VTech Audio Baby Monitor

Doing household works while taking care of the baby can be a lot hard, especially for moms. This baby monitor has a range of 1000 ft. enough for any villa. It has 5 lights for the level of the sound the baby is making. Even when the baby just wants to hear you, you can do this while cooking without even moving.

Make sure that your infant is safe with the VTech DM221-2 Digital Audio Baby Monitor. The audio monitor shows the sound level in your baby’s room and enables you to communicate with your newborn via the Talk-Back Intercom System. Treat yourself to the Safe & Sound Electronic Audio Baby Monitor by VTech. Clear transmission is assured as it works on technology DECT 6.0. Easily share parenting responsibilities with both parental units included. The rechargeable batteries of these units have 18 hours life cycle per charge. Hear each sound and coos of your baby with a wide range reaching 150 feet indoors or 1,000 feet away. The parental units also encourage you to talk back with the baby for your peace of mind.

The calming tone of your voice is sometimes all that your baby needs to relax. The talk-back functionality lets you connect with your little one via the parent unit from anywhere in your house. The loop on the baby unit often illuminates, serving as a soothing night-light for your child. A set of 5 LED lights on the parent unit shows the noise level in your baby’s room so you can track the sound level externally while the receiver is muted. In vibration mode, the parent device warns you when your baby is making a fuss with gentle vibrations.


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