Minecraft – PC/Mac

Minecraft is the best-selling video game of all time. The game is not only for kids, but even adults also love creating their own worlds. Especially kids will have a big gain in their creative and problem-solving skills. Even parents can indulge in this game with the kids and together they can have nice family times.

Minecraft is a block positioning game with a spice of adventures. Discover randomly generated worlds and create incredible things from the simplest homes to the biggest castles. Play with infinite resources in Creative Mode or in Survival Mode, protect yourself against monsters, and dig deep into the earth to find the rarest ores. Do this all yourself, or work over the internet with your colleagues. Build, create, and conquer! The Java edition of the PC is Minecraft’s first release edition. Minecraft also called: Java Version. It supports multiplatform play between Mac OS X, Windows, and Linux. Even this version supports textures created by users.

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