Wooden Foldable Pocket-size Beard Comb

A great affordable gift idea for your beard and mustache lover friend! As we always say that a gift idea should be unique so that it can be remembered by your friend. This comb is handmade in Ukraine and shows a bold tag – Fear the Beard. This wooden comb can easily fit in the pockets so that he can comb anytime.

These high-quality items are made with professional craftsmanship. They enjoy the process of manufacturing wooden products so they are very careful about each production stage. This comb is made of high-quality, long-lasting and sturdy walnut wood fibers. Durable construction can help in plastic waste reduction. For a good-looking beard, all the combs are greased very well with oil-wax. Beard keepers love the wood that is good for any use: Skin, Beard and Mustache. Combs are ideal for oils & balms applications. Beard & Hair Comb for Men is a perfect gift or souvenir anytime you want to surprise your loved ones. Pocket-sized beard comb fits well into the pocket of your jeans, or as a wallet comb, so you can brush your facial hair anywhere, anywhere.

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