The Play Gym by Lovevery

Inspire the babies to play more from the beginning by a play gym. The play gym helps developing babies’ motor and physical skills. It comes with a guide to teach you about age-appropriate activities for good mental growth. All the materials in this play gym are safe for babies.

Give your child the best start possible with the nursery, which gives you a year of fun. Lovevery has done all the hard work to yield the best stage-based Play Gym for your child and their brain growth. This Parents’ Choice award-winning Play Gym by Lovevery provides your child with all the purposeful active play and belly time in an indoor gym and play mat — from hitting to teething to training to concentrating. It is designed by specialists in child growth for babies ages 0 + with clean, stable, and sturdy materials.

The Play Gym does not contain toxic substances, BPA, lead, and phthalates. the mouth able items are composed of 100% organic cotton and silicone. The pad is made from sample-tested polyester fabrics, which are baby-safe and non-toxic. 5 Play Mat development zones cover to avoid over-stimulation, encourage concentration, sound making, promote sensory stimulation, conceal and find, and explore colors. It also contains a play guide that has hundreds of suggestions and activities from infant to 12 + months for enjoyable stage-based play.

The Lovevery Play Gym is the first play home gym for all the learning stages of your baby, including what your baby needs to see, touch, and do as their little true self begins to appear. This one box comes with a whole year of playing. And did we forgot to tell you that it is developed by infant-developing brain specialists?

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