remind them of you every time they take a sip. This gift works best if your neighbor loves personalized and valuable products.

Starbucks Thank You Gift Box


If you’re giving gifts to the entire neighborhood, the facilities should be inexpensive. But if you’re planning on sharing presents with a particular neighbor, this Starbucks Thank you gift box is an excellent choice. Thanking them for being such friendly neighbors is the best way of showing gratitude.

Chocolate Gift Box


Hazel and creme-covered pretzels leave a delicious after-taste on the tongue, which your neighbors will savor. Gifting confectioneries has been a tradition in many parts of the world. Something sweet as a present works every time, and it will work in this case as well.

Funny Thank You Mug

Funny Thank You Mug

Let your neighbor know how much you enjoy their presence with this sarcastic mug. And let’s be honest, who doesn’t like a little sarcasm? This mug makes for an excellent gag gift. Your neighbor would be overjoyed after receiving this.

You Are Awesome Sign

You are awesome sign

It is a nice gesture that you have decided to gift your neighbor something for being good to you. Those are the early signs of developing a great relationship. And what better way to establish a relationship than by letting the other person know how awesome they are. This fancy-looking sign is the gift you have been looking for.

Hilarious Thank You Greeting Card

Hilarious Thank You Greeting Card

It’s so comforting to have good neighbors. You can share your good and bad moments with them. Such people should be appreciated, and this Thank You greeting card is the way to go. It has a sarcastic tone that will surely make your neighbors chuckle while letting them know about your gratitude for them.

Bon Appetit Gift Basket


If your neighbors have somewhat of a sweet tooth, a single chocolate box won’t be nearly as enough. This Bon Appetit gift basket is the perfect present for your neighbors. It contains various bonus types of confectioneries and snacks which your neighbors will surely love.

Best Neighbor Ever Mug

Best Neighbor Mug

Let your neighbor know how great he/she is by gifting them this mug. It has an excellent quote on it which shows your love for them. By giving this mug, the bond between you and them will only deepen.

Angel Figurine for saying Thank You

Thank You Angel Figurine

Bless your neighbors with this heavenly angel figurine, which is the symbol of gratitude. Your neighbors would love to have this statue in their house or garden. It will make their room feel even better than before with its presence. That’s why it is among our favorite Thank You gifts for neighbors!

Thank You, Good Neighbor Sign


If you’re looking for something fancy, this wooden thank you sign is a lovely gift idea. Your neighbor can hang it up anywhere in the house, and it would look splendid. Plus, the compliment on this sign will be the best way to show your gratitude.

Coffee Gift Box

Coffee Gift Box

This coffee box contains coffee from all over the world. Every time your neighbor makes coffee from one of these packets, he’ll/she’ll get a different flavor. So if your neighbor’s day starts with a coffee, this delightful gift box will make the best Thank you present for him/her.

Heart-Shaped Gratitude Trinket Dish

Heart Shaped Gratitude Trinket Dish

This heart-shaped trinket serves as an excellent vanity item for storing your jewelry in the house. It has a lovely message engraved on it. Everything about this trinket speaks volumes about your admiration for your neighbors.

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