14 Valentine’s day gifts for wife in 2020 that’ll surely delight her

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Make this February 14th special by choosing from the 14 most romantic Valentine’s day gifts for wife.

Wives love nothing more, than getting gifts from the person they care about (you). Because you are the most special person in her life and if you can gift her cute and romantic things every once in a while then she will love you even more.

Now, if you want this day to be special, your valentine’s day gift for your wife should be special too. That’s why we found these unique and special Valentine’s day gifts for wife, by looking for hours on the internet. So, let’s get started.

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Heart-Shaped Plants – Best Valentine’s day gift for wife

Heart Shaped Lamps - Valentine's day gifts for wife (giftideasclub.com)

Cute, aren’t they? Who won’t fall for these Heart-Shaped plants that are so pretty and adorable? It will be a plant that can nurture your relationship with time. Because each time someone will ask her who got these for her, she can tell with a huge smile that you got it on the occasion of Valentine’s day. This Valentine’s Day gift for wife will obviously become special to her just like you are.

Out of all the plants we saw out there, we loved this one – Heart-Shaped Bamboo Plant in Glass Planter

Important Dates Framed – Because the dates are important to her

Important Dates Framed

The dates that wives find most special to them are the ones in which you commit your love for the first time in different ways. Be it the proposal day or the day on which you kissed for the first time. Each such date is very important to both of you.

Therefore, this gift can be very special to her if she loves remembering those lovely days. Every time she will take a look at this she will remember that she has a loving and caring husband. So, check the best frame design we found for this – Important Dates Signs Frame.

Bathtub Tray – To increase the romance in your marriage

Bathtub Tray - Valentine's Day gifts for wife (giftideasclub.com)

What is more romantic than a night of taking a bath with your wife with candles on the sides and your favorite wine in the center? While you can ponder for a long time about it, we suggest you, read forward to know more about these unique ideas.

This gift can make your love life more special as she will love to know that you can give something so romantic to her. You can make so many memories of talking all night in the bathtub while sipping the wines in your hands. Plus, if you look closely at this gift you will find that there are multiple compartments in the tray in which you can even keep food if you want. So check this unique Valentine’s day gift for wife now.

Scented Candles – For great scent with romantic lighting

Scented Candles - Valentine's day gifts for wife (giftideasclub.com)

While above, we gave you one of the most romantic Valentine’s Day gift idea for your wife, we know that you want to get more ideas like this. That’s why we came up with the idea of Scented Candles. Now, those special nights can become more special when you keep these scented candles beside.

Each time you inhale, you will feel what a great night you made, with this gift. Plus, who doesn’t like scented candles? Even the candles are very romantic for candle-night dinners, and the lovely scent will make it much more romantic. This is the best-scented candle that we found for you – Chesapeake Bay Scented Candle.

Morse Code Bracelet that says I Love You

Morse Code Bracelet that says I Love You

As we told earlier, wives love the different ways you commit your love towards them. More gifts you give that says ‘I Love You’, more she will remember how much loving husband she has. Plus, it will be perfect if your wife is into electronics and space stuff.

For those who don’t know about the morse code, it is a special language of codes which consists of only two elements – dots and lines. You can think of it just like the language which computers can only understand – the language of zeroes and ones.

So, isn’t it a special gift to show your love towards her? Each time she will look at it, she will know how loving her husband is. Check the Morse Code Bracelet that we found for your wife now.

Memorable Location Map Frame – For the memory of the best day in your lives

Memorable Location Map Frame

The best moments in a relationship are when you show, how much you love and care for her. Like we told you earlier, the proposal day, wedding day, etc. are all one of the most important occasions of your lives. Therefore, you should try your best by cherishing those moments with memories of that.

This Map Frame can include the location of your Wedding or where you proposed to her or where you met for the first time. Just choose a location that means the most, to both of you. This will be a lovely Valentine’s day gift for wife as each time she will look at it, she will again remember the sweetest moment from her memory.

I Love You, I Love You More Embroidered Pillowcases – Most popular Valentine’s day gift for wife

I Love You, I love You More Embroidered Pillowcases

Adorable, aren’t they? Another best thing about being in love is celebrating it. And once you become married, you celebrate it with the whole world.

Now, these pillows are perfect for a newlywed couple. The cute design and embroidered hearts will only make her love you more, each time she will look at these. These were so attractive that even we couldn’t resist to show you this. Because who wouldn’t want to gift these cute and soft pillowcases. We assure you that it will make your Valentine’s day more memorable to both of you. Therefore, check the best-quality pillowcases – I Love You, I Love You more pillowcases for Couples.

Couples’ Bucket List – 100 Date Night Ideas

Couples' Bucket List - 100 Date Night Ideas

The couples’ Bucket List is another cool and unique valentine’s day gift for wives to add more fun to your love life. Many couples feel that after the marriage, they kind of lose track of the enjoyment in relationship with their spouse. Plus, after having kids in life, no. of dates and fun nights reduce to a minimum. That’s why this gift can help bring back the craziness and laughter with 100 ideas which can help you keep your marriage more fun than before.

With great reviews and unique ideas, this gift can be a great sweetener for your relationship. After all, which couple doesn’t want to have fun in their love life, right?

Art Print of Vows – It reflected the best of your sentences for her

Art Print of Vows

As said earlier, the wedding day is one of the most important days in a couple’s life. People get annoyed even if one small thing doesn’t go according to plan on that special day. And one of the most crucial thing on that special day is your vow. Your vow – which shows how much you love her and how important she is in your life, in just a few sentences. Those few minutes of speaking and hearing the vows are enriched with the most beautiful sentences that you would want to hear.

So, why not keep those special and alluring sentences with you forever? An Art print of vows will be a superb gift idea as each time she will see it, she will remember how grateful she is to have you as a husband. And we found a perfect way to print your vows – Personalized Wedding Vows Wall Art.

Custom Engraved Heart Coin – Affordable Valentine’s day gift for wife

Custom Engraved Heart Coins

It is one of the cutest Valentine’s day gifts that you can give to your wife. Tell what you think and how much you love her with just a few words. She will keep it with her forever to remember how loving you are. Plus, it can fit in anyone’s budget for Valentine’s Day. Also, it will be best as a mini-gift with a bunch of cool and heartwarming Valentine’s day gifts for wife.

Small gifts are the cutest ones and it perfectly fits into that category. And to make this Valentine’s day special you can engrave the year and tell one of the best qualities that you find in her. Therefore, you should check these personalized heart coins.

Romantic Photo Frame – To celebrate your love

Romantic Photo Frames

As we said earlier, celebrating your love is the best thing about your marriage. So, you should too, celebrate it with this pretty Valentine’s Day gift for wife. Every time someone will look at it, he/she will know how cute you both look together. It will look great in the guest room where they can admire your marriage life. Or you can keep it in the bedroom so that it is the first thing you both see and each day starts with happiness and a smile.

This Valentine’s day gift for wives can increase the love and remove small tensions in the love life. Plus, you can even customize this gift according to you and write your names or the wedding date or both.

Mini Waffle Maker in Heart Shapes

Mini Waffle Maker in Heart Shapes

A perfect valentine’s day gift for wives who love to eat and make waffles. Plus, the important thing about this gift isn’t the waffles. It is the friendship while making these waffles.

You both can make these waffles together or you can make these for her or she makes for you. Either way, the friendship and closeness bar will go higher. Plus, another good way would be to surprise her on Valentine’s day by making these cute heart-shaped waffles for her with breakfast. It will encourage her to do more for you and make the valentine’s day more special.

If you like this idea then check the best waffle maker that we found.

Apple Watch Series – Because women love this brand


There is one electronics brand that women love the most is Apple. With revolutionary tech products, each year and the best security measures make it the most-liked smartphone brand among women. And if your wife too, loves the products of this brand then you should definitely get it for her.

Now, smartphones are good too, but smartwatches are better in terms of affordability. It can keep much better track of her health than the smartphone she has. Plus, the newer versions of the Apple Watch Series can even keep track of heart rate and tell you when it is not normal.

Although these aren’t in the price range of other valentine’s day gifts that we have suggested for your wife but these are more useful. Therefore if you have a good budget for the valentine’s day gift for your wife then you should at least take a look at it. So, check the official Apple’s Watch Series by clicking below.

3-D Night Light Heart Lamp – The Techie’s Valentine’s day gift for wife

3-D Night Light Heart Lamp - Valentine's day Gifts for wife (giftideasclub.com)

A techie’s gift idea for you! 3-D Heart Lamp will look adorable in your bedroom. Plus, if your wife or you are into tech stuff then it will sweeten your relationship. Or you can even give this on a surprise occasion and she will definitely like this big heart-shaped surprise.

And you can keep it on the side of her bed so that every time she lightens it she will stick more to the fact that her husband loves her the most. Also, this Valentine’s day gift for your wife comes with multiple color combinations. So there will be a Red 3-D Heart (her favorite color) on one day and a Blue heart (your favorite color) on another day. So, check this amazing Valentine’s Day gift for wife now.


First of all, if you have read this far then your wife is really lucky to have someone who puts this much effort to just find some gifts for her. Also, if you want her to give you unique gifts, as we suggested for her, just share this post with her. So, these were our favorite Valentine’s day gifts for wife, and we hope that one of these gifts will put a wide smile on her face.

And always know that this website will always be open to look for cool gifts whenever you want them, for whomever you want them.

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