Reusable Smart Notebook

Ever thought of buying one notebook for years? Well, we covered that for you. This notebook comes with a pen and a microfiber cloth. The pages can be easily wiped after using it. Plus, the best part is that if you have something important that you want to keep then, you can scan the page and upload it on Cloud services like Google Drive.

An iconic pen and paper experience are offered by the Rocketbook notebook, but it is designed for the digital era. While the Rocketbook looks like a conventional notebook, it is constantly reusable and linked to all of your favorite cloud services. When you start writing using any Pilot Frixion line ink, the writing sticks to pages like normal paper on Rocketbook. But have a drop of water attached. And the notebook is erasing like sorcery. For those that want a continuously reusable notebook to last for years, if not a lifetime, they built the Rocketbook! The Rocketbook has pages made of synthetic materials that provide an incredibly smooth performance in writing.

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