Journal Planner Colored Pens

Kids and people who love drawing will have a very good time having these colored pens. Not just for kids, it will be helpful to those people too, whose major work is related to papers and all. It is a set of 18 unique colored pens to carry out any creativity they have in mind. The quick-drying ink saves the paper from spoiling and the ink doesn’t even bleed from the pen.

The iBayam Journal Planner pens are ideal for journaling, planning, drawing lines & particulars, writing, scribbling, coloring books for adults, arts and crafts, fine-ink drawings for artists and coloring complicated, slight patterns. And it doesn’t bleed whilst writing.
Use these Pens to turn everyday writing more colorful. Give yourself a range of water-based ink which again ‘will not bleed across paper’. You will enjoy writing and drawing joyfully, nonstop. Add a fun color pop to the newspaper, planner, notebook, notes, drawings, coloring pages for adults. The water-based ink is primarily aimed at reducing smearing for tidy notes, sketches, and adult coloring pages.

There are so many unique crafts that demand markers, too. When you knit and have to mark cloth with a marker, the fine tip markers would certainly be needed. Adult coloring sheets consist of very informative images, which can only be colored accurately with a fine tip pen. If you’re making a sketchbook, you’ll most likely need some colorful, fine tip pens on hand to create a stunning cognitive note page. The 18 colors iBayam Journal Colored Fine Point Markers are excellent for quilting on all things.

These fine line pens come in a pleasant case for plastic storage with flip over snap sealing which can be put conveniently in backpacks. Travel with it or use it in the home and workplace or for use in class. So it is a great Back to School stationery, Christmas calendar or newspaper items, Anniversary, Mother’s Day, Thanksgiving Day, Valentine’s Day, New Year’s, etc.

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