35+ Cool Gifts for 70-Year-Old Man to make his day

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Gifts for 70 year old Man

It’s not easy to put a smile on the old guy’s face, but you came to the right place for that. Our list of some of the coolest gifts for the 70-year-old man will make him laugh, cry and remember his good old days at the same time. While we made the priority to have the most unique, funny, and creative gifts in our collection, we are sure we might have found at least one perfect gift for the guy. Whether he is old and grumpy or still has that child in him, we’ll have a perfect gift for him that is going to make his day. Also, do check our gift ideas for 60-year-olds for father’s day, if you are interested.

Wolf Head Walking Cane


Is he a fan of all the classic and coolest things to keep for home décor? Because this walking cane is perfect for that type of person. The roaring face of a wolf on the handle suits well for the characters of hunters and fishermen. Also, the unique yet eye-catching design is not the selling point of this cane, it’s the strength and high-quality material which makes it people’s favorite.

Golf Set – For the golfer

Golf Set

Golf has always been a popular sport among the elderly. And if the 70-year-old man loves the sport then how can he not like such a golf set. By the way, the one that we are suggesting is not an ordinary kit, because it is Callaway’s Strata Golf Set. What’s so special about it? Well, delighted customer reviews and one of the most sold golf set on Amazon says a lot about its popularity and quality.

Back and Neck Massager – One of the best gifts for 70-year-old man

Back and Neck massager

This is probably the one gift that you forgot about and can be most well-received by the man. We don’t need to tell you how helpful a massager can be for a 70-year-old man, but we have to get you the best one in the market to keep him satisfied with your gift. The one that we want you to get for him ‘Deep-kneading Massager with Heat’, can be used wherever he can sit, be it inside his car or his home. Plus this can relieve the pains on back, neck, shoulder, foot, thighs and almost all body parts where a real masseuse can work.

I am not old I am a classic born – T-shirt

I am not old tshirt

Never say he is old. Because he is a classic 70-year-old man. As you can see in the image above, the tee will read – ‘I am not old I am a classic born 1948’. It’s the best way to say that even though he is old, he is still cool. This gift is for the sarcastic man who cracks you up every time you meet them and to show that you have a good sense of humor too.

I make 70 look so cool – Keychain

I make 70 Keychain

Does he make it seem like 70 years is not the age of old people? Because this gift is to appreciate his age. As seen above, the keychain will read – ‘Don’t hate me because I make 70 look so good!’ It’s for those confident men who have still got their young energy in them. Perfect to show your sarcasm with a gift on his birthday.

Grandpa & Me – Picture Frame

Grandpa & Me frame

Do you enjoy being with your grandpa? Then, why not say that to him with a thoughtful gift? This unique gift idea is for making your grandpa know that you enjoy spending time with him, even if you haven’t said it yet. We all know, that now he has all the free time but what he would love the most is if he can get even a small amount of time to spend with his family. And this gift is to convey the message that you still want to be with him.

Swiss Army Pocket Knife

Swiss Army Pocket Knife

Many people try to be with nature after retiring. They get a home with a garden away from the city bustles to get some peaceful time. And if this story perfectly fits with your 70-year-old man, then here is a creative yet useful gift idea – Swiss Army Pocket Knife. If he spends time in his garden all day taking care of the trees and plants then this might come in handy for him.

Stand back Apron

Stand back Apron

When you think of fun times with the 70-year-old man, do you always see him grilling for the barbecue? If yes, then wait no more because you have found one of the most perfect gifts for the 70-year-old man. This apron reading ‘stand back grandpa is grillin’ is a funny and unique gift for him which will make him smile whenever he’ll be cooking for you.

Old Spice After Shave Scent

Old Spice After Shave Scent

‘The original. If your grandfather hadn’t worn it, you wouldn’t exist’. If you liked the tagline then you’re welcome. And if you didn’t then know that it is not ours, it was Old Spice’s Slogan back in 2008 (Source: Wikipedia). Anyway, the point is that this brand has been popular for a long time, especially among the older generation. And if your grandpa or dad liked it earlier, then he might like a bit of nostalgia with this.

Bluetooth Phonograph Record Player

Bluetooth Phonograph Record Player

We all know what this is for. It’s to bring back his memories of the times when he used to be as energetic as you are now. When there were no air pods or mobile phones to listen to music, only this Phonograph would play the melodious sounds. So, if money is not an issue for you then this gift is for you. And don’t think that it is old so you’ll need those big black discs to play music because this is a modern player which connects to bluetooth and just gives the feel of the vintage.

Genuine Jaguar Leather Belt

Genuine Jaguar belt

For the tough 70-year-old man! Leather boots, belts, jackets, etc. have always been the likes of the man who calls himself tough. And we all know they consider our generation as a generation of softlings. That’s why what might look like out of fashion to us, can be the most in fashion for someone else. And that someone else can be the 70-year-old man. So, if your grandpa has all the story of his times when he used to go for hunting and catch the fishes, then this leather belt can be a well-received gift by him.

Funny Mug – For Grumpy Old Man

Funny Mug

Is the grumpy old man also the one who laughs at your jokes? Because this gift is only for that 70-year-old man. The mug reading – ‘I never dreamed of being a grumpy old man but here I am killing it’, will make him laugh every time he will be drinking tea from it. It’s one of the most sarcastic gifts for the man who loves being at his age.

Vintage retro Landline Phone

Vintage Lanline Phone

Another Vintage gift for the home décor with the vintage theme! The reason for getting these kinds of gifts is that no matter how old these will get, they will still look more sexy and classic than the latest iPhone in the market. It’s a nice gift for the 70-year-old man to take him back to his days of wired telephones. For those who were thinking about its use, yes it is still working and its ringtone is louder than in your smartphone.

Clark Men’s Chukka Boots

Clark Leather Boots

Let us guess, he still doesn’t like your new $100 sports shoes. Don’t worry about it, even if your shoes make everyone jealous around you, he might never like it. Because to him, the sturdy leather boots were both last-longing and always in fashion. So let’s gift him something that neither of the generations can resist. The boots that look cool to everyone and are as strong as his old leather boots – Clark Men’s Chukka Boots.

Personalized t-shirt – For the legend

Personalized t-shirt

This gift is for the 70-year-old man who lived his life as a legend. The man who was very special but didn’t like the paparazzi and kept a low profile for himself. This gift is for – [the name] the man, the myth, the legend. Okay, so enough of the lame talk and let’s get straight to the fact that this is one of the funniest gifts for the 70-year-old man that you can find to make him laugh. Therefore, it’s an idea worth considering for the old man.

Extra-long Shoehorn

Extra-long Shoehorn

We don’t know why shoe horns are not available near our homes today, but they are a handy tool. Because who wants to bend every time to fix our leg’s adjustment in the shoes. While we can still do it without a shoehorn but for a person in his 70s, it can cause pain in the back. That’s why we suggest you this unique gift idea of getting a 24 inches long shoe horn for him. Plus, it’s made of plastic so it doesn’t have those sharp edges like metal.

Tommy Hilfiger Leather Wallet

Tommy Hilfiger Wallet

It’s not just for a 70-year-old man, it’s for every man out there. Who doesn’t like a cool leather wallet to keep their money in? Although no other person cares about the looks of the person’s wallet, it’s something that only the user can feel good about. And if the 70-year-old man still uses his old, torn and tilted wallet then it’s time to get a new and better one for him. Who knows it can lighten his mood?

Vacuum Insulated Travel Mug

Vacuum Insulated Travel Mug

These things always come in handy for old people. Sometimes they need hot water or tea and sometimes they will require cold beverages to keep them free. And their mood starts changing when before they know it, their tea is cold again and other beverages aren’t cold enough. That’s why if the person didn’t have any other temperature control holders then this will be a nice and helpful gift for him.

Damn I got old quick Cap

Damn I got Old Cap

By now you would have understood that unique and interesting gifts are our thing. And this gift idea is another example of this. The cap reading ‘Damn I got Old quick’ will be the most eye-catching cap he had ever worn. This funny gift will make him smile and let him know that he isn’t the only person with a good sense of humor.

Waterproof Kindle Device – For the bookworm

Waterproof Kindle

Book reading is a habit that is with a person for his whole life. Especially for the elders, it can be the most time-consuming activity for them. What they might not know is that the books that they can’t find in their bookstore can be available in these Kindle Devices. Plus, these are waterproof meaning that they can even read in their bathtubs. And if you are worried about their eyesight than you should know that it is less stressful for the eyes in the night than the paper books he reads. That’s why this gift for the 70-year-old man is worth considering.

Made in 1950 t-shirt

Made in 1950 t-shirt

For the man who accepts his age and loves humor, this gift is a treat. This t-shirt saying ‘Made in 1950, All Original Parts’ will be the show of his confidence level to others. This 100% cotton tee is comfy to wear and is available in 7 funky color options to make the 70-year-old man cheer. Don’t believe us, check how happy other customers are with this special gift.

Royal Wooden Chess Set

Royal Wooden Chess Set

A game for intelligent minds! If the 70-year-old man challenges you in chess every time you visit him, then this gift will come in handy for him. And if the person loves the game but still uses the old and ruined chess pieces to pass time, then you’ve got to give this gift to him. This chess set is the perfect gift that comes in our mind whenever we think of this game. The wooden pieces and quality board only makes it more fun.

Wooden Wrist Watch

Wooden Wrist Watch

Watches are one of the most popular gifts for men. Anyone who’ll be making a list of gifts for men will include watches in it. But we work differently. We don’t suggest you ordinary gifts that have lost their taste. We will suggest a gift one step forward in terms of uniqueness and likability. That’s why we suggest not an ordinary but a wooden watch. As seen in the above image no man will be able to resist it because of its cool design and unique material.

Keep Calm Funny t-shirt

Keep Calm t-shirt

Does the 70-year-old man fix all of your problems in life? Even if he can’t, gift this t-shirt to him. Because it’s funny tagline saying ‘Keep Calm and Papa will fix it’ will crack everyone up when they’ll look at it. This sarcastic and unique gift will be the center of attention wherever he will go. And no man will be able to resist such a cool gift.

70-year-old Boy Funny Picture Frame

70-year-old frame

Is he still a kid from inside? Then let’s encourage him to be a kid forever because that’s the kind of person that can remain happy. As seen in the above picture, this frame saying ’70-year-old boy’ will resemble the character of the humorous 70-year-old man. The frame is completely made of wood to give it a nice texture.

Funny Golf Balls

Funny Golf Balls

This gift is for the excuse maker who never admits that he got defeated in a game. The golf ball reading ‘I’m 70, what’s your excuse?’ will not require him to say anymore. Just whenever you defeat him in the game, taunt him by showing the ball to him. This funny gift is to taunt and have laughter sessions between the games. Also, these balls come in a set of 3 so that if he loses one ball, you’ve got two more to tease him.

Solo New York’s Briefcase – To keep him in fashion

Solo New York's Briefcase

Let everyone know that a 70-year-old gentleman is walking by gifting him this classy Solo New York’s Briefcase. The briefcase is perfect for the older generations who prefer these over backpacks and handbags. This sturdy briefcase is to give him a feeling of nostalgia. Not to mention, this briefcase has multiple compartments for keeping his newspaper, glasses, IDs, and books.



If he loves barbequing and doesn’t have good tools for it, then a BBQ Kit might be the best gift for the 70-year-old man. If he cooks delicious meals for you so that whenever you visit him, you feel like a vacation then it’s time to pay him back with a wonderful gift. This BBQ kit contains all the tools and materials required to make grilling fun rather than work. From digital temperature fork to grilling stone, any cook would love to have these.

Vintage Pocket Watch

Vintage Pocket Watch

If he is all about the vintage materials that he used to love at his time, then behold, as you have found the nicest gift for the opportunity. He may or may not like a normal watch, but he’ll surely like to have this cool pocket watch. Its design and looks are just classic. Even a normal guy would fall over its looks then a person who always adored it would just love to have it.

Foldable Garden Stool

Foldable Garden Stool

Many elderly people spend their time taking care of the plants and trees. While until now, to water or cut the extra leaves of the plants he had to do it standing up, but after getting this foldable garden stool he could do that while sitting. Plus, with multiple pockets on the sides, he won’t step on other tools that could have been harmed his feet and legs. 

70 things to do – Book

70 things to do book

This book is for those 70-year-olds who still think they can do lots of things for themselves and the world. This popular book is to make them feel happy about their age and complete fun challenges to maintain the fun in their life. The customer reviews say a lot about the book. Plus, for a good cause, all your money from buying this book will go to charity for cancer treatment and prevention.

World’s greatest grandpa Award

World's Greatest Grandpa Award

If there’s a unique gift about which we can be 100% sure that it will make the receiver feel glad, then this is probably the one. The grandpa who has always loved you even when you were far apart for a long time, it’s time to make him feel happy again. His other awards wouldn’t be special anymore as this award is from someone who he has always cared about and now he can be sure that he cares for the right people.

Best Buckin’ Granpa – T-shirt

Best Buckin' Grandpa Ever

This gift is for the crazy grandpa whom you have always admired. This t-shirt reading ‘best buckin’ grandpa ever’ is the cutest yet funniest gift for the awesome 70-year-old man. And don’t you dare worry about the quality of the product because its reviews have confirmed it to be a comfortable wear. Also, you can make it more special by getting this tee in his favorite color.

Really cool 70-year-old t-shirt

Really Cool t-shirt

Another cool t-shirt for the cool man! This funny t-shirt is bound to make him laugh and enjoy wearing it. This is a unique and thoughtful gift for his birthday and Christmas celebrations. Let’s make the other old people jealous of him with this awesome tee. Finally, everyone will be able to get a good sleep as they will now know ‘what a really cool 70 years old looks like’. Bad joke? What can we do, our content writer won’t let us remove it.

Against the Law Mug

Against the Law Mug

Another idea to boost his confidence and make him feel happy about his age! The mug reading ‘It should be against the law to look this good at 70!’ will crack him upon seeing it every time. This unique mug is bound to connect to him. We hope you are there to see the priceless look on his face while he’ll be opening this amazing gift made especially for the 70-year-old man.

Massage Recliner Chair – Comforting gift for the 70-year-old man

Massage Recliner Chair

If you have a nice budget and you want him to have something useful with this gift, then this is the perfect gift for the 70-year-old man. We don’t need to say much about it, you all know how comforting these chairs are. Plus, elderly people who constantly feel body pains in different parts are the only people who require massage chairs. The only drawback is that he might not visit you often as he’ll then miss his recliner chair.

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