GUNNAR Gaming AND Computer Eyewear

Today almost everyone does gaming in free time. For many, it takes hours of their daily life. In fact, the mobile gaming industry is growing day-by-day and a small screen means more chances of affecting eyesight, therefore, it won’t hurt to take measures to secure your eyes from the screen. Save you, your friends and families’ eyesight by buying these glasses.

We all know that Digital eye strain (DES) is another serious concern. Peering into an ocean of clear high-energy (HEV) artificial blue light for a long time is disrupting your head, ears, back, circadian patterns, levels of serotonin, and general wellbeing. GUNNAR glasses filter blue light and obstruct UV for improved contrast and eye safety. The processed spectrum simulates natural light and minimizes the pressure on the eye. These glasses reduce the movements of air close to the eyes, increase moisture, and avoid discomfort. The patented optical architecture improves focus and enhances clarity to relieve the pressure on the eye.

The glasses minimize glare and visible light to remove tension and visual noise. A large drive coat offers enhanced scratch-resistant lens toughness. To ensure the clearest picture possible, these glasses remove the distortion of impurities and haze present in inferior materials. With time, the ultralight and reliable, quality optics won’t degrade. GUNNAR manufactures Patented Lens technology, the only blue light shielding computer and gaming lenses that experts prescribe to maintain and preserve your sight. In order to minimize optical eye pressure, exhaustion, and headaches, GUNNAR improves efficiency when watching laptops, smartphones, TV & computers. They have created the Blue Light Protection FactorTM unlike other blue light blocking glasses, showing you precisely how much of peak blue light spectrum (450 nm) they’re blocking. Not all blue light lens on the market defends you from the most visible high-energy rays.

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