Apple Airpods with Charging Case

This is some next-gen stuff. Being able to sense when they are in your ear, they automatically stop playing audio when you remove them. With Siri, it can do all those things which new AIs can do like answer questions, call someone, tell directions, etc. It gives 5-hour access to music, 3-hour access to calls with a single charge and quickly connects to your iPhone or Apple Watch.

The new AirPods merge smart design with cutting edge technology and perfectly blue sound. AirPods now features hands-free access to Siri using just your voice, operated by the new Apple H1 headphone chip. And at a single charge, you can have up to five hours of playtime. The AirPods are instantly on and always connected after a basic one-tap setup. That’s just as easy to use these. Probably the best feature is that they play a sound when they are in your ears and when you take them out they pause. And the experience with AirPods is just as astounding whether you use it with your iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad, or Mac.

AirPods provide the users with a quicker and more reliable wireless link — up to 2x faster when changing between active devices, and a 1.5x faster contact time for telephone conversations. The H1 chip also powers Siri’s voice-enabled access and provides gaming latency up to 30 percent less. So if you’re playing football, listening to music, or watching podcasts, you’re going to hear the sound of exceptional quality.

AirPods offers 5 hours of playtime — and now up to 3 hours of talking time — all on one charge. And thanks to the charging case that contains numerous charges for more than 24hrs of playback time, they’re meant to keep up with you. To get up to 3 hours of listening time and 2 hours of talk time, simply put AirPods back in the case for just fifteen minutes. Hold the AirPods beside your iPhone to check the battery, or ask Siri “How’s the battery on my AirPods?”.

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