Mini Ogodisk Super Disk Set – Outdoor family game

It can be a fun evening playing disk games with your family. It is a nice gift idea for kids’ birthday or Christmas eve. This is a game any parent can play with their kids without getting tired. This disk is strong enough to play a ball game. It is very safe to play and can increase a child’s catching and throwing abilities.

The OgoSport Disk Package includes two disks measuring 12 inches in diameter, and a great OgoSoft ball for outdoor and indoor play. The disk set’s foam and spandex construction make it waterproof and perfect for play on the pool and on the beach. This collection of disk games is great for basketball, tennis, badminton, frisbee, and an infinite range of imaginative play opportunities. It is recommended to use the frisbee package for children ages 4 and up. Teens and adults have considered the OgoSport Disks’ friendly challenge to provide endless hours of fun too. The Mini Ogodisk package of kids’ toys will not only provide hours of fun play, but they will also increase hand-eye coordination, physics, and foster an active lifestyle with the children.

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