Plur Baby Inflatable Bathtub

Encouraging babies and kids to take a bath can be a tough job. But it can be fun for them with an inflatable bathtub. The unicorn rainbow design makes it more lovable by babies. It easily inflates and deflates making it easy for traveling. The strong PVC material helps to increase the fun for a longer duration.

Inflates and deflates quickly for portable and on-the-go storage. Your little one would love to have his favorite unicorn bath while visiting grandparents or on holidays. It has a cute rainbow unicorn pattern that will guarantee fun bathtub time for you and your infant. It comes on top with a handy rinse cup or shampoo bottle holder and a large bag to carry onto the side of your washcloths and brushes.

It is made from long-lasting PVC material this is healthy and solid. It is also hypoallergenic so there is no need to think about the sensitive skin of an infant. Cleaning is easy, and it repels residues. They built this unicorn to function almost as well as the cooler and beverage holder which can be inflated. It can carry a 15 lb bag of ice alongside snacks and juice boxes. As a floating cooler, it floats and makes a perfect addition to your next unicorn-themed gathering. You can try and fill it with balls to make a baby mini ball pit.

Also, Plurbaby is committed to offering exclusive, premium baby goods that are true to their fundamental beliefs of love, peace, harmony & honor. They believe that their customers deserve the best of it. That’s why they’re only offering you the best quality service and products around, or your money back! They know you and your family will enjoy it, whether you offer this inflatable bath as a baby shower gift or use it as a lounge chair for kids. Go ahead and experience this cool, inflatable unicorn with multifunctional effects. You don’t need a household pet now, just name this inflatable Unicorn as Jojo.

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