Mahogany Row Necktie Collections in Gift Box

Premium Italian Necktie’s set will be definitely loved by men. It is a collection of 5 handmade ties with 2 tie clips. The designer Gift Box makes it even better. Its fabric is soft like silk but is much more resistant to stains and wrinkles. The product comes with a lifetime warranty and if you have issues, you can get replacements and refunds.

For each and every man’s wardrobe, it is a must-have companion that can suit often a vintage, whimsical or contemporary look. A journey beginning with floral patterns, complex patterns, and ending among the richest of shades. You will certainly find a perfect development for the Mahogany Lines. With complete independence, Italian microfiber that imitates silk can take you to the fashion conferences. Make a major impact when bright, embroidered, and classic take their place on the stand. Mahogany Row brings you to greater levels as you discover their exclusive and nuanced blend of high-quality, hand-made materials.

It is Jacquard Woven creating a modern luxury for that soft, smooth feel. A cloth that looks and sounds like silk but is even more scratch- and wrinkle-resistant. Cautiously sewn by hand, with the lining of a 50/50 wool blend, a sure sign of a supreme tie. Each collection comes with 5 premium hand-made dress ties, 2 modern tie bars, and a special storage box made of heavy recycled material and encased with a smooth matte lamination finish that keeps your collections unaffected for years to follow.


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