Yamaha DGX-660 88 keys Grand Digital Piano

A perfect gift idea for the professional piano player! It helps pianists feel the music in a fun way. Whenever ready, you can save your creativity in a built-in USB Audio Recorder. You can choose from a variety of settings depending on different types of environments. You can even connect a microphone to sing along while playing the music.

The futuristic DGX-660 digital piano offers an entertaining way for novice pianists to improve their learning process. Players of all skills will hear what playing with a band is like, and play like a pro. Once you’re ready to share your milestones, the built-in USB Audio Recorder records your musical sources of inspiration. Move to your own Piano Suite! The DGX-660 offers a dedicated virtual world where you can decide to build your custom practice or performance experience from a range of pianos and acoustic configurations.

Simply pick the piano you like, then pick the acoustic environments from a simple room to a club stage to a concert hall. You also can change the virtual piano lid spot! Only add a headset to the DGX-660 either to sing together with your music or with Yamaha Musicsoft’s pre-recorded karaoke music data. Hear what you sound like, with built-in speakers bringing it seamlessly together. Show the lyrics on the display of included score. It provides three convenient presets for specific circumstances of vocal performance.

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