Thrustmaster T300RS Officially Licensed PS4/PS3

Another milestone of technology in gaming! Thrustmaster T300RS lets you have the feel of what it likes to be on the racing track. Just imagine how much you will love it when you really steer and accelerate like the pro racers in the track do. You can play games of the famous games’ series like Gran Tourismo and F1 series.

Perceive the action in your fingers with the T300RS Officially Licensed Force Feedback Racing Ring, the first PlayStation 4-compatible Thrustmaster The 1080-degree strength feedback base features a brushless manufacturing-class motor for an amazingly-smooth and seamless feedback effect on power. HallEffect AccuRate Technology uses a contactless magnetic sensor so that, with time, accuracy does not decline. This racing wheel from Thrustmaster will bring you in-game just as if you never experienced it before.

The T300RS force feedback wheel helps games to take the input plunge into the racing world and fine-tune your driving ability to do better. Thrustmaster, to have this done was very cautious to build the right answer for every gamer. TheT300RS offers an experience unrivaled for a mere relation with the road. A true brushless industrial servo power feedback engine (with frictionless action) and a new 1080-degree dual-belt system give super-smooth and quiet feedback for the force with amazingly sensitive, practical Force effects you can feel the way.

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