Fossil Men’s Quinn Leather Bifold Flip ID Wallet

Fossil’s leather wallet can be a great gift for working men. Fossil is a very popular brand in the country and has gained many people’s trust over the years. This wallet is made in the USA and consists of 100% cowhide leather. It also has many compartments for keeping bills, credit cards, IDs, etc.

Fossil is widely recognized for pragmatic and classy accessories and is no exception to Quinn Flip ID Bifold Wallet. Enough storage for everything that you need, this simplified bi-fold wallet keeps your necessities right at your hands. It easily fits in your pockets and the cloth (leather) is sturdy so after prolonged use, it won’t be wearing down. You should get the wallet that effortlessly switches from informal to formal mode.

A basic rear wallet, it features polished leather and a flip-ID window plus lots of house cards and cash compartments. Their men’s wallets are made from the best genuine leather available in a huge variety of styles to match your constantly changing desires. Their high-quality leather is well recognized for its lightness and the ability over time to look decent.

Fossil believes in momentary authority. Every previous experience and journey of the future inform everybody who they are today. That is why all they create is inspired by both vintage American style and next-level thinking design. Their optimistic mentality, their commitment to genuineness, and their creative spirit are what made this wallet every man’s favorite.


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