Original Realwood Log Wine Dispenser

Another great gift item! This handmade log wine dispenser is very cool and a unique gift idea for weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, etc. This wine dispenser’s look is what makes it very eye-catching. The wine dispenser in the form of a wooden log and the wine coming out from a tree looks quite good.

A fun and stylish way to show off your wine and drink it! Each and every log wine dispenser is hand-made personally. Neither 2 are similar! These are about 9 inches tall and the diameter ranges from about 4 to about 7 inches. Trees are grown in the urban region of Northern Ohio and produced by a father and son team in a small woodworking shop into wine dispensers. It arrives with a black metal handle and also a handmade wooden handle. The wine is stored in food and drink safe material and supplied directly to a lead-free brass spout.

Also, the wine can be emptied and then refrigerated or resealed. The wine dispenser moves effortlessly to the bottom of the bar or countertop for dispensing into tall containers. You buy only one dispenser, not the decoration nor the liquor! Added Bonus: Now you can use it as a dispenser of liquor bottles too!


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