Balance Disk to Improve Posture

A gift for achieving fitness goals! Back pain and neck pains are common problems that we encounter while sitting. It is because to make ourselves comfortable we forget about the position and posture we are sitting in. That’s why we need this disk as it can help by improving posture and provide Lumbar Support to the back.

Balancing discs make exercises, yoga, pilates, and most workout routine more challenging and efficient. The aim of the design is to improve ab strength, balance, coordination, and flexibility. The 13 inches diameter makes this piece of fitness equipment suitable for your home gym, daily physical therapy, or workplace. The Wobble Cushion’s ergonomic design provides lower back pain relief from sitting for long periods on your office chair or desk chair. For lower back and lumbar support, place the wobble cushion between you and your office chair, or sit on top of the chair cushion for posture improvement and comfortable seating.

Cognitive cushions have been shown to be an uncluttered and efficient resource to encourage more attention and concentration on their assignments for children who can’t sit still and concentrate in the classroom. Elevated massage points on one side help to boost normal circulation and blood flow yet on the other side of the balance disc the textured surface holds the support cushion in place throughout the workout.

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