Echo Dot 3rd generation with Alexa

Another example of improving tech! Under $50, this is a great gift idea for your parents and grandparents who won’t have to move to do most of their works. You just have to give voice commands to play songs, hear the news, check the weather, etc. It can even connect to other speakers’ audio cable or Bluetooth.

Echo Dot is a smart speaker with voice-controlled Alexa, ideal for any place. Just ask for the songs, entertainment, news, and more. You also can call nearly everyone, and use your voice to power compatible smart home products. The Amazon Echo Dot (3rd Generation) will make this holiday season the perfect gift to your loved one!

Making your home-life simpler. Use your voice to set schedules, add notes to the lists, and create events and updates for the calendar. You may also watch the news or get traffic insights. Ask about sports results, film shows, restaurant hours, or facts. Using your Alexa devices as a speakerphone, and chat with Drop-In and Announce your message to every room in the building. Let everyone know that dinner is ready, or remind the children that it’s nap time. You can also make hands-free calls to virtually any number in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, and UK to keep in contact with your family.

Designed to guard your privacy the Alexa and Echo devices are developed with different privacy stacks. For example, Echo Dot has an off button microphone which disconnects the microphones digitally. You are still in charge of your voice recordings. They can be viewed, read, or be deleted at any time.

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