The NoPhone Original Cell Phone

A great gadget to remove your friends’ and family members’ smartphone addiction! Exchange these NoPhones to your students, employees’ smartphones to keep their heads into the work. This smartphone will be perfect for playing pranks too. Its features like eternal battery life, toilet bowl resistance, hacker resistance really caught every smartphone brands’ attention

The NoPhone is the perfect gift for someone who requires too much use of their phone and for the wrong reasons. Have you seen a brother who never calls you? Offer one NoPhone to your bro then. Will you have a friend whose ex-girlfriend won’t stop text messaging? Get him a NoPhone. Does your Creepy cousin couldn’t stop posting on your Facebook wall? Donate two NoPhones to that Relative. Nearly everybody knows at least 10 people who could use a NoPhone and it is the goal to get that number down to nothing.

The NoPhone is a software-free alternative to endless hand-to-phone communication that lets you remain linked to the actual world. The 2015 NoPhone won #1 Useless Gadget. With a small, light, and fully wireless build, the NoPhone functions as a proxy to any smart mobile device, allowing you to grab a smooth, cold plastic rectangle at all times without losing any possible interaction with your immediate environment.

Appreciate the convenience knowing that knowledge about your bank account is secure, and overall credibility within your society. NoPhone NoOS is specifically designed with no data storage technology to be 100 percent hacker resistant. You can even dump it into a shower and it will still be doing its work, making it the perfect phone in the current market. The 0-Megapixel camera NoPhone rear-facing is built to mimic the same high-resolution camera that people use to snap pics of food, pets, and private citizens. Rest assured they’ll never save on Facebook or post it. You never have to charge your NoPhone, as it’s just a piece of plastic and you don’t have to charge a piece of plastic.


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