How to win friends and influence people

Written by Dale Carnegie in 1937 this book has become one of the worldwide best-selling books. This book inspires and helps people in socializing, getting a new vision, taking complaints, and everything a person needs to improve him/her and get a dignified place in the world. Even many famous personalities recommend this book for achieving growth and ultimately a successful life.

Dale Carnegie was a popular American author and mentor. Born poor on a Missouri farm, he developed a prosperous career as a traveling salesman before going on to teach speaking skills at New York YMCA. His course was a classic, and he had migrated out of the YMCA within two years and established the Dale Carnegie Institute to meet the rising demands for his lessons.

You go after the job …… and then get it! You can accept the job … and make things better! You can take on any circumstance in which you are … and make things fit around you! How to Win Friends and Influence People has shipped over 15 million copies since its publication in 1936. Dale Carnegie’s first book is a timeless bestseller, filled with rock-solid guidance which has brought tons of now successful people up the ladder of accomplishment in their personal and professional lives.

As applicable as ever, the ideals of Dale Carnegie will prevail and enable you in the dynamic and challenging digital age to reach your full potential. Discover the six ways to get people like you, the twelve methods you can attract people over your way of thinking, and the nine approaches you can influence people without creating dissatisfaction.

How to Win Friends & Influence People will help you accomplish these crucial goals: get through your negative thoughts, think about new ideas, create new insights, explore new desires; build relationships efficiently and simply; enhance your fame; win people to your mindset; expand your authority, reputation, capacity to do things; manage disputes, prevent criticisms.


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