Echo Spot – Smart Alarm Clock with Alexa

Don’t think of it as a clock, there’s a whole computer inside it. It comes with a small screen that can work like a clock and a monitor. Check who’s at the door, call your friends, watch the news, play music; do all these things with just your voice through the Echo Spot. It can be of great help to your parents and grandparents who won’t have to move to do most of their work.

With its design, Echo Spot sets it apart: it is by far the cutest-looking Echo unit. The Echo Spot arrives in white or black and can use its circular touchscreen to show a clock, stats, lists, photos, and more. Echo Spot brings what you love about Alexa to you, in a sleek and lightweight package that can display your things. Just ask for the weather, get the headlines with a video flash briefing, set an alarm, see Music lyrics, view your schedule, view and hear to Audible audiobooks, and much more. Customize your place with a series of clock faces to match your style, or set a Prime Photos photo backdrop. In addition, call buddies and relatives, or make video calls to someone with an Echo Spot, Echo Show, or Alexa App.

Echo Spot incorporates far-field tech with 4 microphones, beamforming technology, and improved noise reduction so that you can listen from around the room — even when listening to songs. You can see and listen or read news and opinions by asking Alexa for the news from Bloomberg, CNN, and more. Interested in the latest film trailers or showtimes? Your wish is its command. Using a 3.5 mm Stereo Cord or Bluetooth, Echo Spot will attach directly to speakers to add voice commands to your home stereo system in the lounge room. Plus, play your songs through numerous Echo devices (Bluetooth not enabled for multi-room music) with multi-room music in your home.

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