Dragon Ball Z Gifts: Best ideas for the fans of Goku and friends

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Dragon Ball Z has come a long way over the years. Its run from 1996 to 2003 in the US was the biggest anime hit during those days. One of the favorite parts of the show is that Goku not only defeats the villains but with time he makes a friend out of them. It was a light-hearted anime that made us feel every emotion at its peak. And to give the perfect feel of nostalgia we gathered a list of some of the best Dragon Ball Z gifts that any superfan would love to have. From gifts like collectibles to fun DBZ-themed board games, we have all the unique gifts that the person will like. Also, we have hundreds of gifts particularly for geeks here.

Complete Dragon Ball Z Manga

Complete Dragon Ball Z Manga

If you are not an anime fan, then you probably don’t know what manga is? Manga is like a comic book it’s just that it was originated in Japan so they named it Manga. In most cases of animes, first, the writer creates its manga and when it gets popular, creators urge them to make an anime show out of it. And Dragon Ball Z came out similarly, thus these mangas were the first source to tell the story of Goku and Friends. So there is no doubt that the Dragon Ball Z fan would love this gift of complete DBZ Manga Collection.

DBZ Colour Changing Coffee Mugs

DBZ Coffee Mugs

Colour Changing Coffee Mugs are trending these days. But that’s not why we suggested these to you. It’s because any DBZ fan would be thrilled to see their favorite heroes (Golu and Vegeta) go Super Saiyan on their mugs. This item is one of the cool products that geeks love to see. So there is no asking if the receiver would like this gift, he will definitely love it.

Ultra Instinct Goku Canvas Print

Ultra Instinct Canvas Print

Ultra Instinct is the most recent form of Goku relating to the power of the gods. Every Dragon Ball fan went crazy on seeing Goku reach this form for the first time. When everyone thought Goku is dead but Lord Beerus said ‘He’s coming’ in his deep voice, fans got real chills from that. That’s why currently it’s the most beloved form, fans would love to see Goku in. So, a canvas print of Goku in the Ultra Instinct form is one of the best dragon ball Z gifts for the fans. Plus, it’s one of the few occasions when fans see the jolly character look serious.

Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot Video Game

Dragon Ball Z Kakarot
Image Source: eneba.com

Every DBZ fan loved to get a feel of the world of Goku and friends. This video game is the first one to get an accurate feel of the Dragon Ball universe. From wandering in Capsule Corp and Kame’s House to fighting on the Planet Namek, this game includes every place shown in the anime. Plus, it is precisely based on Dragon Ball Z, so it’s like instead of watching you can be Goku and live in the world of Dragon Ball. Plus, with new DLCs, it is even extending its reach to the universe of ‘Dragon Ball Super’ anime.

DBZ Crystal Balls

DBZ Crystal Balls

There’s one problem with this gift – Whenever you’ll be leaving him alone with these crystal balls, he will try to summon Shen Ron and fulfill a wish of his. Funny, isn’t it? But that just shows how much he’ll love your gift upon receiving it. These crystal balls are the replica of the ones shown in the Dragon Ball universe and will forever be kept in his collectibles.

King Kai Symbol t-shirt

King Kai Symbol t-shirt

One of the most respectful etiquettes of Goku is that he wears his master’s symbol (kanji) on his costume. And King Kai is his first teacher in the Dragon Ball Z show who teaches him to reach heights which he never thought of. So, King Kai’s Symbol t-shirt makes a great gift for the DBZ fan. If you are worried about the quality then just check how happy the customers are with this amazing tee.

DBZ Scouter

DBZ Scouter

Another collectible item for the super fan! The Scouter is a device used by Saiyans and other species to analyze the power level of a person. Fun Fact: Goku’s power level, throughout the Dragon Ball Z show, went from 334 to hundreds of millions which even the scouter couldn’t handle. Now, overall, it’s a nice gift to remember the DBZ saga and keep it in his collection of collectibles.

Trunks’ Sword

Trunks' Sword

Weapons were not used in a fight in the Dragon ball universe until future trunks showed it. Everyone was astonished to see Frieza and his father cut into little pieces within seconds by Trunks. That was the moment when every DBZ fan wanted to get the feel of Trunks’ Sword. There is no doubt that the person would love to have this gift, although we hope that he doesn’t waste his time in killing imaginary villains with it.

Dragon Ball Z LED Night Light

Dragon Ball Z LED

Who wouldn’t like these amazing 3D night lights glowing in their room? Every DBZ fan would love to have this unique gift. Plus, the fierce Goku will be shown in 7 different color options – Red, green, blue, yellow, cyan, pink, and white. Geeks like seeing 3-D visual effects and if the geek is a DBZ fan then it is one of the best Dragon Ball Z gifts for him.

Goku’s Costume

Goku's Costume

One of the most fun parts of being an anime geek is doing cosplays. Wearing up and looking like their favorite characters are just some of the things that they enjoy while remembering the anime. That’s why cosplay conventions are becoming more and more popular today. And no Dragon Ball Z fan could say no to the costume of Goku. It’s like a perfect gift for them.

Kame House Wall Art

Kame House Wall Art

Story of Goku didn’t start from the Dragon Ball Z, it started from the manga of Dragon Balls where Goku was shown from being a baby. And his first teacher in Dragon Balls was Master Roshi who lives with a sea turtle in the ‘Kame House’. Not just because he is a DBZ fan, in fact, wall art of the ‘Kame House’ would be eye-catching for anyone. So, it will make a nice Dragon Ball Z related gift for him.

Goku Bathrobe

Goku Bathrobe

Another great gift for the Goku fan! He wishes if he can have such a cool bathrobe for him. It even prints Goku’s Kanji Symbol on both sides of the robe. And anyone would love to have this because it is made from a very soft and comfortable fabric. Don’t believe us and check how much the customers appreciate this gift.

Shenron Statue with the 7 Balls

Shenron Statue

After collecting all the 7 dragon balls, anyone can summon Shenron and fulfill one wish of theirs, be it bringing someone back from the dead. So, Shenron is the scary and huge dragon that grants wishes. And a statue of Shenron with the dragon balls will be his favorite item in his collectibles. It’s one of the favorite Dragon Ball Z gifts for the fans. You can even confirm it from the buyers in the customer reviews section.

A Visual History of Dragon Ball Z

Visual History DBZ Book

A thoughtful gift for the nerdy fan! Ever since it started airing worldwide, people have been wondering how is it the most popular Anime ever? DBZ fans have grown up and become parents still they can’t get over the adventurous voyages of Goku and friends. And who can tell better about its origin and journey, than the creator of Dragon Ball Universe – Akira Toriyama. So, this book of Dragon Balls’ visual history makes a great gift for the DBZ fan.

Dragon Ball Z Socks

Dragon Ball Socks

A holiday gift related to Dragon Ball Z! If you are looking for an affordable gift for kids then this might be perfect for the occasion. This pack contains 5 pairs of socks having representation of different DBZ characters – Frieza, Goku, Vegeta, and Piccolo. Plus, you don’t need to ask about the quality of the material when the customers are highly satisfied with it.

Kame and King Kai Symbol Hoodie

Kame Symbol Hoodie

Hoodies are one of the most fashionable cloth items for geeks. And a hoodie representing the kame and King Kai’s symbol (both being symbols of Goku’s masters) would just make the perfect gift for the DBZ fan. This hoodie will print the Kame on the front and King Kai’s symbol on the back. Plus, it’s material is very smooth and comfortable that any person would like to wear.

Dragon Ball PS4 Skin

Dragon Ball PS4 Skin

The best gift for the gamer DBZ fan! This graphic PS4 skin of Dragon Ball makes it very eye-catching and attractive. In fact, any gamer would love to have this elegant Skin. The fierce face of Goku just gives it the perfect look. Plus, it will easily fit on the PlayStation and protect his console and joysticks from small damages like scratches that can occur with a gamer.

Goku Cosplay Wig

Goku Cosplay Wig

Ever since people start watching Dragon Ball Z, they want to have the same hairstyle that Goku has. In fact, most DBZ fans try at least once to achieve the hairstyle of Goku. While it is one of the best hairstyles for the anime fans, it is also nearly impossible to achieve that hair. That’s why we suggest you gift this Goku’s cosplay wig to the DBZ fan. He will definitely love to try Goku’s hairstyle on himself.

Vegeta’s Armor Vest

Vegeta Armor Vest

Vegeta is the most beloved character of DBZ after Goku. Introduced as the first main villain in the Dragon Ball Z, soon Vegeta’s character started developing until he became one of the most popular anime characters. His crazy need for pride and honor made him worth respecting. And his armor is the one thing that he really loves to wear. So, any fan of Vegeta would be very happy to receive this armor vest as a gift.

Complete Dragon Balls Manga

Complete Dragon Ball Manga

As stated earlier, Goku’s story didn’t start from Dragon Ball Z anime but the Dragon Balls’ Manga. Right from where he was found by Grandpa Gohan, he went on for some really fun and hilarious adventures that the audience loves to see. So, a complete collection of all Dragon Balls’ Manga would make a nice gift for the DBZ fan. It also includes a double-sided poster and a collector’s booklet.

Dragon Ball Z Sneakers

Dragon ball Z Sneakers

Sneakers will never go out of fashion. That’s why they make a nice gift for everyone. And what makes it more special for the Dragon Ball Z fan is that it shows Goku being power-up on the sides. It’s a very unique gift that a DBZ fan would definitely like. Plus, these are slip-on style sneakers with a quality rubber sole and are very easy to put on and off from the feet.

Laptop Skins

Laptop Skins

Another cool gift idea related to Dragon Ball Z! Every geek likes to have an attractive graphic laptop skin. Plus, the wide range of laptop skins available on Amazon can’t be ignored. They have some of the most eye-catching and exquisite skins. It is one of the most thoughtful Dragon Ball Z gifts that every fan would like. 

Saiyan Space Pod

Saiyan Space Pod

Do you know that Goku is from an alien species called Saiyans? At first, he was sent to destroy life from the planet but with good care and training he went on to save the planet several times. The space ships that Saiyans used, to arrive at the Earth are these Spherical Pods. And this gift of Saiyan Space Pod with Vegeta inside it will make a nice collectible item.

Dragon Ball Z Duvet Set

Dragon Ball Z Duvet Set

This gift is for the fan who would love to see his favorite characters before going to bed and before waking up in the morning. This eye-catching duvet set has the graphic image of all the important characters of the DBZ universe, right from the main character Goku to the most powerful villain Majin Buu. The quality of the material speaks for itself due to its customers’ reviews.

Dragon Ball Z Backpack

Dragon Ball Z backpack

A backpack featuring Dragon Ball Z can also be a nice gift for the person. Plus, as shown in the above image, it’s color combinations and looks are very appealing. The bag shows the Kame symbol of Master Roshi’s Kanji and an image of the cute Goku when he was little. Plus, the best part is that both the symbol and Goku’s image glows in the night and looks amazing that way.

Ultra Instinct Goku Doormat

Ultra Instinct Goku Doormat

Doormats related to Dragon Ball Z is another unique gift idea for the person that you wouldn’t have thought of. Plus, as told before, DBZ fans can’t get enough of the latest form of Goku (Ultra Instinct) and would love to see him again and again. That’s why this doormat makes a great gift for the Dragon Ball Z fan. Also, the personalized pattern print wouldn’t let it fade for years.

Training to beat Beerus – Funny t-shirt

Training to beat Beerus t-shirt

Lord Beerus was first introduced in Dragon Ball Super (latest anime from the Dragon Ball Universe). He is the god of destruction whom Goku stopped from destroying the Earth by fighting against him. And Champa is the brother who is also a god of destruction. So the t-shirt saying ‘Training to beat Beerus or at least Champa’ resembles a funny note on making Champa look like an easier opponent. Overall, any DBZ fan who is also a gym addict would be thrilled on receiving this gift.

Goku Ultra Instinct Action Figure

Goku Action figure

As said before, Ultra Instinct is the latest form of Goku which fans want to get more and more of. Unfortunately, Dragon Ball Super anime has been halted for a long time and fans couldn’t see Goku’s Ultra Instinct form in action anymore. So, an action figure of Goku’s Ultra Instinct is currently in high requirement from all the DBZ fans. That’s why it makes one of the best Dragon Ball Z gifts for the superfan.

Vegeta Eating Noodles Funko Pop figure

Vegeta Eating Noodles

Funko Pop figures are the cutest figures to make anyone laugh. And this one is even cuter. It’s because seeing Vegeta like a baby eating noodles in such an adorable way is an irony to the fact that he hated adjectives like adorable and cute. And you should definitely consider one of the cutest Dragon Ball Z gifts for the person. (Fun fact: Vegeta couldn’t have the training of Gods so he bribed the master Whis with Top Ramen Noodles to become his apprentice).

4 Star Ball Keychain

4-star ball keychain

Here’s a fun fact that only a superfan would know: the 4-Star ball is the most well-known dragon ball because Grandpa Gohan had it first which kid Goku kept with him after his passing away. And later on, he gave it to his son (also named Gohan) after becoming a father (Source: fandom). So, the most special Dragon Ball would obviously be the most loved one by him. Thus we suggest this unique and affordable gift of 4-star ball keychain.

Graphic Goku t-shirt

Goku Graphic t-shirt

Graphic t-shirts are among the favorite clothing items for the geeks. It’s like having a colorful Ultra HD Wallpaper printed on their tee. Plus, in this tee, Goku is doing his favorite Kamehameha in his Super Saiyan Blue form probably fighting in one of the scariest arcs of the Dragon Ball Series (the Future Trunks arc). It’s one of the best Dragon Ball Z gifts for the person. All the buyers till now have loved this tee.

Goku 5-piece Canvas Wall Art

Goku 5 Canvas Wall Art

One of the coolest Dragon Ball Z gifts! 5 Canvas Wall Art will be the center of attraction at his house. Seeing multiple forms of Goku is like the perfect gift for Goku’s fan. Plus the pictures are printed in premium quality canvas which is durable and waterproof. The 5 piece Canvas has 2 pieces of the size 12”x24”, another 2 of size 12”x16” and the last one of the size 12”x32”.



Everyone knows about UNO. No matter what your age is, you can always have fun with your friends when you have UNO cards. And now, UNO cards are available, in a special package specially made for DBZ fans. So it will become even more entertaining. Instead of having those boring backgrounds of the cards, it will have images of characters and themes of Dragon Ball Universe.



A cool hat is always well-received as a gift. But a hat featuring Dragon Ball Z is an amazing gift for the DBZ fan. That’s why we suggest you give this DBZ cap for the person. Orange is the color of Goku’s costume and printing Master Roshi’s kanji at the front makes it even more important. Plus, it’s adjustable as expected and its shape makes it less sweaty and more breathable.

Goku, Vegeta, and Trunks’ Action Figures

Goku, vegeta and Trunks

Another cool collectible item to be added to his collection! This gift of Dragon Ball universe’s favorite characters’ action figures will make you his favorite person. These 3 characters’ are among the strongest heroes of DBZ and together they make an unbeatable team. Plus, each character is depicting their favorite moves in a fight – Goku doing Kamehameha, Trunks’ with his sword, and Vegeta fighting single-handedly with his proud face on.

Whis Collectible Figure

Whis Action FIgure

Whis is one of the most powerful beings in the Dragon Ball Universe and is the current master of Goku. The irony is that he acts both as a servant and a master to the God of destruction Lord Beerus. So, we can say that he is currently one of the most important characters of the DBZ world and a Funko Pop figure of Whis would look great in the collection of a dragon ball fan.

Dragon Ball Z symbol hoodie Blanket

Dragon Ball Z hoodie Blanket

A hoodie blanket is the latest addition to today’s fashion. For those of you who don’t know about this, it’s used for keeping us warm with a blanket which is rather like a wearable item. It’s perfect for people who don’t like getting up when they are under a blanket. Now, they can move anywhere while covered by a warm blanket the whole time. Plus, a Hoodie Blanket symbolizing Dragon Ball Z would make it the nicest gift for the person.

Dragon Ball Radar

Dragon Ball Radar

A dragon ball radar is a device created by Bulma (one of Goku’s oldest friends) to find the dragon balls. Finding dragon balls is very difficult as they are spread in the corners of the whole planet, be it at the deepest point of the ocean or the topmost point of a mountain. So, a replica of the Dragon Ball radar would make a great gift for the DBZ fan.

DBZ Monopoly

DBZ Monopoly

Monopoly! The most popular board game in the world just never gets old. And since it is on the theme of the DBZ world, it is one of the best Dragon Ball Z gifts. The best part is that the player tokens are derived from the Dragon Ball Z and include Trunks’ Sword, Dynocap, 4-star dragon ball, dragon radar, Turtle Shell, and Vegeta’s favorite Saiyan Armor. It even includes places like Hyperbolic Time Chamber, Trunks’ Time Machine, etc.

Goku Decal (6.2”x5”)

Goku Decal

If you are thinking of giving 2 gifts (a primary gift and a mini gift) at a time for showing more love, then you have found the perfect mini gift for the person. A decal of Goku wearing his kanji with torn up clothes showing that he is in a fight will just make the coolest gift. Plus, this thick vinyl decal will never tear off from the wall or the windows. DBZ fans just love it.

Goku Costume t-shirt

Goku Costume t-shirt

Do you know that clothing item is the best gift to make the person remember you? It’s because they stay with the person for years and it is used more frequently than most other gifts. Plus, an awesome t-shirt of fighting Goku’s costume will just make it one of the most special Dragon Ball Z gifts for the person. No DBZ fan could ignore this amazing graphic tee.

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