TONY HAWK Dynacraft BMX Bike for age 9-12

Kids love riding on bikes. They have fun and improve their physical health too. Now, gifting a bike will surely be well-received by kids and the giver won’t have a problem if the price is low. The bike’s wheel size is 24 inches has alloy brakes. Plus, the look of the bike is very stylish in black color.

On the 24 inches Tony Hawk 720 wheel, Potential X-Gamers will ride like the man himself. With bright green hand grips, sleek black saddle, and chain lock, bicyclists can enjoy this aggressive style everywhere. Rear U-Brake stops protruding parts from harming the rider’s body. Bright green hand grips, sleek black seating, and see-through chain guard improve the BMX frame. Whether it is box jumps or wall swings, when playing, children can certainly bring out their best techniques.

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