Post-It Notes

Everyone needs some sticky notes with them. You can use this when you don’t have enough time to call while going out and have to give some message to your roommate or housemate. You can use it to remind yourself about something that you have to do later. All the responsible people use it.

Post-It Notes uses a special adhesive that is optimized for paper use. The classic sticky note is perfect for leaving notes or preserving the essential details.
These are available in a wide range of colors so they can stand out from the others and you don’t have any problem finding them. They hold firmly like all Post-it Items and detach smoothly.

For any desire or color-coding purpose, Post-it Notes are available in many different colors, including vibrant pastels & bolds, vivid florals, and the classic Canary Yellow. Post-it Notes are perfect for any task you want to get finished and that too, in a range of sizes and templates.

Post-it notes are available in size 3 x 3 that is great for keeping your thoughts in alignment. A World of Color Jaipur Collection emotions colors that reflect India’s food, fashion, and culture. So, start stocking up on 3×3 inch post-it notes – perfect for everything! A handy five-pack is sure to be found in lively ultra colors! These constitute 100 Pads of Turquoise, Limeade, Purple, Fuchsia, and Grape leaves.

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