Faber-Castell 120 colored pencil wood box

It is a perfect kit required for drawing without exposing paints and colors on floors and walls. The kit has 120 quality colored pencils for giving smooth textures and different highlights. It comes in a supreme quality gift case. Plus, the colors are waterproof and smudge-proof and made in Germany.

This collection of 120 Polychromos Pencils arrives in a beautiful wooden box you’d be pleased to be exhibiting. Each pencil is part of the unique color matching system that all Faber Castell goods are covered by. The colors of the highest quality are used to achieve unbeatable light fastness, some colors also last more than a century! They feature a smooth laydown of buttery color. Easily blended Polychromos Pencils for blended effects, reflections, and textures. The pencils of Polychromos artists are internationally valued by experts and semi-professionals for their unbeatable quality. The high-quality values of the Polychromos colored pencils come through, whether they are being used for illustrations, artistic open style, or for detailed design depiction.

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